How To Darken Windows For Home Theater? [7 DIY Methods]

How To Darken Windows For Home Theater

A home theater room always claims to be darker than other rooms in your house. Lights enter the room from different directions. So, if you want to maintain the right atmosphere in your home theater room, you must know how to darken the windows for the home theater. You can apply different techniques to darken the theater room based on your preferences.

This article will discuss a few effective ways to darken windows for home theaters. Hopefully, these will be helpful enough for you. Not knowing just the different techniques, you will learn all the necessary and significant things related to this to clear your doubts about it. To learn more about this, please read the article thoroughly.

7 Effective DIY Methods To Darken Windows For Home Theater: Try Now

There are various ways to close the windows of your home theater that can make it easier for you to enjoy the atmosphere of entertainment. The methods are discussed below:

Method-1: Using Blackout Curtains

Windows are the largest source of light in any room. Always install black curtains for room theater windows to ensure maximum darkness. However, the curtain must be at least one foot wider than your window. This will enable you to cover the entire windows with the curtains and clips.

If your room is intended for a home theater, the window may be a bit smaller. But, if the ordinary room is to be turned into a room home theater, you have to be careful about darkening the windows.

Method-2: With Different Shades

Another fancy way to darken the windows of a home theater room is to use different shades. If you want to go for a cheaper option, you can use a corded roller or spring-loaded shades. The roller shades are a bit old theme, but they are quite effective because they make the window darker as per your requirements.

Cellular shades are great for new designs and technologies. The extra advantage of these is that you can control the light from medium to complete blackout. People often prefer cellular shades for modern home theater.

Method-3: Adding Plants To Windows

Curtains in theater room windows are a perfect solution, but you can add more. You can decorate the window with some trees. Both live and artificial plants can be used. The trees obscure the light from the windows and prevent them from entering the room directly.

If curtains are added, it is possible to darken the windows. Since the home theater room is confined most of the time, do not keep the tree alive. Artificial trees are good in this case.

Method-4: Adding Decorative Objects

Another great way to capture the window of a room is to add some decorating items. If your window is not suitable for holding trees, there is nothing to worry about. You can keep a bookshelf because it is wide enough to cover your window perfectly.

Moreover, it has another advantage. You can save the storage of another room in your house. In addition to the bookshelf, you can put some other upholstered furniture in front of the window. It will also prevent the subtle light from coming through the windows.

Method-5: Motorized Windows Shades 

Motorized window shades work well to darken theater windows. The specialty of these sheds is that you do not have to worry about pulling ropes or chains. You can easily control the shade from your smartphone or tablet. Motorized window shades have many advantages that can give you a better experience.

Though there are various options when it comes to darkening the windows in a home theater room, you should always opt for the modern method like this one since the traditional method can be complicated. Considering the advantages, the Motorized Window Shades method is quite acceptable.

Method-6: Installing New Walls

If you don’t need the window in the theater room most of the time, you can install a new wall there. It can stop the light coming through the windows forever. If you ever expect outside lighting in a theater room, it is best to use different shade methods.

You can use boards to install new walls. It should be cut a little higher than the window to cover about 5/6 inches of the side of the window. This is considered a better way to darken the windows.

Method-7: Using Smart Lighting

Have you ever used smart lighting in a theater room to darken a window? These lights help to darken the windows without using any expensive alternatives. In this case, just covering the window with a simple curtain will suffice.

The smart lights are on in the room so that they give less importance to the little natural lights coming through the windows. As a result, they enhance your enjoyment of the theater room. Moreover, You don’t have to go for expensive technology.

4 Benefits Of Darkening Windows For Home Theater: You Should Know

Knowing the benefits of darkening the windows of a home theater room may be easier for you to follow. The benefits are as follows:

1. The Screen Looks Super Clear

No matter how big the screen in the theater room, the outside light does not allow it to be clear in front of you. The light that falls on the screen instantly blurs the image. So, when watching a program, you must darken the windows so that the excess light does not reach the room.

Even a tiny amount of light entering through a window can be annoying to you. A little awareness can give you the sharpness in the theater room environment.

2. Excess Light Cannot Fall On The Screen

The outside light is blocked from entering when you cover the window with a dark curtain. Therefore, no light can occur on the screen of your home theater. Moreover, as a result of using the shades, you can reduce or increase the light shades as per your wish.

So, in this case, it is better to use modern shades. They can be controlled without any hassle. If you use curtains, they can be attached to the side. It covers the whole window and enhances the enjoyment of the theater room.

3. Keeps Your Attention Straight

The excess light in the theater room undoubtedly distracts you. The smart lights in the room play a different role because they allow you to enjoy the theater better. You may not want to be frustrated with your attention when enjoying something in the theater room. So, invest in a good capo.

Methods of darkening the windows play an active role in this case so that you do not get excess light. If you do not like the light, you need to temporarily cover the windows or out and out. But you do not have to go for expensive alternatives. You can do this with home furnishings.

4. Saves Space In House

You may be worried about your home being filled with furniture several times. When you decide to darken the windows of a theater room, you may find some solutions for other rooms as well because another effective way to close the theater room window is to put different shelves in front of the window. It can cover the whole window.

This is a complete solution where you do not have to spend any money. Cover the window with a crowded shelf in your other room so that no outside light enters the room. Also, your other spaces will be a bit empty.

7 Useful Tips To Darken Windows For Home Theater Effectively:

As well as knowing how to darken the window, a few tips can be quite helpful to you. Besides, you will know what you should and should not do.

Tip-1: Do not choose light-colored curtains to darken the theater room as it allows light to enter the room. Use black curtains, but not so thin.

Tip-2: You can put some trees in the window, but this is not the only solution. Even after placing some plants, a little light can enter. So, use the curtains with it.

Tip-3: You can cover the window with any furniture that is usually high. It will probably cover most of the windows. You can cover the rest with curtains.

Tip-4: Always use high-tech shades that can be controlled from your mobile or tablet device. Older sheds are also good, but, in that case, you have some hassle pulling the chains or ropes.

Tip-5: Even though the outside light enters through the windows of the theater room, you still have to pay attention to the door. A lot of light can come through the empty part under the door. For this, cover it with a cloth under it.

Tip-6: You can use a room divider to darken the windows. You do not have to pay extra for curtains on your windows. These can be used temporarily but work quite well.

Tip-7: While the curtains with tracks are an old window-darker model for a home theater room, it’s perfect enough. Let’s you know for sure that no excess light is bothering you.

Related Questions About Darkening Windows For Home Theater:

What Can You Put In Your Home Theater Windows To Make It Darker? 

If the home theater window is quite large, something can be placed in it that makes it darken. You can have some large indoor plants covering the windows and not allowing outside light to enter the room. One thing to keep in mind, in this case, is that low light air is allowed to enter your home theater.

Therefore, if you keep the tree alive, it is likely to die. Since the tree will be kept for a long time, it is recommended to use one or more artificial trees. So, it cannot be said that the tree will block the light completely. It may be necessary to add some curtains.

Can You Benefit By Darkening The Windows Of The Home Theater?

Undoubtedly darkening the windows of the home theater will benefit you in many ways. This will help you to see the tv screen. Also, outside light falling on the screen from behind can cause it to fade. Dark windows do not allow light to enter the room, which may disturb you.

Since it is covered with blackout curtains, it is less likely to get into the dirt room. Darkening the windows also makes the room a bit darker. It allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the theater in comfort.

How To Pick Shades To Darken Windows For Home Theater?

If you plan to use shades to darken home theater windows, you should choose the right one. You will find several shade types, such as roller blinds, multilayer treatments, and curtains with tracks. It is necessary to make a careful choice. Roller blinds are great for a stylish design, darkening the windows as well as helping to enhance the beauty of the room.

For those who like the old theme, curtains with tracks are a great option that perfectly covers the window. On the other hand, in multilayer treatments, you can use the shade level according to your needs with no hassle.

Can You Use Furniture To Darken Home Theater Windows? 

Furniture plays a significant role in covering the windows of a theater room. Surprising but true is that, with your valuable furniture, you can darken the windows easily. Pick a high piece of furniture that will cover most of the window. In this case, you can use a bookshelf. Bring the shelf next to the windows so that the windows cannot be seen.

 You may find the theater room a bit more spacious than other rooms. Other rooms are often crowded with furniture. If you want to reduce some of the crowd of furniture there, place one or two book racks in the theater room. This will eliminate the space crisis.

Do Home Theater-Darkening Curtains Work In Windows?

Blackout curtains do work if you install them properly. There are some basic rules for installing these that block most lights coming from outside. If you have a nominal window in your theater room, you can easily cover it with some medium-sized curtains.

You have to choose curtains larger than window size for the more oversized windows in your theater room. You certainly don’t want to let a little light enter the room even after installing curtains. With the blackout curtains around the windows, it can be sure that no day or night light can enter the room.

Can You Darken Your Home Theater Windows Without Curtains?

Home theater windows can be darkened without the blackout curtains. You can use different shades, in which the amount of light penetration can be determined. Many people now use different shades that are more advanced. But you have to give priority to the use of blackout curtains because it is the most effective.

The method of using shades is somewhat expensive, especially if using solar shades. The most common and universally accepted method is blackout curtains. However, multilayer shades are also good enough that can be customized.

Are The Blackout Curtains Worth Getting To Darken Home Theater Windows?

Blackout curtains with enough darkness in your home theater and bedroom are worth getting. Darkness is what you need most when you enjoy a movie in the theater or want to rest in your bedroom. The excess light in the theater room does not allow you to get the right atmosphere. That’s why blackout curtains are worthy.

Similarly, the brightness of your bedroom interferes with your rest which can be eliminated with blackout curtains. You can use these curtains to get the dark environment of any room as they have health benefits.

Which Is The Best Way To Darken Windows For Home Theater?

You can use blackout curtains as the best way to darken the windows of your home theater. Blackout curtains work great to cover even the most minor holes in your window. You need to follow the rules to use the curtains. Choose a set of curtains about a foot wide, regardless of the size of the window. This removes the curtain and prevents light from entering the room.

Clip the open parts of the curtains so that they do not move as there are some extra parts. You have to be sure that no matter how much air there is in the room, it will not move the curtains.

To Sum Up:

It is better to have light in the home theater, but it is not excessive. All artificial lighting in the home theater can be controlled, but you should know how to darken the windows of your home theater to block the natural light from entering through the windows.

The methods discussed in this article will be helpful to you as some of the best ways are mentioned here. It is hoped that the shared tips will help you darken the windows correctly.

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