How To Decorate A House With Two Living Rooms? [Amazing Ideas]

How To Decorate A House With Two Living Rooms

You might feel overwhelmed when decorating two living rooms. Honestly speaking, it might look like an uphill task, but it actually requires proper knowledge to complete perfectly. That’s why I will show you everything you need to know about how to decorate a house with two living rooms.

It might vary from a simple look to an elegant look, specifically for a house with two living rooms. Some people prefer to crave designs with a sophisticated touch, others like a natural touch. Another group may like a classy and elegant touch, while some prefer to keep the decoration of the two living rooms simple. 

This article shares some fantastic ideas for decorating two living rooms. There are different ways of achieving beautiful living rooms, and I have set out to share with you the best ways of decorating two living rooms. Some exciting tips have also been shared in the article below.

8 Effective Steps To Follow To Decorate A House With Two Living Rooms: 

When decorating a house with two living rooms, one will enjoy the experience as it involves making their dreams come true. I have devised detailed steps for you to follow to have a well-decorated house with two living rooms.

Step-1. Measure The Space

The first step of decorating a two-living room house begins with the measurements. You will require a pen,  tape, and paper. Measurements include the length of the rooms, the widths, and their walls’ respective heights. Carefully take and keep records of all findings.

Step-2. Identify The Intention And Purpose Of The Respective Living Rooms

Here, sit down and record the intentions for both living rooms. It is essential to consider the needs of the individual before starting the decoration. In a family setup, you have to consider the purpose that these two living rooms will serve the children. Also, you have to determine the amount of time you intend to spend in those two living rooms and make the decision based on that.

Step-3. Decide On Your Style

This comes from the fact that it’s where the owner gets to decide on the fundamental general outlook they want to portray. It can be formal, warm, vintage, classy, or simple. The owners are encouraged to think ahead and find a style that best suits both living rooms. The two living rooms’ styles can be similar, or completely different.

Step-4. Plan The Layout

Two living rooms require a general layout that determines how the rooms are laid out and where things should be placed in each. It is an integral part of the decoration process as this layout is what will guide someone about where to fit the furniture and shelves. 

The layout helps you map where the windows are in the rooms, the number of straight walls, and the electrical outlets’ design. All of these are vital in determining where to best place things in the living rooms. The owner needs to get as creative as possible to achieve the best results for both living rooms as designed.

Step-5. Wall Color Scheming And Flooring

Coloring of the walls is an essential aspect of decoration as different colors set different moods and different styles of the rooms. Some colors are dark and dull, while others are bright and create a feeling of happiness. Choosing colors depends on how the owner wants to represent the room.

However, remember, there is no limit to creativity, and thus one can have a mix of colors as well. Decide whether to use carpets or place tiles, marble, or hardwood on the floor. They highly recommend colors like orange and dark green as they will make the two living rooms interesting and bring a relaxed vibe.

Step-6. Select Furniture

Select furniture that is compatible with the styles of the two living rooms. This includes tables, chairs, sofas, and other furniture. Furthermore, decide whether to buy recliners, side chairs, or sofas for the two living rooms. 

Step-7. Lighting

Lighting is another consideration when decorating a house with two living rooms. This is inclusive of the use of multi-colored bulbs, chandeliers, table lamps, and floor lamps. All these are available, and their use depends on what suits their style and what is compatible with the usage of the different living rooms.

Step-8. Wall Art And Accessories

Adding pictures, paintings, and plaques to the living room is the final step in making it stand out. If the decorator does not like the arts, in that case, they can add some flower vases. They can also place some mirrors and get framed pictures. These accessories should blend very well with the overall style of the living rooms and the different accentuated wall colors in the house.

10 Amazing Ideas For Decorating A House With Two Living Rooms

Designing and decorating two living rooms and getting them to match your vision is easy. I have highlighted some ideas people can use to convert their dreams and aspirations into reality.

      1. Put Plants In The Living Spaces

Plants provide a natural green look to a space, brightening the living room. A plant effortlessly livens up a dull area and makes a room appear clean and fresh. Place the plant in an area with access to direct sunlight, which is important for its growth.

      2. Space Out The Living Rooms

Avoid placing unnecessary accessories in the living rooms because these items make a place look squeezed, bringing some tension. To be honest, the two living rooms appear simple and well-planned when the furniture is arranged well.

     3. Place Rugs In The Rooms

Rugs bring a new fresh look into a room because they can vary in design and size. Get some rugs that fit in perfectly with their style, which will change things for the rooms. Rugs can be designed according to the two living rooms’ styles. Egyptian rugs and Persian rugs can be the options for choosing.

     4. Use Books To Decorate

The bookshelf use is an idea that never goes wrong. One can design a bookshelf or place a well-stacked amount of books. This will bring a fantastic look to the rooms. One can choose different designs for the two living rooms. The bookshelves can add a classy touch to the living rooms.

    5. Place Poufs Into The Living Rooms

Poufs are quite common these days as they come in many different forms and designs. They vary from the common Moroccan pouf to a tree stump. The poufs are highly liked because they offer great convenience where someone can place them creatively in the two living rooms.

    6. Use Of Personal Photographs

Photographs are placed to give the living rooms some personal touch. The memorable photos, including those of the kids’ drawings or graduation photos, make a space lively and authentic. The frames to the photographs also go a long way toward adding interesting features to the two living rooms.

    7. Place A TV Stand

TV stands bring an outstanding presence to a room, especially when they are well designed and well crafted to fit perfectly in the room. They can also offer some storage space apart from the appeal they bring. The TV stands differ widely in design, making them an essential aspect of the two living rooms.

    8. Use Of Different Electric Lighting

String-like bulbs look traditional and vintage, but they bring an exquisite vibe to a living room. One can also use ceiling lamps and chandeliers that can make a room look beautiful. This can also include the different lighting placed on the ceilings. Some lights change colors seamlessly, thus adding a vibe to the two living rooms.

    9. Select A Vibrant Wallpaper

The wallpapers can vary from classic to simple patterns. Wallpapers make a room light up and make rooms appear larger. Ensure you select different wallpapers for the two living rooms. Wallpapers bring a different feel to the walls of the two living rooms and can turn the living rooms from dull to exciting.

   10. Paint The Ceiling

You can decide to redesign the ceilings into different molds they would want and play around with the ceiling color. This brings an aspect of a classic touch and appeal as well. It is especially great for the living rooms that have high ceilings. The reason is that high ceilings have a lot of room for adjustments.

8 Helpful Tips To Decorate A House With Two Living Rooms

A living room is meant to be where you can spend quality time with family and friends and feel most relaxed. Here are some tips for making the house with two living rooms ideal.

Tip-1. Be Open To Mixing Colors

Get to experiment with colors as long as one is comfortable with them, and they are in line with your style. Choosing dull or bright colors will depend on how the owner wishes it to look, so they are comfortable in their home. Mixing the colors also creates a creative outlook for the two living rooms.

Tip-2. Incorporate Some Wood

The use of wooden materials in the two living rooms gives it a sense of warmth and provides a beautiful, natural aspect. This can vary from the types of tables to the use of stools and to placing wood on the fireplace if there is one.

Tip-3. Use of Different Textures

The textures in the two living rooms can be found in different accessories and furniture, including pillows. This is in terms of whether it’s leather, glass, metal, or cotton. Different textures bring various aspects of warmth and coziness to a room.

Tip-4. Select Mobile Furniture

The mobility is in terms of the movability of the furniture one has. Get tables, stools, or chairs that someone can move around because that offers a variety of designs in the living rooms and allows people to play around with the living space.

Tip-5. Be Creative In The Lighting Options

Lighting is an essential aspect of house decoration. Ensure to have either natural lighting that works well with the decoration style or some artificial lighting that will blend in ideally even at night. This can be done using glass lamps. Perfect lighting can work wonders in a well-thought-out design, so make sure to get it right.

Tip-6. Divide The Space According To The Purpose

The spaces in the living rooms can be assigned to specific activities, for example, a discussion area, a media zone, or a gaming area. A discussion area is where conversations will take place.

And this is an essential aspect because one will plan for it accordingly. It is expected that such an area is comfortable and there is some reasonable distance between the conversationalists.

Tip-7. Use Of Repetition

This is possible by using similar patterns or color schemes that will bring out a specific theme. This will get the living room uniform, which has some calming and visually pleasant effects on the users of the two living rooms.

Tip-8. Keep It Simple

Choose to take the route of simplicity, where the two living rooms will look spotless and fresh. Incorporate some glamor and a little comfort. The message is to keep things simple, neat, but very elegant.

Frequently asked questions:

How Can You Decorate Your Extra Living Room?

This depends on whether the owner wants it to be similar to or different from the existing one. If one is leaning towards something different, then go all the way in decoration. First, I have to get an amazing layout of the room. In this case, the owner will determine the purpose of the extra living room before choosing the style.

This can be a simple style, elegant style, sophisticated style, or a wild natural style. The next step is to select the suitable colors, furniture, and lighting features. Adding aesthetics such as wall arts, family pictures, and stand-out accessories make the extra living room feel beautiful and comfortable.

How Can You Make Your Living Room Look Expensive?

There is a difference in the look and feel of a beautiful and expensive living room. If the purpose is to make the room beautiful, then consider getting curvy furniture. Because they appear more expensive. You can also make the two living rooms look expensive by placing a nice well-laid bouquet.

Bouquet instantaneously gives the room a classy look. Place large art on the walls, and antique pieces in the showcase making the living room appear elegant and expensive. 

When Decorating A House With Two Living Rooms, Where Do You Start?

It would help if the owner first got the accurate dimensions of the two living rooms. The next step is to choose the styles the owner is after, either similar or different for the two living rooms, and have a clear theme. Then selects the color schemes and patterns for the walls as well as the floors.

In addition, go ahead and get appropriate furniture for both living rooms. Finally, get some proper lighting features and items that will complement their choice of furniture and accessories.

Which Color Is Best For A House With Two Living Rooms?

The best color to use is gray, which brings a relaxing mood. This sets a calm mood and soothes the overall vibe in the room. It also provides a basis for selecting other brighter accessories that stand out amid all the gray areas. In addition, one can use the color green or orange as they can also make the two living rooms beautiful.

Color scheming is very important in the decoration of a house. This is because colors affect the psychology of people in the way they perceive things, even unconsciously. Someone should choose a calming color that sets a relaxing mood in the room. One can opt to mix several colors but have a base color that sets the tone.

How Much Does It Cost To Decorate A House With Two Living Rooms?

In the case that the owner has an eye for quality, this can get to excesses of $20,000, and when they are pretty limited, the lower amount is $10,000, including renovation costs of the living rooms. For an ideal beautiful space, both rooms should cost approximately $20,000 to decorate.

There are a variety of factors that determine the amount it costs to decorate the two living rooms. The first is the quality, then the uniqueness. Assuming the owner is designing the rooms themselves, they will not incur designer costs.

Final Verdict: 

As you can see, I have covered every aspect of decorating the house that has two living rooms in this article. The process is straightforward and exciting to follow for anyone who wants to know how to decorate a house with two living rooms. 

The perfect living room should feel cozy, and comfortable. And this article will help you achieve that. Don’t forget to share this article with others.

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