How To Find A Phone Jack In Your House? [A Quick Solution]

How To Find A Phone Jack In Your House

If you move into an old or new house, you may not know where the phone jack is. In this case, it is better to know how to find a phone jack in your house. Finding a phone jack is not a big deal if you know where to look. The reason may be that the phone jack is not installed in the house again in a place where you do not usually find it.

Any modern home should have at least 2 phone jacks installed. The RJ-11 jacks often seen in old houses are not to be seen now, but you will notice round wall plates or little boxes that come in the old style. When wearing your phone, you have to remove the wall plate or open the small boxes. However, everything related to finding a jack in your home has been covered in this article.

4 Possible Areas To Find A Phone Jack In Your House: Check There First

What are some ways you can find a jack in your home? It will be difficult to find jack if you do not know the right way. Maybe it’s at home, but you can’t find it and think you don’t have a jack in your house. 

However, below are the 4 most effective ways to find the phone jack in your home.

1. In The Kitchen

First, it is recommended that you find a phone jack in the kitchen. In an older home, the idea is that the phone jack will be on the shoulder in the kitchen just above the counter wall or sometimes behind the built-in pantry.

Most phone jacks are in hidden places, but there is also the possibility of having a kitchen in an old house. It’s not that you can’t replace it at your convenience. Once found, place it in a familiar and safe place.

2. In The Main Bedroom

Are you looking for the phone jack in the master bedroom? This is a potential place where the phone jack could be fitted. If you can’t find it in a place like a kitchen, you can find it in the master bedroom.

You need to know where Jack is located in the master bedroom. It may be on the floor of the wall behind the head of your bed.

3. Behind The Pantry Cabinet

If you’ve already checked out the kitchen and master bedroom, now is the time to take a closer look behind the pantry cabinets. Pantry cabinets are important items that can be found in all old and new homes. It is large and not easy to reach, so it is not impossible to have a phone jack on the back.

If you do not find what you are looking for, just ask in the rooms and the kitchen. You should be noticed everywhere.

4. Family Room

It is impossible to have a phone jack in the house’s family room. Do not neglect the family room after taking a closer look at the back of the bedroom, kitchen, and cabinets. If the family room has a wardrobe that is unlikely to be moved, it may have a phone jack on the back.

In older homes, phone jacks can often be in the family room. Also, notice the bottom of the wall behind the bed where the phone jack may be.

Find A Phone Jack In Your House

How To Know If A Phone Jack In Your House Is Working Or Not?

Phone jacks are made in an incredibly durable way that lasts for years. However, it may lose its effectiveness or be severely injured and broken, which you did not notice. This is especially true if you shift to another home. 

After finding it, what if you find it broken? It is possible to fix your phone jack, but do not rush. You need to understand the basics. Well, you know the ways to do it right now. 

  • Test Any Phone Without Cord

At this stage, you will need a working phone to test the Jack. Get a phone that is running. Now check if it has a dial tone. If it is not dial tone, go to the next step. Now unplug the phone and cord and remove them from Jack.

After checking the working phone, plug a non-working phone with the same Jack and use the same cord. If you notice that it has a dial tone after plugging in, you must understand that Jack is the culprit.

  • Identifying The Dial Tone

Good thing you want to test your Jack but avoid all of these during storms or thunderstorms as lightning strikes can be fatal while holding a phone. It is normal to lose dial tone during storms. In this case, the lines waiting for a repair.

You should check all the phones in the house to see if they have a dial tone. If all phones lose the same dial tone, your service needs to be fixed. Note that if some phones have dial tones and some do not, your Jack is more likely to be full of errors.

  • Check If The Jack Is Broken

Is your Jack broken? It does not matter because if it is at the bottom of the wall, a new jack can be broken by a strong push while moving the bed or heavy furniture. Or, it may break down if it is too old and too neglected.

If the Jack is broken, it should be examined carefully as breaking it can loosen any dangerous part. Check and see if it is completely OK, then repair it as soon as possible.

7 Steps To Install A Phone Jack If Not Find In The House:

It is unimaginable that you do not have a phone jack in your house because the landline is the reason for the aristocracy of a home. Also, a faulty jack will interrupt your phone service, so it needs to be installed. Look at the steps below: 

Step- 1: Choose The Right Spot

Before installing a phone jack in your home, choose the right place where it will be safe from all unwanted injuries. Everything may seem right to you, but you need to think more deeply and then make a decision. Place it where the wires of the phone are easy to get.

You can save space on the back of your pantry cabinets as this would be the best place to hang.

Step- 2: Think about How Much Wire You Need

Measure the distance of the old Jack from where you want to place the new Jack. Keep in mind that your phone cable will travel to one place and reach the Jack, so determine how much wire it will take first.

Accurately measure the distance and go to a Harvard store and buy accordingly. If the distance from the new to the old Jack is a few feet, then you need to buy fasteners.

Step- 3: Choose A Well-Featured Jack

When choosing a jack, you need to be highly considerate to fit the walls. Wall jacks usually place the phone wires in a small box instead of on the wall. Baseboard jacks are good for a new location.

Baseboard jacks are attached to the wall and the wires are stored in it. It also requires minimal drilling for wall mounting, so it is recommended to use it.

Step- 4: Apply The New Jack To The Selected Area

Now it’s time to install your new Jack. Several jacks come with simple mounting instructions and adhesive backing instructions. Other jacks may need to be screwed to the wall. Jacks should be chosen depending on the type of wall you have.

If glue is suitable, you will probably not want to drill down your valuable wall. However, if you choose a baseboard jack, small drills will be required.

Step- 5: Attach The Wire To The Old Phone Jack

Remove the casing or plating of your old Jack. There are red, yellow, green, and black wires in the jack. Check the ends of the old wires to see if they are damaged and cut as needed.

Match the old wire tips with the new ones to match the color. Now tighten the screws after replacing the curved parts of the wire under Jack’s screws. At the end of the work, re-screw the casing.

Step- 6: Drive Wires To The New Jack And Attach Phone Wire

Take things in stride and try not to focus too much on the problem. Then if there is any excess wire, cut it to maintain your manageability. Loosen the screws on the back of the new Jack and place the red, green, yellow, and black wires in the correct color code place. Make sure the screws are tight.

If this process seems complicated, call an expert who can do it right. Remember that the slightest mistake in your work will not give you the next comfort.

Step- 7: Finish The Installation And Test Your Work

If you choose an external jack, the wires will be housed in a coil. Place the wires in place and screw the cover over the Jack. Then come back to the NID box and reconnect the phone line.

Then test it by plugging in your phone. If Dial Tone and Network Properly work, your job is done. Now start using the Jack and use your phones safely.

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Related Questions About Finding A Phone Jack In Your House:

Where Would You Find A Phone Jack In The House?

If you shift to a new or old home, you can find phone jacks in the living room, family room, bedrooms, and kitchen. It cannot be easy to find if you do not get to these places.

There may be cabinets in any room of your house where many things are arranged. Yes, this place also has a phone jack. In general, you need to look closely at possible places.

What Happens If You Don’t Have A Phone Jack In Your House?

It is not surprising to find a phone jack at home because not all homes have a phone jack. This means there is no landline in the house. Many people do not use landlines at present because the use of cell phones has increased.

However, there is always a demand for a landline where the telephone can be used in different parts of the house. You can get a landline connection in a short time by contacting the phone company.

What Can You Use If You Don’t Have A Phone Jack In Your House?

There is no option to use anything else as an alternative to the phone jack. If you are a landline user, you must have a phone jack in your home. Maybe you didn’t have a phone jack in your house or whatever you have is useless.

You can hire an electrician to fix it or complain to the phone company to have it repaired.

Can You Have A House Phone Without Having A Phone Jack?

With wireless telephone jacks, you can easily use your home phone. Wireless jacks are available in the market, which you can use by connecting to an electrical outlet. Anyway, there are also complications in running the line through electrical outlets.

You need to set up a special security code for your home phone as using your neighbor’s wireless phone may interfere with you. However, the process is very simple.

Can You Install A Phone Jack Yourself In House?

You can install a new phone jack in your house without calling the phone company. If the old Jack doesn’t work, you’ll naturally want to install a new one. There are many doubts about whether you can do it yourself. Of course, you can if you know the process.

Doing the job yourself will save you money as well as make you more efficient for the next job. You have to go through a few steps, but these are easy.

Are All Phone Jacks In A House Connected?

Multiple phone jacks in your home are connected. If you already have an old phone jack in your home, the newly installed Jack must be attached to it. Do not discard the old Jack if it is ultimately damaged.

After purchasing the necessary cables and jacks, you will need to connect the new Jack to the old one. The red, green, yellow, and black wires of the new Jack must be matched to the wires of the old Jack.

Final Thoughts

After moving to a new house, you might think there is no phone jack because you aren’t sure how to find one. But you need to find all the possible places to have a phone jack at home. Hopefully, the tips presented in this article will help you a lot to find the phone jack.

If Jack does not exist in the house at all, then prepare for a new placement. And don’t forget to give me the updated information.

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