How To Clean A Shower Without A Handheld? [Effective Steps]

How To Clean A Shower Without A Handheld

A clean shower represents the beauty and hygiene of your house. For this reason, cleaning the shower regularly is one of the basic tasks to maintain the appetite of your house. Here, you will find out the most effective ways to clean a shower without a handheld. 

Sometimes you find it difficult to clean the shower when you don’t have a handheld to clean it. So, what will you do when you don’t find any handheld to clean the shower? Won’t you clean it properly? You should clean the shower even if you don’t have a handheld available to clean it.

In this article, I have described my experience with cleaning a shower without a handheld. From now on, you will never find it difficult to clean a shower when you don’t have a handheld. 

8 Easy Steps To Clean A Shower Without A Handheld: Try Yourself

Cleaning the shower without a handheld is not an impossible task to do. When you are missing a handheld, but you need to clean the shower, you don’t have a choice but to use your hand. However, follow the simple steps described below to clean your shower even without a handheld in an effective way.

Step-1: Arrange Necessary Tools:

First of all, you need to arrange some necessary tools to clean the shower. You don’t have a handheld, so you need a brush or scrubber to remove the stain from the shower. You need a toothbrush to wash the films. Wear a pair of hand gloves and shower shoes. A bucket that is full of water.

And most importantly, you need a spray bottle to spray the cleaning solution on the shower. You may need a dry towel also. Buy a suitable cleaning product that will not harm your shower floor. And try to collect a little amount of car wax from polishing the shower.

Step-2: Prepare The Cleaning Product:

Secondly, you need to prepare the cleaning product according to the type of the surface of your shower. Consider the material of which the floor of the shower is made. The table will show you the types and amounts of cleaners you need to clean the shower.

Shower TypeCleaning ProductMeasured Amount
Showers made of tilesWhite Vinegar/ Oxygen-based BleachAn equal amount of vinegar into the spray bottle, half-filled with water.Or 3-4 table-spoon of bleach in a spray bottle filled with water.
Showers made of fiberglass Dishwashing Liquid/ Baking Soda/ White VinegarHalf of the spray bottle with dishwashing liquid or white vinegar, and another half filled with water.Or 3-4 table-spoon of Baking soda should be mixed with a half-filled spray bottle of water.
Showers made of natural stonespH neutral Cleaners/ Baking Soda/ Oxygen-based BleachAdd 3-4 table-spoon of cleaners to the spray bottle filled with water. Or 4-5 table-spoon of baking soda or oxygen-based bleach can be added to a  half-filled spray bottle of water.

It would be better for you to use a measuring tool to measure the cleaning product before mixing it into the water. Try to use a clean and equally balanced spray bottle to mix the solution. 

Step-3: Clean The Dust First:

At this step, you will have to clean the shower by keeping it dry. You can use a broom or a brush to sweep the dust away. Search for any dirt or loose debris in your shower. Collect the hair from the floor of the shower and remove them. There can be soap stains on the shower surface. Try to remove them with a sharp tool. But remember, you should not break any part while doing these.

Step-4: Spray The Cleaning Product:

The next step is to spray the cleaning product on the surface of the shower. You have to make the cleaning solution first by maintaining the procedure shown in the second step. Keep the measurement of the cleaners strict so that there is no chance to harm your shower floor.

Clean the spray bottle first, and then you will have to fill it with the cleaning solution. Shake it a little before spraying on the shower. After spraying the solution on the shower, you will have to wait for 10-15 minutes to rinse the shower properly.

Step-5: Start Scrubbing The Shower:

When the shower is wholly rinsed with the cleaning solution, you need to scrub the shower properly. Start scrubbing from the bottom of the shower and end it at the top. Focus on the handle of the shower because it holds most of the soap stains on it. You may need to repeat scrubbing some particular areas where the stain is too sticky.

Then you need to clean the showerhead also very carefully. The showerhead contains most of the germs and irons in it. If it is possible to open the showerhead, try to clean it after opening its face. After that, clean the mirror. Water vaporization can make your mirror blurry, so clean it with a glass cleaner with patience.  

Step-6: Wash The Shower With Water:

Once you have scrubbed all the stains on the shower, the next task is to wash the surface with clean and cold water. To wash the shower quickly, you need to run the shower. The handle and the head of the shower are made of iron or steel, so they can get rusty if they are not properly washed.

So wash the whole set of the shower properly and make sure that not a single drop of mop water remains unwashed. Clean the mirror with a wet towel so that the blurriness of the mirror is gone. Spray water on every corner of the shower and make sure it is washed accurately. 

Step-7: Let The Shower Dry Now:

After washing the shower with cold water, you need to let the shower dry. Make sure that no one is using it until it is polished after cleaning. If anyone runs the shower and makes the shower wet, you will have to wait again. A wet surface of the shower will soak the water when you polish it. You can turn the water supply off for the time being so that no one can run the shower and wet it. Keep the fan turned on, it will dry the shower quickly.

Step-8: Polish The Surface If Needed:

Polishing the surface of the shower prevents it from getting rusty and dirty quickly. So when the shower is completely dry after cleaning it, it will be better to polish its surface. The only thing you need to polish is a little amount of car wax and a paintbrush to apply it.

Melt the car wax in a pot. Make sure that the wax is colorless or water-colored. Then clean a paintbrush and soak it with wax when it is hot. Then apply the wax gently to your shower surface. Don’t let the wax dry. Do it as quickly as you can. This will increase the shine of your shower.

5 Tips You Can Follow To Clean A Shower Without A Handheld:

You can clean a shower without a handheld by using some household tools. The steps are naturally easy to follow. But who doesn’t want to do his task more comfortably? Hence, maintaining these tips will make your shower cleaning much easier and faster: 

Tip-1: Wear Hand Gloves And Masks:

Whenever you are working with acidic or alkali chemicals, you must ensure your safety first at any cost. Wearing a simple pair of hand gloves can protect you from getting rash or any allergenic problems and skin issues. Putting on a face mask can protect you from any harmful gasses. So use them to make it safe when you are cleaning your shower.

Tip-2: Turn The Fan On:

Cleaning products like bleach, ammonia, or sulfur can create acidic or alkali gasses that can harm your lungs. But if you turn the shower fan on, it will help the gas to leak out of your shower. So try to clean the shower when the shower fan is available and turn it on. You should also keep the ventilation window open while cleaning the shower.

Tip-3: Use Warm Water

Try to use a little warm tempered water to prepare the cleaning solution. When you mix the cleaning products with the warm water, it makes the chemical reaction faster. This will let the shower surface rinse quickly and you will be able to clean the shower more easily. Most importantly, warm water helps to remove the stains fast.

Tip-4: Use Coffee Filters

Coffee filters can be used to clean the mirror of your shower. And if the shower is made of fiberglass, then it would be better to scrub it with coffee filters. Coffee filters are one of the most effective water soakers. They soak water and release it within a limited amount. So when you wash your mirror, it will help you have a blur-free mirror easily.

Tip-5: Clean The Drain

It will be most effective to clean the drain of your shower before you start cleaning the entire shower. If you clean the drain first, it will help to wash all the stains away. So make sure the drain is not jammed. Try to use chlorine-based bleaching powder to remove germs from the drain and make it clear and blockage-free.

Things Should Be Avoided While Cleaning Your Shower Without A Handheld:

You should not do such things that may damage your shower or the walls of your bathroom. That is why you need to be careful while cleaning a shower without a handheld. So, try to avoid doing the following things:

  • Never Use Harsh Cleaners:

You should not select a random cleaning product to clean the shower. Consider the type of the surface of the shower before buying the cleaning products. If the product is too harsh, it will cause erosion to the floor. Sometimes, it may discolor the floor of your shower. It can also make the handle and head of the shower rusty. So avoid using harsh cleaning products. 

  • Try Not To Experiment:

You should not try newer cleaning items every time you clean the shower without a handheld. Not every cleaning product is suitable for the surface of your shower. If you have to use new cleaners, try to use that on a confined and less-noticeable area of your shower. Make sure it is not causing any discoloration, then use it on the whole surface.

  • Don’t Scratch The Shower:

Sometimes using rough and tough brushes on the surface of the shower creates permanent scars on them. If you make any scratch on your shower while cleaning, it will cost you more money to repair or replace the portion. So, try to use soft cleaning tools and do not scratch the shower.

  • Don’t Slip On Any Glass:

If you have to clean a shower that is made of fiberglass, you should be very careful while cleaning them. Soaps or cleaning solutions are naturally very slippery. Try to put on the shower shoes while cleaning it. If you accidentally slip on the fiberglass, you know what it will cause. So be careful not to slip on any glass in your shower.

Related Questions:

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Shower Without A Handheld?

To clean a shower without a handheld can take 45 minutes to 1 hour at max. First of all, it would take 10 minutes to prepare the cleaning solution. Then spray it in the shower and let it rinse for another 15 to 20 minutes. Cleaning the shower will take up to 30 to 40 minutes. Let it dry for another 10 minutes. So, approximately it can take up to an hour maximum to clean the shower.

It depends on various circumstances. If your cleaning product is standard enough, it will rinse the surface of the shower quickly. Then you can clean it faster. Again it also depends on your cleaning ability too. If you are fit enough and able to clean faster then it will be less time-consuming. 

How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Shower Without A Handheld?

Generally, it will not cost you more than $30 to clean a shower without a handheld. You just need to buy the chemical products to clean the shower properly. The rest of the required tools are household necessities that will be available within your house. But if you don’t have them, you may find them in a nearby grocery store. 

Is It Effective To Clean A Shower Without Any Handheld?

It is very much effective to clean a shower without a handheld. When you don’t have a handheld available but you need to clean your shower, you must clean it without a handheld and with your effort. You cannot let your shower be unclean and dusty. 

Additionally, it costs you a very small amount of money. And it lets you clean your shower according to your wish. You can inspect every corner of the shower and clean it the way you want. So apparently it is more time-consuming but more than efficient and effective. 

How Long Do You Leave A Shower In Vinegar To Clean It?

If you use vinegar as a cleaning solution to clean the surface of the shower, you will have to leave the shower for at least 15 minutes to get the shower rinsed. Vinegar is a lightweight acidic chemical product that reacts with water to remove soap scum and stains. But it takes a little bit more time than bleach to clean the surface.

How Do You Disinfect The Shower After Cleaning It Without A Handheld?

You can use rubbing alcohol, disinfectant solutions available on the market, or spirit mixed with water to disinfect the surface of the shower. Just spray the disinfectants and leave the shower for at least 20 minutes. Naturally, you don’t need to disinfect the shower after cleaning it properly. But to ensure the ultimate hygiene of the house, it is better to disinfect the shower even after cleaning it. 

What Is The Benefit Of Cleaning A Shower Without A Handheld?

The most common benefit of cleaning a shower without a handheld is it is cost-friendly. A shower handheld can cost you $70 and additionally you need to buy the cleaning products too. But when you clean the shower properly without a handheld, you don’t have to spend a single penny to buy the handheld.

Again it helps you to have a close look up at certain places where you may have to use more chemicals or other kinds of brushes to remove that. But if you use a handheld, you don’t have that much chance to clean it the way you want. Moreover, you can have great exercise for your body while cleaning the surface of the shower without a handheld. 

Is There Any Disadvantage Of Cleaning A Shower Without A Handheld?  

The most commonly faced disadvantage of cleaning a shower without a handheld is it takes a lot of time to complete the task properly. If you are in a rush or you are too busy with your other work, you cannot concentrate on cleaning the shower on your own. It will take almost an hour from your daily life.

If you don’t have enough height, you cannot reach every corner of the shower to clean them properly. Again if you are facing some health issues or you are not fit enough to do this, you cannot clean the shower without a handheld. And sometimes, after cleaning without a handheld, you may face back pain. 

What Is The Way To Rinse The Shower When Cleaning It?

You must rinse the shower before you clean it for at least 15 minutes. It does not matter if you are using a handheld or not, you must leave the shower to rinse all the cleaning products sprayed on it. So spray the solution properly at every corner of your shower and let it untouched and unwashed for a while.

To ensure a proper rinse of the shower, you can use a toothbrush to add the cleaning liquid to every corner of the handle and head of the shower. This will help you to clean them later. When you are done with spraying, the process to rinse will be automatically started.

Closing Remark:

A shower should be cleaned regularly as it is one of the frequently used parts of your house. By using commonly used cleaning tools, you can clean a shower without a handheld. You just need to be patient and careful enough to deal with them. I hope after reading this article, now you can easily clean those showers that don’t have any handle heads.

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