How To Decorate A China Cabinet Without Dishes? [DIY Hacks]

How To Decorate A China Cabinet Without Dishes

China cabinets have been sprucing up house interiors for a while now. They’ve been around long enough for some to think that their time is up. Well, not yet. A little creativity can transform your China cabinet into an interior marvel. Here, I’ll show you how to decorate a China cabinet without dishes.

Furniture items are vital pieces in interior styling. Its design, location, and use can make the difference between living in a clustered house or a remarkable space. It’s therefore essential to maximize the furniture’s potential. 

Many people believe that China cabinets can only serve as storage spaces for dishes and other cookware. Not quite. These cabinets can hold other decor and utility items. Let’s see how you can make the interior space stand with one, as China cabinets are coming back. 

10 Items You Can Use To Decorate Your China Cabinet Other Than Dishes

Traditionally China cabinets have been used to display the most refined dishes and silverware. However, people are getting out of this idea and maximizing the potential of these cabinets with other items. The glass displays on China cabinets give you enough wiggle room to place items that can influence the feel of the space. 

Here are 10  dishes alternatives that can fit well in your China cabinet:

  1. Decorative Knick-knacks

Your knick-knacks behind a glass window can bring an electric feel into almost any room. This also keeps them dust-free while protecting them from pets and little children. Most knick-knacks are pretty brittle, so keeping them in an enclosure increases shelf life. Fill the cabinet with knick-knacks if it’s in the living room, foyer, or sunroom. A few items can also work well if the China cabinet is in the dining room. 

  1. Trophies and Awards

Winning trophies and other rewards are an exhilarating feeling. Looking at these rewards afterward brings back good memories which can make your day. Therefore an ideal place to put them is in the China cabinet, where you can see them often without gathering dust. 

Your guests will also marvel at your accomplishments when placing the award-studded cabinet in the foyer or the living room. Nevertheless, it becomes an eyesore when cramming too many trophies or awards behind the glass cabinets. A little goes a long way. 

  1. Family and Personal Collectibles

When collecting items is your hobby, showing them off brings great pride and joy. Clay items, stamps, rocks, action figures, and other items are a perfect substitute for dishes in China cabinets. Here you can minimize damage to valuable collections as they are locked safely. 

A helpful tip when displaying the collectibles is to ensure that they match. You don’t want people looking at a clustered display. Blending different items in moderation, such as cowrie shells, beer mugs, stamps, and cards, perfectly creates an attractive balance. 

  1. Holiday Memorabilia

A China cabinet is the perfect solution for where to display the holiday memorabilia. Putting these items behind the display is a subtle way of announcing the holidays without ruining the theme in a room. Use a China cabinet display to promote specific holidays in the home’s living room, foyer, dining room, sunroom, or other places.

  1. Book Collection

A China cabinet can serve perfectly as a bookshelf. The large shelves provide enough room to keep several books and arrange them in different styles. This is a great way to show off your rare finds and collector editions. 

A China cabinet bookshelf in the sunroom oozes class and turns up the relaxation mood. You can also do this in a home office or living room. Focus on cookbooks and unique culinary literature if the cabinet is nearer to the kitchen. 

  1. Family Photographs

A great way to dedicate your space to loved ones is displaying family photographs in a China cabinet. Framed photos are the best option as they can sit by themselves and leave room for other decorative pieces. Also, take beautiful sunset and landscape photos to add variety. 

Family photographs bring warmth to almost every room in the house. However, don’t use family photographs to avoid clashing themes when placing a cabinet in the dining area. 

  1. Decorative Storage Boxes

Nothing says you’re organized than neatly stacked boxes with a sparkling theme. Stacking a few decorative boxes in the China cabinet fills up the extra space left. Additionally, these boxes store small household items without messing. 

The best location for a cabinet with decorative boxes is the foyer. This sends a message that you’re running a tidy household to the guests effortlessly. This can also be a great addition to the sunroom.  

  1. Linens

Using your China cabinet to hold linen pieces creates an elegant ambient for your spaces. The best way to utilize the display space in the cabinet is by stuffing your lines in decorative bins. To attract attention, leave just a little piece of the fabric hanging out in an excellent shape. 

A China cabinet stuffed with linen pieces works well in the foyer or the sunroom. Placing it in the living room or the dining area can pass off an awkward vibe. It’s also essential to use medium-sized bins, as large ones can make them look clustered. 

  1. Booze

We’ve all got our different hobbies; to some, coming across a good drink is a treasured memory. Your cabinet is the next best option when living in a small space or doesn’t have a boose closet or wine cellar. A bonus of displaying your booze collection is that it can also be a great conversation starter.

Is there a better place to display booze other than the dining area? Oh yes, the living room works too. Your guests will be happy to see your rare bottles and collectors’ favorites as you catch up.

  1.  Seasonal Items

We all want our houses to reflect the feeling of the season, and the best way to do this is by displaying seasonal items. Here your China cabinet comes in handy. The large glass or mesh displays pull attention towards your collection pieces.

A major plus with seasonal items is that they work well for most rooms. You can conveniently place Christmas, Halloween, or eater items in the living room, foyer, sunroom, or other places. 

Things Should Consider To Decorate A China Cabinet Without Dishes: 

Besides the items you display in the cabinet, its style greatly matters. Depending on the house’s style, or cabinet material, there are several ways one can spruce up the China cabinet. Here are a few areas that can be touched up to decorate a China cabinet without dishes. 

  • Change The Cabinet Color

When you move a China cabinet into a room, you don’t want it crashing the theme or patterns you’ve chosen. The easiest solution is to change the color of the cabinet itself. The color change can be subtle, or choose a non-conventional color to fit the space. 

After choosing a color scheme, it’s essential to keep in mind that colors can influence the mood of a space. Glossy blood colors give off a homely feel, and they fit nicely in living rooms, while bright colors bring out a cheerful mood and are ideal for the sunroom. 

  • Upgrade The Lighting

The best way to highlight the cabinet is by placing it directly in the path of light. Good lighting is essential in highlighting decor pieces on shelves. To maximize natural light during the day, place items close to the main pieces that catch the light on the upper shelves. 

In tight spaces that don’t have giant windows, such as the foyer, a position cabinet near the entrance so that light highlights its presence when the doors are opened. 

  • Utilize The Top of Your Cabinet

Most China cabinets are free-standing. They’re not built to the walls. This gives you more room to add decor items at the top. A key factor to consider as you choose items to display at the top is that they have to complement other items below. 

A patterned frame mirror, a flower vase, and small frame photographs are some exciting items you can use at the top of your cabinet. You can place a house plant or seasonal items there.

  • Use a Bold Color For The Cabinet’s Interior

The glass displays in your China cabinet are meant to help you show off your collection. However, the interior background color can steal or spoil the show if it doesn’t blend in well. The best bet to avoid color clashing is using a bold interior color. 

Dark colors such as gray bring out a plain background that acts as a canvas for your display. Also, when choosing an interior color, ensure that it matches the exterior color pattern.

  • Use Mesh Instead of Glass Display

Wire or mesh designs help bring out a rustic theme, which is ideal for China cabinets. Mesh displays are strong styling statements that can take attention off other cabinet parts and focus on what you have inside. This way, you don’t have to repaint your cabinet. 

When you make substantial styling adjustments to your cabinet, such as mesh, ensure that you have it in a suitable space. It can still fit in your dining area without glass displays, but it has to blend in with the furniture and room colors.

4 Position Where Decorate A China Cabinet Without Dishes Fits Better:

Where you put your furniture pieces influences their appeal in the interior, a major plus with China cabinets is their high versatility. They can fit in different locations without losing their appeal. Here are a few places I think your China cabinet would be a killer while decorating without dishes. 

  1. Put It In The Dining Room

The dining area is considered the natural habitat for a China cabinet. You’re not wrong if you still believe in carrying this forward. There’s no better style balance than your dining chairs and table blending with your cabinet. 

Here your cabinet can serve both design and utility roles. The glass doors allow you to highlight decor pieces. The locked cabinets are suitable storage spaces. A style tip from us is avoiding putting your dishes on display. It’s a little bit cliche.

  1. Move It to the Living Room

This is the most room in your household, and placing your China cabinet here is a fantastic idea. A customized wood design cabinet with a grand color scheme adds to the atmosphere in your living space. Also, its imposing structure makes it an instant highlight that people will love looking at. 

In the living room, you don’t need the dishes. Instead, the glass displays are ideal for artwork, accent pieces, and even books. Your framed pictures and decorative pieces also belong to the glass displays when you place your China cabinet in the living room.

  1. Have It In The Foyer

China cabinet pieces can also be a quality addition to your foyer. This is a crucial space as it gives your guests an impression of the rest of the house. Due to this, there’s a lot of pressure when deciding what to put there. Well, not anymore. A China cabinet in your foyer will allow you to display decorative spaces and store utility items. 

  1. Bring It To The Sunroom

Adding a China cabinet to a space with natural sunlight is an excellent idea. The sun rays beaming in the polished wood and the glass displays make a beautiful space. Because this room is well aerated and receives a lot of sunlight, you can place plants in your glass display. Plants and other decorative pieces will significantly improve the ambiance in the room, making it more relaxing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Else Can You Use A China Cabinet For?

China cabinets are high and can hold items other than dishes in different spaces. The glass display allows you to highlight an excellent decor collection of art pieces to add style to your spaces. Due to their large sizes, these cabinets are also ideal storage spaces. 

Tseveralhousehold items can be kept in a China cabinet, including linens, collectibles, awards, or books. All the same, you have to match the items to the room’s theme and patterns to avoid a style crash. 

How Do You Display Things In A China Cabinet?

There are several designs for China cabinets to choose from. The critical difference is the display shelves, as they are the main attraction. Other pieces, such as the doors, also affect the design of your cabinet. Let’s break it down.

The Mirrored Back is the point that emphasizes the items displayed in your cabinet. Besides this, it can also create an illusion of space when used in a small room. When choosing a mirrored back design, ensure it combines well with your room’s lighting for dramatic effect.

Adjustable shelves hold up your display items in the cabinet. Therefore it’s crucial to choose shelves that have rough space. Adjustable shelves allow you to add more items to your collection without packing them too closely. 

How Do You Update Your Traditional China Cabinet?

China Cabinets hardly ever run out of style. If you feel that yours is a bit dated, there are several quick fixes you can do to bring it into relevance. The most noticeable update is giving it a fresh coat of paint. 

Painting it on the outside and redoing the paintwork on the interior leaves your cabinet shining as new. This way you can also paint it to match your room. Alternatively, you can cover the interior with catchy wallpaper. 

Is China’s Cabinet Out Of Style For Decorating With Dishes?

Honestly speaking now most people prefer to decorate their China cabinets without dishes. A little creativity through placing it in non-traditional spaces such as the foyer or the sunroom brings out its potential. In addition, miscellaneous items such as artwork and collectibles can transform your cabinet into a masterpiece. 

If you ask around, many interior designers will tell you that a China cabinet becomes stylish depending on how you use it. There’s little glamor in using your cabinet to hold dishes in traditional places such as the living and dining areas.

Do People Buy China Cabinets?

China cabinets remain popular styling pieces for many people. Improvements in interior designs have helped people realize the style and practical advantages of these cabinets beyond holding dishes. There’s always something else you can do with these cabinets.

When gifting furniture, a China cabinet is still many people’s go-to. You don’t have to look too far to find one, and they come in different styles giving you options. If you were thinking of getting one, go ahead, it won’t disappoint you.

Final Verdict:

When choosing furniture for your house, it’s vital to choose pieces that can serve multiple purposes. A great example is China cabinets. If your concern was how to decorate a China cabinet without dishes, I’m glad to have helped. Styling your cabinet is the thin line between having it as a welcome addition or an eyesore.

Your China cabinet is a versatile piece you can use in various spaces to hold all manner of items. Additionally, you can quickly transform it to adapt to your new themes and color patterns.

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