How Much Are Mobile Home Axles Worth? [Know With The Facts]

How Much Are Mobile Home Axles Worth

If you plan to move your mobile home, you will have to undergo a complicated process. You need to be thinking about getting your house to its destination safely, as your mobile home is a heavyweight. Mobile home axles can carry a lot of weight, although designed to support your home, not the accessories inside. By the way, how much are mobile home axles worth? 

It can cost around $150-$250 per axle, depending on the weight and trailer size. Also, how much the axles will be worth relies on a few factors, such as if the land is purchased at the same time as the original unit, the cost will be a little higher. However, the price may be less for the used axles. 

This article will cover all the factors regarding the mobile home axles’ worth. Stay tuned with us for all the information you may need.

5 Major Factors That Made Mobile Home Axles Worthy

Mobile Home Axles Worth

Many factors make the importance of mobile home axles even greater. You may not know about these. Manufacturers have designed it to carry heavy items, such as housing, and these parts usually do not require repairs. 

1. Heavy Weight-Bearing

Mobile home axles come with electric brakes and are cheap and are capable of carrying weights up to 6,000 lbs. Axles and brakes are designed to serve some specific functionalities. This is great for moving your home from one place to another.

Its setup process can be confusing to many who lack knowledge about it. Mobile home axles are also suitable for other purposes.

2. Worth To Be Shortened

It is possible to reduce it, but there are some things you need to do. If you want to shorten a trailer axle, you need to find the required length from the center of the axis. You may know that axles carry most of the weight on the outside of the axis.

While it is possible to minimize it, you need to be consistent. However, it should not be too small, otherwise, it will fail to gain weight.

3. Comes With Warranty

Some home axles come with quite an extended warranty, like the Dexter. It gives you a 5 or 10-year warranty. If you purchase it from the original seller, you can use Genuine Replacement Parts, suspension systems, and axles for a long time without any defects.

The warranty will start from the date of purchase and you will be able to replace these parts free of charge within 5 or 10 years from the original seller.

4. Security Assurance 

Can you get security assurance using mobile home axles? Yes, you can. That’s why you need to know the signs of these replacements. Since axles are designed to carry heavy loads, it is not uncommon for some of their side parts to break when carrying heavy loads.

Damage to the items is undoubtedly costly, but replacement can be more severe to save you from getting injured. Symptoms of this replacement will appear in front of you; just need your attention. Using it in a faulty condition can also cause you discomfort.

5. Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your axles is easy if you think about it regularly. You can become an expert yourself by watching the smooth and smooth movement of the parts. It makes you confident about your axles. Be sure to keep in touch with the experts.

Regular maintenance may increase its durability or help you know if it is time to replace it. Notice before and after use, compare its performance. You can see for yourself whether it is time for maintenance. If the axles need to be replaced, don’t delay doing this.

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How Worth Is The Mobile Home Axle Replacement?

Mobile home axles need to be replaced by a particular field and it is better to replace them when you notice any problem that is hindering your work. However, in the beginning, remove the wheel and remove the old axle. However, be careful when removing it so that the foundation of your home is not damaged. Now complete the setup of the new axle.

With the exception of the wheel, the double axle weighs about 300 pounds. Also, everything attached to it weighs around 2,000-2,500 pounds. Therefore double axle replacement can be somewhat time-consuming and expensive.

Related Questions About The Worth Of Mobile Home Axles:

What Is A Mobile Home Rated For, Which Is Worthwhile?

Axles are usually rated from 1000 to 10000 based on different capacities. You have to manage it at this rate. Can you go from this to load power? Yes, you can, but you shouldn’t because it’s dangerous in most cases.

Exceeding the maximum speed of the trailer can make it challenging to handle and doing this while on the road can axle. So always keep the speed within the recommended ratings. 

How Worthy Are The Mobile Home Axles On Trailers?

Mobile home axles for trailers were indeed banned for several years. Any previously constructed axles were considered valid until they exceeded the width. The axles weren’t regarded as worthy of a trailer, but there are exceptions.

This is because various opportunists are using this axle on both new and old trailers. Although this process is thought to be completely disposable, it has not—Revived, which is not valid.

Are The Axles Worth Money If In Usable Condition?

In fact, the axles are worth the money. If you want to sell these, this is a good idea because you can get the price while effective. Or if it so happens that you have decided not to move your home anymore, then naturally, you will no longer need them.

Find someone who needs it. Remember, buyers will always want to buy axles that are in working condition. So you can sell it when it is usable, otherwise, it will become useless as a result of being unused.

Final Words

Hopefully, you know enough about how much are mobile home axles worth. Although it is priced based on weight and trailer size, an average price is given in this article. Prices may vary depending on the characteristics.

Anyway, you may not have plans to buy a new axle. In that case, you can look for a seller who wants to sell used ones and have a good man. On the other hand, if you purchase new axles, save them while they are usable if you don’t need them anymore.

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