Best Cleaner For Polymer Guns 2024 [Reviews, Guide, And Tips]

Best Cleaner For Polymer Guns

Do you know how to choose a quality polymer gun cleaner? The user must have considerable experience in finding a suitable lubricant. Most users prefer the recommendations of others when it comes to getting the best cleaner for polymer guns.

However, researching many products is time-consuming. To save one’s valuable time, I will present a list of the top solvents in this article. The list I have created contains 10 lubricants that I have spent a lot of time researching and experiencing directly. We also considered features, prices, pros and cons, and reviews from other customers.

As a result, you don’t have to spend time researching a vast list. Though the article will be a bit long, each section is crucial. Learn about solvents and compare one to another to make decision-making easier.

Of all the options on my list, I like the Riptide Armory Advanced Gun Cleaner the most. The main advantage of the solution is it is a budget-friendly option. Despite its low cost, it provides high performance and is adequate for deep cleaning firearms.

I have only mentioned one of my favorite solvents here. But I suggest reading the reviews of each product; otherwise, you may miss out on the demand option, as not all users have the exact needs. Thus, all the products in the list are essential. It will also include a buying guide and additional information that every user should know.

Best Cleaner For Polymer Guns: Head To Head Comparison

Before going into detail about the top solvents, I would like to show a brief comparison that will give you a quick look at each product. Also, initially, users will understand the difference between one and the other. Then take a look at each option from the head-to-head comparison below.

Cleaner For Polymer GunsStyleRated For temperaturesItem WeightRecommended Uses
Mossy Oak Gun Cleaner Oil Trigger Sprayer65°F – 400°F8.6 OuncesCleansing
Riptide Armory Advanced Gun Cleaner‎4oz ComboN/A‎4 OuncesCleansing and protecting
Trigger Fanatics 3 in-1 Gun Cleaner4oz ComboAll WeatherN/ACleaning and finishing
Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber‎10ozN/A2.56 OuncesN/A
G96 Triple-Action Gun TreatmentN/ALow as 50°F 15.2 OuncesCorrosion Inhibitor
Shooter’s Choice Polymer Safe Scrub‎12.5 ozN/A‎14.08 OuncesRemoves build-up from action
Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner Spray BottleN/AN/A9.6Ouncesfirearm care and cleaning
Evo Dyne 2-Pack Gun Cleaner SprayN/AAll Weather8 OuncesAssault Rifles, Long Rifles, Shotguns
Mil-Comm Mc25 Gun Cleaner4ozN/A‎3.2OuncesClean guns, firearms, rifles, pistols
Real Avid Gun Cleaner SprayGunAll WeatherN/AGun Cleaning & Gun Maintenance

10 Best Cleaner For Polymer Guns: Give Them A Try

Now it’s time for you to enter a long discussion. From the table above, you can tell an instant difference between lubricants now. But just knowing this is not enough. An alternative comes with several features and advantages, and disadvantages. Therefore, one should know about each in depth to make the right decision.

1. Mossy Oak Gun Cleaner Oil: Best For Safety

Looking for the safest friendly cleaner? Your wait may be over because Mossy Oak solvent is one of the safest solvents. It is a high-quality one-step (1) cleaner that is also praised as a lubricant and rust prohibitive. The solution effectively removes various contaminants, including copper and lead.

Features With Benefits:

One-step Solution: 

You don’t need to buy different products to clean and lubricate your friend, as this solution includes everything in one. It will be an effective cleaner and lubricant for the weapon’s surface. It will also provide protection.

Cause No Harm: 

Safe for various materials. Users can apply it with confidence as it will not harm the surface. Even wood stocks with polymers, plastics, gold inlays, and camo coatings maintain safety on other materials, including Cerakote.

Fits All Weather: 

Compatible with almost all weather types. It will not run or freeze regardless of the weather in which it is used. Users can comfortably apply it at temperatures as low as 65°F and as high as 400°F. The solution is designed to be suitable for all weather conditions.

Won A Ton Of Hearts: 

Mossy Oak Gun Cleaner Oil has been in the market for over three decades and has won the hearts of many users. When you look at its customer reviews, you will be surprised that there are few negative ratings.


  • Protects the reliability of your firearms;
  • Great for cleaning each part;
  • Saves users’ time;
  • guarantees the future of weapons;
  • Reaches hard-to-reach areas quickly.


  • Not suitable for painted surfaces.

2. Riptide Armory Advanced Gun Cleaner: Budget-friendly Pick

I always recommend this product from Riptide Armory to anyone looking for an affordable solution. Users can confidently decide on this as a high-performance cleaner within their budget. It also guarantees thorough Cleaning of your firearm without any damage at an affordable price.

Features With Benefits:

High-Powered Formula: 

This product is designed with advanced technology and a formula that provides high performance. Maintains excellent performance with a deep cleaning of your firearm. It cleans incomparably, which will impress the users.

Targeted Cleaning Performance: 

The solution’s advanced formula targets gun contaminants. It can even target hard materials, including mineral deposits, carbon, and metals. By targeting specific parts, the process is completed within a short period.

Non-Harm For Firearm: The solution being non-solvent, effectively removes contaminants without harming the gun’s surface. No matter if the gun’s exterior is made from polymer, or made of wood, or metal. It will never spoil the sweet finish. It will even remove stains from antique finishes without damage.

Easy Clean-up: 

Riptide Armory Advanced Gun Cleaner ensures an easy tidy-up. It also deep cleans with easy removal of contaminants. You will be surprised that the solution has been tested by professionals on the most abused firearms and has given the best output.


  • Unmatched cleaning performance;
  • Advanced technology formula;
  • Targets all significant contaminants;
  • Ensures easy and deep Cleaning;
  • Affordable cost.


  • If the seller does not shift the product with any defect, it is not a problem.

3. Trigger Fanatics 3 in-1 Gun Cleaner: Best For Rust Guidance

Which of the many products in the market can be good rust guidance? Of course, it is this product from Trigger Fanatics. It also acts as a cleaner, lubricant, and rust preventer. Perfectly removes all unwanted substances from wood and leather with polymers and lubricates simultaneously. An ideal solution for quickly removing firearm grime.

Features With Benefits:

3-In-One Cleaner: 

Very few market alternatives offer such superior features. The solution is suitable for use in any weather. This will spray-clean the pistol as well as provide an excellent surface finish.

Removes All Dust Types: 

A solvent penetrates every crevice of all parts. Hence, it can easily remove oil, dirt, and grease. This solution is considered best, especially for a deep tidy-up. That’s why stocks will eliminate this one-step product instantly.

Works On Different Surfaces: Users have always appreciated CLP products for removing tough fouling and maintaining the finish. It will work safely on leather, wood, and polymer alike. Works on a variety of materials without altering the finish.

Safe For Synthetic Surface: Don’t worry about synthetic surfaces because Trigger Fanatics 3-in-1 Gun Cleaner will work on these surfaces safely. Safe to use on rubber or polymer surfaces but keep away from painted surfaces.


  • Prevents rust perfectly;
  • Military-grade formula;
  • Works great for all stocks;
  • A valuable multitool for several uses;
  • No harm with polymer surfaces.


  • It does not explicitly mention any disadvantages.

4. Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber: Best Aerosol

I have listed this product for those looking for a quality aerosol spray. Users have always appreciated it for its easy and effective implementation. It comes with a narrow tube which is perfect for deep Cleaning. Most products do not have such a feature. That is why many people prefer it because of its ease of use.

Features With Benefits:

Reliable enough:

It eliminates all jams to maintain accuracy and reliability while firing. After applying it, you can be sure it completely removes all kinds of dirt. So, the firearm maintains enough accuracy during shooting.

Meets Different Purposes: 

It works great for various weapons, from small polymer guns. You don’t need to buy different solvents if you have other firearms. A single solution will serve multiple purposes.

Standard Size:

Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber’s spray bottle comes in a size that is easy to hold and apply. It also has a long narrow tube in its mouth that can penetrate delicate areas and use the solvent. Users often choose it for a deep clean.


  • High-pressure spray;
  • Eliminates all firearm jams;
  • Improves accuracy and reliability;
  • Excellent for different gun types.


  • Some users have complained that it contains less solvent.

5. G96 Triple-Action Gun Treatment: Best For Weather Compatibility

G96 is one of the most trusted brands of gun cleaning products (2) with a global reputation. The G96 greatly eases the worry of shooters cleaning their firearms. Its triple-action treatment ensures complete care of a firearm and maintains essential safety. Besides, those who have polymer firearms can safely go with this product.

Features With Benefits:

Weather Compatibility: 

Use the solution at any temperature; it will remain the same at both low and high temperatures. It will never freeze at low temperatures and cannot melt at high temperatures.

Leaves No Residue: 

This is also wholly removed with polymer surface cleaning. You won’t find any residue on the surface. Some solutions leave some residue after use. In this case, this option is quite convenient as the user does not have to remove anything separately.


When users treat metal surfaces with dirt cleaning, it leaves an invisible magnetic film that prevents rust. This ultimately keeps the metal surface from rusting until the next cleaning time.

Clean Perfectly: 

G96 Triple-Action Gun Treatment removes hardened rust from the surface and interior of the gun. Also, if you are worried about decay marks, it will give you peace of mind as it removes unwanted effects quickly.


  • Removes all firing residue;
  • Protects salt spray corrosion;
  • Severe cold weather;
  • Works with low temperatures.


  • Users have yet to mention any difficulty regarding it.

6. Shooter’s Choice Polymer Safe Scrub: Highly Safe

You probably always prefer a safe firearm cleaner. I give importance to this in the list of most effective solvents because it never poses any health risk. Even if it comes in contact with any house members, it will not cause any harm as it is designed with eco-friendly material.

Features With Benefits:

Harmless To Different Surfaces: This solution effectively preserves the finish of various surfaces, including polymers. Do not damage the finish of any material. Consequently, customers can apply it with confidence as the finish will remain intact.

Firearms Require No Disassembly: 

There is no need to disassemble the firearm to use the product. So, you will also save time in using the solution. Start applying the solvent directly instead of dismantling it. Instantly removes all dirt from the weapon.

Leaves No Residue: 

After applying the Shooter’s Choice Polymer Safe Scrub, you don’t need to remove the residue at any time since it leaves no residue. This is an excellent solution to alternatives that leave glue behind.

Compatible With All Firearms: Very few market options are compatible with all firearms. This solvent effectively cleans all firearms. Thus, the user does not have to purchase different solvents for multiple firearms.


  • Works with all guns;
  • Causes no harm;
  • Effectively removes all residues;
  • Dissolves powder buildup;
  • The best solution for hunting guns.


  • It does not come with a convenient straw.

7. Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner Spray Bottle: Best For Performance

Hoppe’s product should be noticed if you expect something high-performance. It removes various unwanted items from firearms very easily. It is also incredibly effective for moving even tricky stocks.

Features With Benefits:

High Performance: 

You can rest assured about its accuracy while shooting when using this solution. It perfectly fine-tunes the firearms with high performance, not allowing any obstruction while firing.

Most Advanced Technology: The solvent uses the most advanced technology that has earned users’ trust. Users have been relying on this option for effective cleaning for a long time.

Meets All Demands: An ideal solution for all professional shooters. It provides lubrication with improved Cleaning. It also comes with features per the military and law enforcement demands. Therefore, it must be considered to fulfill an enormous need.

Cost-Effective Solution: Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner Spray Bottle offers a lot to the user. But, at the same time, it comes at an affordable enough price that meets the budget of most users. Undoubtedly, it is best for those who expect more within the budget.


  • Odorless technology;
  • Prevents future buildup;
  • Reduces gun cleaning time;
  • Non-toxic and environment-friendly;
  • Affordable cost.


  • The way to spray should be more accessible.

8. Evo Dyne 2-Pack Gun Cleaner Spray: Best Overall 

Want something that works well? I recommend using Evo Dyne’s 2-Pack solution. It has a high formula applied, which meets the extensive needs of users. Targets various contaminants in firearms and efficiently removes them. Besides, it is not risky and is pretty environmentally friendly.

Features With Benefits:

High-Powered Formula: 

The manufacturer has used advanced technology while developing the solution, which provides high performance. Can ensure an unmatched cleaning performance. Ensures any deep cleaning without destroying any finish.

Enhanced Performance:

Targets mineral deposits, carbon, metal, and other solid residues perfectly. Ensures excellent performance for polymer guns and almost all other firearms. No matter what material the surface is.

Best For Firearms:

A perfect solution for firearms with all types of guns. If concerned about unwanted staining of an antique finish, apply without fear. It is strong enough to remove dirt and maintain the finish simultaneously.

Easy Clean-Up: 

Evo Dyne 2-Pack Gun Cleaner Spray has been tested by professionals before being released to the public. It works on a large scale. Even for deep Cleaning, it is a favorite, as most professionals recommend it.


  • Non-flammable and non-toxic;
  • Universal cleaner;
  • Also works as a lubricant;
  • A perfect solution for all Cleaning;
  • Ensures an effortless clean.


  • The price is relatively high.

9. Mil-Comm Mc25 Gun Cleaner: Best For Easy Cleaning

This product is an effective solution that is very easy to apply. You can use it for your polymer weapons. However, it is considered an ideal next-generation solution as the product will be used for tidying up all heavy weapons. Although its future potential is quite good, it is still great for current use.

Features With Benefits:

Easy Cleaning: 

A robust solution that works well in cleaning dirt and dust. It also helps to remove fine dirt from the surface and barrel of the weapon in less time and faster. It doesn’t even matter if you are not a professional.


Water-based solvent works safely. The solvent is designed with advanced technology. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any damage to the finish. Also, it is easy to implement as it is called based.

Powerful Solvent: Targets and treats organic residues with carbon directly. It approaches the stocks with consummate efficiency and eliminates them in an instant. No matter how much dirt is on the surface of the gun. This will remove it so that no further action is required.

Cordless And Non-Toxic: Mil-Comm Mc25 Gun Cleaner is completely non-toxic and odorless. That’s why those who are bothered by the smell of solvent and fear toxicity can confidently decide on this product.


  • Highly powerful solvent;
  • Extremely harmless for the environment;
  • No annoying smell;
  • Eliminates fine waste;
  • Works as a premium gun solvent.


  • Some have noted that it requires applying extra pressure when applying.

10 Real Avid Gun Cleaner Spray: Best Safe

Another solvent that can be safely used in this solution is Real Avid. Users can start and complete the cleaning process with it without any hassle. Although I have placed the product last on the list, it is not less important than the others as it has already survived in the market with much customer appreciation.

Features With Benefits:

Hassle-Free Solution: 

This solution offers a hassle-free process. It comes with a spray bottle that allows for easy application. It also has a long tube, making applying the solution to any delicate area easy.

Dedicated Solvent: 

It is known to almost all users as a trustworthy cleaner because it takes effective action against dust from light to complex. Even if environmental pollution occurs, the residue will be removed very easily.

Safe For Finishes: 

Eliminate all worries about finishes as it is compatible with any surface finish. It will not damage the finish in any way. Besides, the finish will remain intact even after several uses. The resin is an ideal adhesive on any surface, including polymers.

Nozzle Straw: 

Real Avid Gun Cleaner Spray’s high nozzle can effectively target contaminated areas and provide precise treatment. Apply the solution in the prescribed amount. As a result, there is no wastage of solvent, and the temperate regions get proper treatment.


  • Protects the gun in the long run;
  • Powerful metal grade solvent;
  • Ensures maximum performance for gun care; 
  • Clean faster than other solvents;
  • Corrosion protection.


  • It has received high ratings from almost all users, so no one has mentioned any issues.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Cleaner For Polymer Guns:

As several factors must be considered, avoid making a snap decision when getting the best cleaning solution for polymer guns. I found a few considerations necessary when purchasing the prescribed solvent for my weapon, and I made the right decision based on them. You should follow them.

  1. Quality: 

Is your high cleaner quality? You must consider this before purchasing. A quality product should be safe for both the gun and the user. Some solutions carry toxic ingredients that can cause discomfort after cleaning the gun and entering the body with the respiratory system. 

It is also quite dangerous if there are small children, pets, or elderly members in the house. Moreover, toxic materials are sometimes considered harmful to firearms as well. Reasonably, spend some time and research the top options. Let’s get a clear idea of which is an environmentally friendly option.

  1. Types Of Solvents: 

There are different solvents, so choosing the right one is essential. In this case, you need to know about the main types.

  • Aerosol Sprays: This solvent comes with the ability to remove all debris and built-up residue. It can penetrate the hard places of the gun. But avoid spraying this solution too much.
  • Foaming Solvents: These solvents are easier to use than liquid solutions because they are great for removing gun residue.
  • Liquid Solvents: A liquid solvent that removes lead, carbon, and copper residue from gun surfaces. But it should not be used in excess as it has the potential to leave a greasy residue.
  • CLP Cleaners: CLP solutions are unique because they also clean and lubricate the gun. They are mainly used to dissolve carbon and fouling (3). It also preserves the finish of the firearms.
  1. Compatibility: 

A gun cleaner needs to have versatility. Polymer firearms can have different material surfaces, but the solution should be such that it can work on all materials. Some products on the market effectively remove debris and hard residue from various materials, including wood, polymer, gold inlays, and more. 

Hence, if you have multiple firearms and their surfaces are different, don’t think about re-investing, as only one solvent can work on several surfaces without damage.

  1. Consistency With All Weather: 

A good cleaner must be compatible with all weather conditions. You may know that some solvents freeze at low temperatures while others evaporate at high temperatures. In this case, the user has to apply the solution according to the weather conditions. 

This is undoubtedly quite inconvenient as users always expect the solution to be stable under any circumstances. However, quality solutions are compatible with low and high-temperature conditions and remain stable. In this case, you never have to think about weather conditions.

  1. Rust Prevention: 

Firearms can get some rust over time. Therefore, a solvent must have anti-rust properties. In particular, a gun’s lock, stock, and barrel are somewhat hidden and can rust faster than other parts. It is, therefore, important to choose a strong solution that acts as a cleaner and a rust inhibitor.

CLP solvents work well for rust prevention. They also save you time because you don’t have to waste money and spend time buying an anti-rust solvent separately.

  1. Versatility: 

A solvent should have properties to work with different guns simultaneously. One should choose an option suitable for road trips, hobbies, and home use. Many people are interested in using different guns and collecting more than one firearm. 

So, those users don’t want to spend separately for each firearm. In this case, buy a good quality solvent that will work harmlessly with different materials and save additional costs.

  1. Safety: 

Your chosen solution should be safe enough. Any gun surface comes with a finish that can be damaged by contact with any harsh. In addition, modern guns come with polymer and plastic parts. Ultimately, more thought should be given to choosing a high-quality cleaner.

Use a polymer-compatible lubricant with a safe solvent to protect your tool from damage. Be cautious in choosing a solvent, as the wrong solvent will easily damage the finish. Even the integrity of firearms will be threatened. Undoubtedly a standardized solution will further increase the lifespan of the weapon.

  1. Ease Of Use: 

The cleaner solution should be easy to use and apply. Only some people are a pro at using cleaners, so choose an option that’s easy to use. There are options in the market known as one-step cleaners, which are popular. These types of solutions are easy to apply and work quickly. 

Also, most products come with a spray bottle that helps the solvent penetrate deep into areas. A good product will save you time and make the job more enjoyable if the cleaning process can be completed in less time.

  1. Cost: 

The cost of the cleaner is an essential factor to consider. Solutions come in different price points, but the higher-priced option may only sometimes be the right decision. In this case, compare the various options and keep your budget in mind. How the solvent will cost depends on the size and brand. 

Be sure to consider brand and quality if this is worthwhile because the cheapest option is sometimes the best. Affordable products can damage surfaces and even carry toxic ingredients. If on a tight budget, do more research as there is a chance to get a good deal even on a small budget.

  1. User Reviews: 

Be sure to prioritize other customers’ comments, as active users provide accurate statements. But customers commenting negatively on a feature doesn’t mean it’s bad for you because the feature you like may not be desirable to others. 

This is why it is wise to read most of the customer comments carefully. You can also take advice from someone close to you who is already using one of your chosen products. No doubt his opinion is quite important. Also, user reviews against each product on trusted platforms will help you decide.

Procedure To Clean The Polymer Gun With Gun Cleaner: 7 Useful Steps

During firearm use, residue may accumulate on various parts of the firearm each time it is fired. Besides, you should clean your device after every use; it will increase its life. For this, a prescribed procedure should be adopted. Users can easily clean their firearms with a few essential tools and steps.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Equipment

Before cleaning, some necessary equipment should be gathered. These tools will undoubtedly make the process easier. But most of the equipment is already in the user’s home so it won’t cost much. So gather the following tools as a first step.

  • A quality cleaner like CLP-Cleaner; 
  • A dry cloth or rug;
  • Rods for Cleaning;
  • Boring brush to fit barrel;
  • A used toothbrush;
  • Gloves;
  • Cotton swabs and
  • Swabbing patches.

Step 2: Disassemble Your Gun

First, put on a pair of nitrile gloves, as the solvent should not touch the skin. However, now unload the gun and check that it is unloaded; otherwise, danger may occur. The firearm should not contain any bullets.

Prepare to disassemble it after making sure it is empty. Begin dismantling it carefully, as carelessness may break any device part. 

In this case, you can follow the firearm seller’s instructions. Especially expose those areas that need to be effectively cleaned. Carefully place the disassembled parts on a surface covered with a towel. For intense Cleaning, take the help of a professional when taking apart the components.

Step 3: Start Cleaning The Barrel

After successfully disassembling the parts, a question may arise as to which part should be treated first. I recommend deburring the barrel early on. It is more difficult to move when there is dirt or residue present. 

It can even hamper the accuracy of shooting. Therefore, more attention must be paid to the barrel than the other parts. First, however, use a bore brush with some solvent. Please insert it into the barrel so the solvent completely coats the inside. 

Now wait some time and let it work. After some time:

  1. Re-use the boring brush and drive in.
  2. Give the inside of the barrel a final clean with a clean patch and rod, ensuring all dirt is removed.
  3. If any debris remains, repeat the process.

Step 4: Remove All Debris

A cotton swab before finally applying the solvent and keeping microfiber cloths nearby. In this case, pay more attention to the small parts. Toothbrushes will clean the elements without leaving any scratches. Remove minor debris with a brush. 

After removing all the fine dirt with the brush, continue wiping with a microfiber cloth. A dry cloth alone may not be practical, so wipe the cloth with a small amount of solvent. To thoroughly clean delicate parts such as springs, be sure first to loosen all dirt with a toothbrush. 

However, using a bore light may be more beneficial (4). This allows the bore to be checked for fouling. However, paying close attention to all parts of the firearm is unnecessary, as not all aspects contain the same dirt.

Step 5: Lubricate The Firearm

When you are sure that each part has been adequately cleaned, it is time to apply lubricant to it. Some cleaners act as both a solvent and an oil. These solvents undoubtedly allow you to live with a small investment. 

However, it does not matter if the solution is not a lubricant, as you can apply it separately. Remember that one part of the gun will rub badly against the other and tear the wear without oil. 

Therefore, after every Cleaning, lubricate the surfaces. This will keep the firearm safe and save the user from unwanted expenses. But instead of applying it directly, use it with a cotton or dry rag on each delicate area.

Step 6: Reassemble The Firearm

After completing all the above steps, ensure that the firearm is effectively cleaned of all dirt and debris. Now it’s time to reassemble it. However, if any part of the gun is wet or carries solvent residue, clean it with a cloth and ensure that no excess solvent or lubricant remains. 

Carefully assemble the separated parts. Then, reload it and continue to check if everything is fine. After ensuring it is in proper condition, give a final wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Step 7: Store The Gun Properly

Now is the time to store the firearm. Store it carefully in a safe place until it is used again. It is best if you choose a case according to the size of the gun. It is a good idea to store the pistol in a pistol case as it will be free from all bumps and shocks. Besides, the suitable case will protect the pistol from all the dirt, rust, and grime. 

Also, the user can carry it wherever he wants. I recommend using cases with foam because it maintains a flexible environment around the pistol. The weapon will remain almost intact even if the case is ever hit. No doubt the subsequent use of the gun will be satisfactory for you.

5 Tips To Follow For Cleaning/Maintaining The Polymer Gun Efficiently:

Poor maintenance (5) is one of the leading causes of polymer gun failure.

So some additional tips can be helpful along with knowing its cleaning method. These may prevent the user from making minor mistakes and provide better weapon maintenance.

Tip 1: Routine Gun Cleaning

Have a set gun cleaning routine that will remind you to tidy it up on time. Indeed, the pistol does not require deep Cleaning after each use. But please give a light treatment after each use. But give it a deep treatment and maintain a routine.

Tip 2: Follow The Gun’s User Manual

Each firearm has a user manual. It is a must-read before selecting a quality solvent, covering almost everything from product sorting to residue removal. Since there are different types of products, if the guide mentions a specific product, be sure to use it.

Tip 3: Store It Properly

A firearm must be thoroughly cleaned to maintain it. In particular, the barrel quickly gets some stocks that, if stored with, will prevent it from firing later. In this case, utmost importance should be given to barrel cleaning. Also, please keep it in a case, ensuring other parts are cleaned thoroughly.

Tip 4: Be Flexible With Residue Removal

Use soft tools to remove residue from gun surfaces. In this case, if the solvent is allowed to act for some time after application, it will require less energy to move. I always recommend disposable toothbrushes and clothes that effectively remove even the finest dirt without leaving any residue.

Tip 5: Use A DIY Gun Mat

Cleaning a firearm is no small task, so be sure to lay a mat over the area where you disassemble the thing and spray the solution so that none of the gun dirt and sprayed solution gets on the floor. Solvent spills on the floor can be challenging or require additional time. For this reason, it is a good idea to lay down a stiff piece of paper.


Does Acetone Ruin A Polymer Gun?

Acetone is one of the most potent chemicals that can destroy polymer materials. Gun owners choose this solution for cleaning metal parts, but it should not be used for polymers. Although Acetone is considered an effective solution for removing dust (6), oil, or grease from guns, it still has some health risks. 

It also has another disadvantage of destroying the polymer. The solvent is a volatile organic compound that is essentially flammable. It is undoubtedly environmentally hazardous. You can use Acetone sparingly for metal firearms but look for polymer alternatives that effectively remove dust without causing damage.

Is Gun Scrubber Safe On Polymer Guns?

Common firearms scrubbers come with synthetic-safe formulas suitable for polymer firearms. Additionally, the cleaner leaves no residue on firearms and does no damage. Gun scrubbers are generally safe for various surfaces, including wood, plastic, and more. But for safety, the user must choose a polymer-safe scrub. 

Polymer scrubbers can usually remove residue, buildup, and fouling quickly without damaging the finish. That’s why you can choose a gun scrubber according to the type of debris. But it’s better to use an alternative that quickly eats up all the residue and leaves a protective lubricant. So a gun scrubber is considered an effective solution for polymer firearms.

What Are The Most Important Considerations For Polymer Gun Cleaners?

One of the most essential considerations for polymer gun cleaners is the intended use and type of dirt. Since cleaners come in several forms, one should be selected according to the dust type. The second consideration is non-toxicity and safety. A solution must be non-toxic so that it does not harm anyone in contact with it. It also needs to be safe because some solutions come with strong chemicals. 

They can damage the surface even if they remove all the stocks. Therefore, choose a product that is safe for polymer surfaces. The third most vital consideration is checking weather compatibility. It is inconvenient if the solution changes with weather conditions as it will run at higher temperatures and freeze at lower temperatures. But some options in the market are compatible with all temperatures.

Should You Oil A gun After Cleaning?

After every deep Cleaning of the firearm, it should be oiled, which gives it more safety. A thin layer of oil is quite beneficial for the gun surface. Every part of the firearm should be lubricated, not just the surface because dry parts can rub against each other and tear. Most of the firearm’s dirt accumulates in the barrel, so oil should be applied twice after each Cleaning. 

In this case, you can oil all the internal parts by running oil with a patch. Moreover, oiling the firearm is very important for long-term storage. After a thorough cleaning, ensure that every part is lubricated. For some solvents, apply a thin layer of lubricant with Cleaning, which saves you re-oiling time.

How Long Can A Gun Sit Before Cleaning?

A regularly carried gun should be cleaned at least every 2 weeks. You can also do a light treatment after each use, but be sure to visit it at regular intervals. Scrutinize the gun once a month, ensuring to disassemble the various parts during the inspection. 

There might be a defect hidden inside that you have yet to notice. The firearm should not be allowed to sit for too long before a deep cleaning as the stocks can cause severe breakage or rusting due to prolonged accumulation inside. For this, do a deep inspection once a month and a deep cleaning twice a month.

Can You Clean Your Gun Too Much?

You should only clean your gun a little but follow a set schedule. Excessive Cleaning can damage the finish of the firearm. Also, the performance and accuracy of the weapon decrease when solvents are frequently applied to it. Wipe it with a cloth to remove the newly acquired dirt after each use. 

But take a deep look at the weapon at least 2 times a month. Regular Cleaning has enormous benefits in maintaining gun performance and durability, but be careful to do what is necessary. Even if you use non-toxic and safe products, excessive use can shorten the life of the existing firearm. So create a routine that will remind you to be deeply clean.

Final Recommendation: 

Thank you because you have finished reading this lengthy discussion. Now you can make the right choice of the best cleaner for polymer guns. While choosing a superior product will undoubtedly require you to go through lengthy research, it will save you time if it is based on a shortlist.

Among these top products, I consider the Evo Dyne 2-Pack Gun Cleaner Spray the best overall because of the price and features. On the other hand, as a budget-friendly option, I recommend the Riptide Armory Advanced Gun Cleaner. It offers excellent performance with a high-powered formula that meets everyone’s budget.

Although I have discussed the best aspects of both products in the above section, each product has characteristics that people must be aware of. You may have carefully read the reviews of the top 10 products above and decided which is right for you. Also, my accompanying buying guide will be more helpful in finding the right solution.


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