Privacy Policy

At, we are always careful about the privacy of our visitors ensuring a secure website for all. We may collect and store a few essential information about you assuring complete data confidentiality. Data reusing or trading are against our morals and we keep our information to ourselves. We maintain transparency by disclosing the type of information we may collect and the reasons. 

If you require to get in touch with us, please email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Data We Collect and Why: 


From the comments you post on our website, we only save the information that you and other visitors see on the comment. We don’t mine any other information and refrain from using the data for promotional purposes. 

To ensure that your browser and IP address is secure and safe for our website, we take assistance from Gravatar service. Along with our privacy policy, Gravatar service applies its privacy policy. Check it here

We don’t extract any additional information from the comments other than what is visible to the public. 

External Media

Our content is unique and created by our team. We do not receive or upload any media content from searchers and users. However, we may allow doing so a few times with the condition of you removing your location input from the media. Otherwise, this may lead to data infringement. 


You may have noticed to see pop-ups of registration and contact forms as you enter our website, we use these forms to collect information about our visitors. However, filling out any of these forms is not mandatory unless you want service from us. 

If you fill up any of the forms, we receive the data input via email. We further examine the form to learn why you have reached us. We save the form information till we solve your query. Apart from this, we don’t use the data for any other activities or promotional benefits. 

Log Files

Logfile information includes your IP address, server details, browser information, AOL, pages you went to, the duration you spent on our website, etc. to examine how our visitors interact with our website. 


For funding support and facilities, we have affiliations with some sites such as Google AdSense. These affiliates follow their privacy policies and collect some basic data just for promotions and advertising. 


Pop-Ups of cookies denote that the affiliated sites are asking for your information. Cookies collect some basic information like name and email address. You get the option not to accept the cookies which may further restrict you from certain activities on our website. 

Cookies are deployed for scrutinizing IP addresses, servers, spam, as well as geo-targeting. With the data, affiliates post only relevant advertisements. 

Filling the cookie form can help you from getting the popups repeatedly. Our cookies are safe as we don’t save your information after you leave our site. We would only store the data for two days if you press ‘remember me’ and don’t want to input the information every time we enter our website. 

Guest Posts

To enrich our website with useful content, we often receive relevant guest posts. When you access the content by others, they track your activity as per their privacy policy. They behave as if you are using their site. Therefore, you should check the privacy policy of the guest posts for confirmation. 


We want to provide better service every day. So we need to keep track of our performance and measure the results. For tracking our performance, we require you to know your activity on our website. We use some analytic plugins like Google Analytics for that. You may read their privacy policy. 

Note that the data for performance tracking are not used for any other activities. 

What We Share and Store

We sincerely refrain from trading or sharing your personal information with any other party and keep your data confidential. 

We only keep your comment and its metadata for further tracking. Otherwise, we don’t mine any data unless you fill out any of our forms and provide information. 

You always have the privilege to request us to let you know what information we have about you. You may also like to discard some data. 

Where We Share Your Data:

We don’t trade any of your information to other parties. Only our email providers use plugins to collect some basic data. Click here to know more. 

How Long Do We Retain Your Data:

We keep the comment data and metadata forever for follow-up analysis. We save the information from your user profile, and you can change it anytime but not the username. 

Your Right On Your Personal Data:

You can request us for detailed information about yourself that we have kept to ourselves. We may even discard certain information on your request except for some data. 

Where We Send Your Data:

We don’t share any data with any parties except for the spam searching application. 

How We Protect Your Data:

Financial Information

We don’t deal with any transactions on our website. We have integration with payment channels like PayPal, and all your transaction activities are saved there. We don’t store any transaction details. Therefore, you must check the privacy policy of the payment channel you are using. 

Reach Us

If you want to request any information regarding this privacy policy, please reach us at [email protected] or [email protected]. We are always ready to respond to your queries.