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The purpose of this post is to provide the terms and conditions for your website, DailyLivingHome.com. These specific terms and conditions will regulate how you use this website.

The terms and conditions mentioned here will not apply partially but rather fully to affect your usage of our very own Website. If you start using our website, you entirely give your consent to agree to the terms and conditions of the website.

After giving the terms and conditions a read, you are advised not to use our website if you don’t agree with or don’t like any or all of them. Besides, our website is not for people who are under 18-year-old.


This site is a great place for like-minded people who love to keep their homes neat, clean, and elegant. Here at DailyLivingHome.com, its visitors, owners, and collaborators share experiences, memorable stories, important information, and crucial research work with one another.

Disclaimer! We are not professionals here and mostly we do not possess professional training. However, in some cases, we may give it a try to collaborate with professionals to give our visitors a more genuine aspect of our works.

For the above reason, the articles we post here and the information within them are by no means substitutes for formal or professional advice and diagnosis. If you have the slightest hesitation about anything we have posted on the website, make sure you consult the matter with a professional. Do not do anything that is prohibited by a professional and just because we have told you to do it.

You can’t hold this website liable for any actions that you take. Only you will be responsible in those cases.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Except for the content that you own here on the website, www.dailylivinghome.com and its licensors or its licensors are the owners of all intellectual property rights as well as the materials of the website. You have been given a restricted license only to view the content of Daily Living Home.

To the most accurate knowledge, intellectual property or materials that are mentioned here are authentic and don’t violate the rights of other people. If your belief tells you that something of ours violates the rights of others, you are welcome here at [email protected]

Fair Use:

The website may use media that comply with the Doctrine of Fair Use (17 U.S.C. SS 107). The website DailyLivingHome.com or its owner(s) is not the proprietors of the media that are used by this means and the display strictly adheres to the guidelines as well as the well-established cases that pertain to the Doctrine of Fair Use.

In light of section 107 which is of the famous Copyright Act, allowance for fair uses is given in cases like criticism of news or commentary and teaching, in addition to research or scholarship as well as education.


When you intend to use our website, you can’t do everything you want. You are advised not to do the following items:

  • Publishing content from Websites in the media,
  • Offering, sublicensing, or commercializing any content that is available on our Website,
  • Publicly showing and/or performing any material from websites,
  • Using this site to harm the Website,
  • Using this site to interfere with access to the website,
  • Using this site in breach of the applicable laws, or of regulations, or by any other means to harm the site or any person and/or entity,
  • It is involved in any kind of activities that include data mining, collection, extraction of data, or any similar activity similar to this site.

Your Content: 

As per the Terms and Conditions of the site, “Your Content” will mean any video, audio, text, or any other material that you decide to show on the site. 

When you display your Content here, you grant DailyLivingHome.com an unlimited, worldwide irrevocable, and a sub-licensable right to replicate, utilize the content, alter it, make it available for publication, translate it, and distribute the content to every medium.

Your Content mustn’t be of anyone but yours and mustn’t violate the rights of any third party. DailyLivingHome.com retains the exclusive right to eliminate all the content from its website at any given time, even without specific notice or a general one.

No Warranties: 

DailyLivingHome.com does not make any warranty or any kind of representation whatsoever regarding the site, or any information on this site. Furthermore, the information posted on DailyLivingHome.com should not be taken as any advice on how to proceed with any decision.

Affiliate Relationships: 

DailyLivingHome earns from the purchase done through our website. If you buy something using the hyperlinks on this site, we earn a percentage of your purchase via Clickbank, Amazon, and other affiliate programs identical to.

The commission that Daily Living Home earns for the referral of traffic to affiliate programs is not charged to the user. The programs use the idea of cookies to track your activities and give credits to Daily Living Home for the referral. Visit the privacy policy page to know everything about our privacy practices.

Limitation Of Liability: 

You can’t hold DailyLivingHome.com or its owners liable for the actions that you have done after following the information given on the website by any means.


When you’ve agreed with the conditions and terms of this site, you also agree to defend and indemnify DailyLivingHome.com and its officers, employees, owners, independent contractors, and any other persons involved in this website.

Additionally, you agree to keep the website free from any types of claims, actions, costs or obligations, or losses you could make at the expense of the owners.


The terms displayed here are not superior to the applicable laws of our country. If the terms are contradictory to the laws, the laws will prevail and only the contradictory term will be removed from DailyLivingHome.com, not all the terms.

Complaints and Retractions: 

Whenever you think that any material posted on DailyLivingHome.com is somewhat defamatory, infringes intellectual property rights, or is misleading, you are requested to reach us at [email protected]. We assess the complaints one by one.

Variation of Terms: 

DailyLivingHome.com holds the absolute authority to add, alter, or remove the terms mentioned here. For this reason, you should visit this page to keep yourself updated regarding the terms.


DailyLivingHome.com has the authority to subcontract, assign, or even transfer any of its rights or liabilities, even without any notice. But you can’t do such things.

Entire Agreement: 

The terms displayed here are the superior agreement between you and DailyLivingHome.com and constitute the relation to how you use our Website.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction: 

The Terms mentioned here will be regulated and applied according to the law that applies similarly to the California, United States and you consent solely to the state’s authority and the federal courts in Solano County, California, the United States to resolve any disagreement.

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