10 Best Commercial Security Cameras: A Buying Guide

10 Best Commercial Security Cameras

In the era of information technology, security cameras have an inconceivable magnitude of value for digital security. Since many brands are available, finding the best commercial security cameras can be daunting. That’s why I’ll now go through different commercial security cameras that could aid decision-making. 

By the way, I’m a business owner who uses security cameras to minimize digital risks and capture proof of my company’s activities. Consequently, I have gathered somewhat intense knowledge about various commercial security cameras. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get to the subject.  

However, the ideal commercial security camera will entirely depend on the buyer’s objectives, demands, and the environment in which the camera will be used. The user interface, cost, range, video quality, storage, and installation, are also essential factors. The top commercial security cameras can instantly upload videos to the cloud, capture when motion or sound is detected, and protect a home.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is the perfect option if you want an excellent HD wireless outside camera, a vital lighting element, and an enduring camera. In addition to capturing 1080p HD video, it also has ultra-bright LEDs that support night vision in color and infrared. Just a straight honest opinion, so  Ring Spotlight Cam Battery can choose to have the best outcomes.

Best Commercial Security Cameras: A Head-to-head Comparison

The best security cameras must be chosen carefully. To find the top 10 commercial security cameras, we had to investigate them thoroughly. A head-to-head comparison of the top security cameras is shown below:      

Products NameConnectivity TechnologyVideo ResolutionField of viewWeather ProofVideo StorageSpecial FeatureUsage
EufyCam 2 ProWireless2k140°IP6716GB EMMC, 3 Months UsageNight VisionOutdoor, Indoor
Blink OutdoorWirelessUp to 1080p110°IP65Sync Module 2Night VisionIndoor, Outdoor
eufyCam 2C 2-Cam KitWireless1080p135°IP673 Months, 16GB EMMCNight VisionOutdoor
Ring Spotlight Cam BatteryWireless1080p140° horizontal, 78°  verticalIP55N/A

Motion Sensor
Indoor, Outdoor
SoloCam E20Wireless1080p130° Horizontal and VerticalIP652 Months Usage, 8GB EMMCNight VisionOutdoor
Blink MiniWireless1080p110°N/ASync Module 2Night visionIndoor
Lorex LNZ44P4BWired4MP355° rotation, 9° tilt range, and rapid 100° per second panning speed.IP66High-Efficiency Video Compression, H.265 or MPEG-H Part 2Portable, Night Vision, Image Sensor, Motion SensorOutdoor, Indoor
Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera:Wireless1080p130°IP65N/ANight VisionOutdoor, Indoor
Annek Outdoor Security Camera with AI Human and Vehicle Detection 
Wired1080p180°IP661 TB100 ft Night VisionOutdoor
Reolink E1 Pro Security Camera Wireless2560×1440 (4 Megapixels)Horizontal: 87.5°; • Vertical: 47°N/ABut certified as weatherproofMicroSDNight Vision, Motion SensorIndoor

10 Best Commercial Security Cameras: Details Review

To choose the best commercial outdoor security cameras for commercial use, we looked into several options and contrasted the camera quality, security features, usability, and cost. Let’s look at the specifics.

1. EufyCam 2 Pro: Best Rechargeable Security Camera

The EufyCam 2 Pro offers users one of the greatest home security camera systems on the market, as well as attractive devices with a ton of sophisticated features and a variety of mounting options.

A fantastic way to monitor your property and make sure everything is secured. The cameras are intended to last due to their robust, durable plastic construction, video quality, secure local storage, and IP67 waterproof rating.

Specifications And Performance:

Excellent And Incredibly Detailed Video: The eufyCam 2 Pro’s 140-degree lens and high video quality are the strongest points. The HDR helps with shadow areas and strong lights, the video is responsive, and the image is sharp. 

EufyCam 2 Pro can record images and 2K video signals in bright and dark environments and have day and night vision capabilities. There is no monthly subscription for video recordings. The video recordings from the EufyCam 2 Pro are stored in the base station’s 16GB of secure local storage.

Weatherproof: The cameras are weatherproof and have an IP67 rating, ensuring they can resist severe rain and immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.  

Year-long Battery Life: The most powerful feature is that it can last 365 days on a single charge. But the battery is not detachable and requires eight hours to recharge fully.

Siren: A 100dB siren is another feature of the EufyCam 2 Pro that can frighten someone.

Easy Installation: The camera system is simple to install and offers mobile devices a powerful video signal. It is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant.


  • Superb daytime and nighttime footage;
  • Battery life of 365 days;
  • Loud siren;
  • An anti-theft feature;
  • Easy installation;
  • Weatherproof.


  • The faces are not seen at night;
  • Non-replaceable battery.

2. Blink Outdoor: Best Motion-Activated Security Camera

If you’re looking for a dependable outdoor home security camera that looks good, is weatherproof, wireless, and has an excellent battery life, the Blink Outdoor camera will be a perfect choice.

People who desire high-quality video on a compact with a limited budget can consider Blink cameras. Its working temperature makes it acceptable for most sunny or frosty locations.

The Blink Outdoor camera is a compact home security camera with many practical features that produce crystal-clear, high-definition, and sharp Full HD footage. The Blink Outdoor security camera, charging cables, two mounting hardware, and a Blink Sync Module 2 are all included in the box.

Specifications And Performance:

High-Resolution Video Footage: The device can record 1080p video and detect motion. It has a 110-degree field of view and an infrared LED for nighttime black-and-white video.

It offers an economical, straightforward package that produces clear, flexible, and colorful video. During the day, the camera performs admirably, although its night vision is a little hazy. Ideally, you should be able to use it both inside and outside.

Impressive Battery Life: It has a powerful AA lithium battery. It has remarkable two-year battery life. 

Two-way Audio: In addition to a temperature sensor, it has a speaker and a microphone for two-way audio. You can hear every wind gust that reaches the microphone because this camera lacks noise cancellation.  

Strong Weather resistance: With an IP rating of 65, the Blink Outdoor camera can survive strong winds and rain. The range of the temperature is -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Simple Installation: It requires a simple and easy installation as well as the freedom to move and upgrade them as needed. Before anything else, download the Blink app and quickly establish an account. Blink Outdoor may be used wherever Wi-Fi is available after setting it up in the app. 

The Sync Module features a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio for establishing a connection to your home network and an RF radio for communicating with the camera. It is powered by an AC adapter with a micro USB port. 


  • Sharp and high-definition video;
  • Local and cloud services;
  • Long-lasting battery life;
  • Simple setup and installation;
  • Option to save clips to a USB drive.


  • Not compatible with HomeKit or Google Assistant;
  • Difficult to predict battery life.

3. EufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit: Best Night Vision Security Camera

The EufyCam 2C wireless home security camera system provides cost-effective indoor and outdoor surveillance with water-resistant and IP67-rated cameras. You don’t need to pay a monthly storage fee, and it comes with a fair number of features and superb video quality at a budget-friendly price.

This commercial security camera will help you to get a safe record of everything in the area. The cameras and floodlights were wireless, making it possible to install them almost anywhere in the house.

Specifications And Performance:

Excellent Full HD video: With a 135-degree field of view and high-definition 1080p resolution, the EufyCam 2C produces excellent video day and night. In addition to higher video quality, it also has excellent infrared night vision and intelligent human detection. Even though the footage is in black and white, infrared arguably performs the best.

Incredible Battery Life: The camera is entirely wireless and powered by an internal rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 months without recharging.

Weather Proof: The EufyCam 2C cameras are built to survive the elements outside, and they have an IP67 waterproof rating for resistance to water and dust. They work well in both rain and sun.

Simple Setup: A phone app can be used to control the cameras after they are installed. It didn’t require specialized installation and was very easy to set up.


  • The battery life is six months;
  • Supports Google Assistant, Alexa, and Home Kit;
  • High-quality video
  • Compatibility with HomeKit and Amazon Alexa;
  • Clear night and day video;
  • Easy to set up;
  • Two-way audio.


  • The system with non-removable batteries;
  •  No anti-theft detection.

4. Ring Spotlight Cam Battery: Best Battery-Powered Security Camera

The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is the best option if you want an excellent outside camera, a vital lighting element, and an enduring outdoor camera. The Ring has a 110-decibel siren built-in, no monthly costs, a mic, and a speaker for two-way audio. It provides motion detection, prompted recording, and IFTTT and other smart home device connectivity.This camera operates flawlessly and reacts quickly. Additionally, there is a very loud siren, which, when used in conjunction with the lights, is perfect for deterring unwelcome guests.

Specifications And Performance:

Excellent Video Quality: It captures video in 1080p HD, and ultra-bright LEDs also enable color and infrared night vision. A nearly 180-degree horizontal and 78-degree vertical viewing angle are also available with the Spotlight Cam. These characteristics provide outstanding, crisp, and clear night vision footage.

Impressive Battery: it has a quick-release and replacement lithium-ion battery pack depending on camera and spotlight usage. It can easily last for six months. Additionally, there are options to purchase an additional battery pack to use as a backup power supply.Each battery supports direct micro-USB connections to any 5V USB charger. The Ring Spotlight Cam requires easy installation.

Two-way Audio: We wouldn’t even consider purchasing a security camera if there was no two-way communication. Two-way audio on the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is a bonus due to this feature. However, the two-way audio was very loud and clear, and the lights were sufficient to illuminate the entire area. 

Weather Resistance: Ring Spotlight Cam is weather-resistant and can operate between -5 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Since it is entirely dustproof, the camera should be alright unless a blizzard or storm occurs.


  • Wireless;
  • Simple to install;
  • Compatible with IFTTT and Alexa;
  • 110-dB siren and two-way audio;
  • Strong spotlight;
  • Rechargeable batteries;
  • High-definition (1080p) video;
  • Night vision.


  • Additional costs for cloud recordings.
  • Bulky design.

5. SoloCam E20: Best Security Camera Local Storage 

To ensure that your security information is kept private, the Eufy SoloCam E20 records everything that occurs around the home in 1080p HD video definition. It interacts with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and can be used indoors or outdoors. The camera has a 90dB alarm to scare off intruders and two-way audio capabilities.

Specifications And Performance:

Weatherproof: Eufy SoloCam E20 introduced an IP65 weatherproofing designation that offered protection from heavy rain and sand. Additionally, it can survive extremely high and low temperatures as well as humidity.

Battery: Eufy SoloCam E20 is battery-powered, and according to Eufy, the batteries can go up to 120 days without needing to be recharged.

Local Storage: The 8GB of internal storage that comes with the E20, according to Eufy, can hold up to 30 days’ worth of video content. 

Siren: When the system is turned on, the camera will produce a sound of up to 90 dB, which is not loud enough but will be quite bothersome to an attacker.

Video Quality: The camera has a 130-degree lens and supports 1080p video resolution. It records color video during the day and night but records in black and white in low light to capture all that is happening. Remote access establishes a Wi-Fi connection with the home network.

Compatibility And Connectivity: This camera is fully compatible with the two most popular virtual assistants currently available on the market, namely Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Configuration is straightforward through the application, and connection occurs instantly.

No Hidden Fees: There are no additional fees or monthly charges. Everything is done on a device for the highest level of security and transparency.

Easy Installation: The entire installation process is simple and painless. Eufy SoloCam E20  is so easy to do everything yourself that you don’t need to hire a costly contractor.


  • Successful materials and design;
  • Good image quality;
  • Solid connection.


  • Drawbacks include intermittent setup issues.

6.  Blink Mini: Best Security Cameras With Audio

The Blink Mini is a reliable, tiny, inexpensive camera that offers fundamental security. The Blink Mini is a compact, cube-shaped, reliable, lovely, and simple interior plug-in HD security camera with two-way communication and infrared night vision that connects to you through the Blink app.

Blink Home Security is an excellent choice when looking for a security system that is both inexpensive and easy to operate. Additionally, Blink Mini cameras provide the footage, although they do require an electrical outlet.

Specifications And Performance:

Video Quality: Blink Mini’s full HD 1080p video is crisp and clear. With a 110-degree field of view, you may log in and see the camera’s live broadcast. Full-color photos are available in daylight, while infrared vision in complete darkness and low light produces the eerie black-and-white look typical of all-night vision cameras.

Design: The camera has a straightforward, compact, and square design. The camera has a black front but is enclosed in a white cube with rounded corners. It has an adjustable white stand, and two screws are included, so it is easy to attach the camera to a wall or ceiling.

Setup Is Easy: The Blink Mini is a very reasonably priced, quick, and simple-to-setup home security camera. You don’t need to take on too many hassles for installation.


  • Low cost;
  • Good design;
  • Flexible options;
  • Clear video quality.


  • Additional sync modules are needed for local storage;
  • No person detection.

7. Lorex LNZ44P4B: Best High Definition Security Cameras 

Lorex wired security cameras for homes provided a reasonably priced service. As one of the most excellent security cameras, the Lorex LNZ44P4B 4MP interior/outdoor dome cameras provide superior day and night surveillance.

Specifications And Performance:

Video Quality: The Lorex LNZ44P4B security camera has Color Night Vision technology. With this camera, you can capture smooth motion and perfect color reproduction of 2K Super HD footage.

Lorex LNZ44P4B can catch even the smallest details thanks to the camera’s 4x optical and 16x digital zoom. The 2K quality of HEVC compressed video files will be preserved, guaranteeing that no crucial details are lost.

Weatherproof: It has a full metal camera housing, an image sensor, a motion sensor, and most crucially, the ability to be used both indoors and outdoors. It is weatherproof and has an extreme temperature tolerance. Unlike traditional plastic security cameras, which are vulnerable to impacts, this robust metal camera will be protected.

Set Up And Installation: One Ethernet cable is all required for setup when using this Lorex product, which seeks wired connectivity. Using the single network connections, you can move your PTZ cameras and send footage. 

The cable then sends the video to an NVR. A smartphone or tablet connected to a network will be able to control the Lorex LNZ44P4B PTZ camera remotely. When connected to a network, the wires are protected from fire with a strong jacket. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors.


  • Simple to install;
  • Crystal-clear image and cell phone operation;
  • Super HD vision with a powerful HD pan, tilt, and zoom camera.


  • Wired

8. Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera: Best Wireless Security Camera

The Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera is a wireless outdoor security camera with color night vision that scares off thieves with a bright spotlight and a deafening siren. Compared to Arlo’s other home security cameras, the Essential Spotlight camera is more reasonably priced. 

Even in 2024, the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera is a relatively recent addition to the company’s lineup and stands out from most of Arlo’s other options. The camera is easy to install, doesn’t need a hub, produces clear video, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Specifications And Performance:

Simple Setup: The Arlo Essential was relatively easy to set up, but it’s crucial to remember that it requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection. You’ll get the wireless configuration from it. Coverage in all directions. The Essential Spotlight surveillance and security cameras offer improved placement versatility for the ideal camera view and a quick, wireless setup.

Video And Audio Quality: The 1080p camera can see objects up to 300 feet away and has a 130-degree viewing angle, 12x digital zoom, and motion detection with a range of up to 23 feet and a 110-degree detection area. When lit by the infrared LEDs, Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera produces clear, vibrant 1080p video during the day and clear, monochrome video at night.

Additionally, it works with IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Alexa. The two-way audio was loud and clear, and it responded promptly. Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera can easily be used as a baby monitor with a camera and audio, a nanny cam, or a pet camera.

Storage And Battery: It contains multi-camera bundles and an additional solar panel that is an option to keep the battery charged. According to Arlo, the battery shouldn’t need recharging for up to six months. Recharging takes about four hours.


  • Night vision in color;
  • The Arlo app is easy to utilize;
  • Voice control;
  • Weather-proof;
  • Smarter alerts;
  • React immediately.


  • The battery cannot be removable;
  • The spotlight’s range is limited.

9. Annek Outdoor Security Camera: Human And Vehicle Detection 

ANNKE 5MP Lite Security Camera System is one of the best security cameras in the modern era that provides smart home security. Both the daytime and nighttime video images are incredibly sharp. Don’t worry about it breaking in the rain because it performs well in waterproofing. Installation and configuration are fairly simple.

Specifications And Performance:

Super High-Resolution Video Quality: ANNKE 5MP Lite Security Camera System can take the best 1080p Full HD shots without noise, day or night, thanks to the sophisticated 2MP sensor. Smart IR offers up to 100 feet of night vision and eliminates difficulties with overexposed or underexposed images.

Weatherproof: These ANNKE cameras are protected by the IP66 waterproof classification and brave any weather, including ferocious winds, snowstorms, and torrential downpours. Even in freezing conditions as low as -40 °F/-40 °C and scorching temperatures as high as 140 °F/60 °C, the camera continues to operate flawlessly. 

H.265+ Coding: The most effective video compression technology currently available is H.265+ coding. H.265+ has the apparent advantage of enabling smooth remote viewing without delay, eliminating the need to wait for loading and buffering. Specially created for use with business, the video surveillance system is integrated 1 TB HDD. Even after extended use, ANNKE 5MP Lite Security Camera System still offers rapid read and write rates.

PIR Detection: ANNKE 5MP camera enables motion detection and PIR detection, but conventional security can only detect motions when attached to a DVR. With a sensitive PIR sensor and a 180° detect angle, it accurately detects movement from people and animals within 30 feet and turns on the spotlights immediately.


  • Has eight 1080p cameras;
  • Waterproof (IP66);
  • Has a 1 TB hard disk.


  • Low light conditions can result in gloomy videos.

10. Reolink E1 Pro: Best Remote Access Security Camera

The Reolink E1  Pro is a fantastic wireless camera with elegant devices that provide a plethora of smart capabilities that can be used indoors on your home and office network for a smart surveillance system. The much more recent camera from the brand features support for 4MP Super HD video in crystal-clear quality.

It has an easy voice-guided setup, built-in NVR function, full duplex 2-way audio, push alerts, and dual-band WiFi. Reolink E1 is a fashionable, inexpensive DIY security camera. In terms of value, the E1 Pro is outstanding.

Specifications And Performance:

4MP Super HD Video: Reolink E1 records video at a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440, which is sharper than 1080p. The video is stunningly sharp and vivid during the day and in complete darkness. 

Two-way talk: The Reolink E1 offers 2-way talk just like the other Reolink indoor security cameras. The built-in microphone and speaker make it easy to hear and communicate with others in real-time. This camera is voice-activated and hands-free, thanks to its compatibility with smart home appliances. 

Simple And Easy Setup: Reolink E1 makes installing a security camera almost painless and simple. This dual-band Wi-Fi camera has an apparent picture and is simple to set up.

This WiFi camera will offer you a versatile, more reliable, and quicker Wi-Fi connection will be offered to you by this WiFi camera, enabling a quick and straightforward setup. The 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are both supported by this dual-band Wi-Fi camera.

Multiple Storage Possibilities: Reolink E1 offers a lot of customization options for security video storage. Local recordings of motion-detected clips can take up to 128 GB on a microSD card. A free plan with purchase allows for the storage of up to 1GB of clips for a week.

The standard plan offers 10GB of cloud storage and supports up to five cameras. You can select between 24/7 continuous, motion-activated, and scheduled recording with the indoor security camera. 


  • Excellent image quality;
  • Excellent image quality;
  • Simple to install and use;
  • Adjustable detecting zones;
  • Convenient smartphone app.


  • The maximum bandwidth is 4 Mbps;
  • Detection zones on phones can be tricky.

Buying Guide:

How to Choose The Best Commercial Security Camera? (8 Factors To Consider)

When you’re hunting for a commercial security camera or cloud-based security camera system for business, it’s crucial to go through some criteria. Because a decent surveillance system enables you to monitor who enters and exits the building constantly. Security cameras are mostly used for video quality and storage, but these below features can make your camera more user-friendly and efficient.


Resolution is the most crucial and fundamental aspect of a camera, so it should be the top priority when looking at it. If you don’t want the pictures or videos to be pixelated or unclear, you must pick the best CCTV camera with a good resolution. 

Furthermore, high definition (HD) is now widely used, accessible, and reasonably priced. According to usage, the most popular resolution is 1080p. Since high-resolution cameras cost extra, research the area you want to watch before purchasing. You don’t need a particularly high-resolution camera for smaller environments like shops.

Field Of View:

This is crucial when picking a security camera. The area that the camera can cover increases with the viewing angle. The size of the region anyone wishes to watch will determine the type of viewing angle. 

While maintaining subjects at a suitable size within the video frame, a field of view of about 130 degrees enables the camera to see a wide region inside and outside. For a video doorbell or outdoor security camera, you can think about a larger viewing angle of about 160 degrees. However, a wider field may be necessary if you want to use a single camera to watch the entire front yard or other large regions.

Night Vision:

A camera with night vision is necessary if you want to view what is happening outside the home at night. Night vision cameras use infrared technology to produce a crisp image in low light. 

Even for simple uses, a security camera is always preferable to incorporate night vision. After all, that is the time when we need the highest level of security, so cameras should be on alert all night. 

Most smart cameras offer night vision settings that switch on or off depending on available natural light. Therefore, the camera a person chooses must have night vision capabilities.

Motion Detection: 

It is a fundamental technological feature in most contemporary security camera systems. These sensors are programmed to detect motion, shoot images and videos automatically, and transmit notifications.  It is advisable to get a smart camera because they have sensors that can pick up on nearby noise or movement. 

Smart detection uses artificial intelligence to assist a commercial security camera in identifying and alerting the people, animals, objects, and other items it detects. Commercial security cameras have become wiser thanks to analytics. If the cameras notice any unexpected sounds or movements. In that case, business owners will receive a notification on their mobile app.


Depending on the system, such as cloud storage, SD card, or home computer, many methods can be utilized to save video footage captured by the best security camera. Even though it is frequently overlooked, storage should be taken into account. 

Additionally, the amount of footage and storage required will differ depending on whether the camera is motion activated or configured to record continuously. You will need additional storage if the system is set to only record when motion is detected.


A weatherproof camera may not be needed inside the home but is essential for outside. These coatings keep out moisture, dust, and filth so that they cannot enter the camera and harm its internal parts. They can keep a company safe in harsh temperatures that range from well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit to well below zero.

Two-way Audio:

Another consideration is the audio capabilities of security cameras. A two-way feature allows communication with anyone around as well as hearing what is happening at the camera’s location. This can include soothing your dogs if they become upset during a storm or remotely confronting burglars using a smartphone or tablet.


You will eventually purchase security cameras within your budget1. Start comparing the prices of cameras, and then consider whether the ones with the features you like are priced within your means. 

The most expensive cameras can be expected to have the greatest resolution, the most competent connectivity, and the most functions. The most affordable option will be a typical-wired CCTV, but you may find that it has limited functionality.

Related Questions:

Which Is The Superior Option Between Wireless And Wired Commercial Security Cameras?

Wiring the cameras will always be advantageous since the data transmission will be more efficient and have constant power. That’s why wired security cameras should be a superior option to wireless ones.

Wireless cameras may be necessary if there is no power or data line for them to be powered. It might be the only option for video surveillance in outlying areas. Thus, it is always wise to decide according to the circumstances.

How Will The Weather Influence Outdoor Security Cameras?

The weather, including temperature, precipitation, wind, and sunlight, influences the performance of an outdoor commercial security camera. Cameras on surveillance monitors can struggle with rain, ice, snow, and heat, which can fail because of chilly circumstances. Cold weather that may be thawed out as snow can constitute a mechanical and optical impediment for the surveillance equipment.

Issuing an external camera in short sleeves and without a coat can render the camera incapable of performance due to ice. So, choose a commercial security camera that is weatherproof and effective in any condition.

How Long Do Most Commercial Security Cameras Keep Footage?

Security camera footage is usually not stored on permanent video with a typical camera because each site and each surveillance system is unique. In an average security system, the prior 30 to 90 days (1 to 2 months and beyond the most) of recording activity are usually kept for security.

What Region Are The Security Cameras Capturing?

Additionally, the camera’s range may vary depending on the lens size. Particularly when monitoring large spaces, the lens’s size is crucial. Consequently, a 50 mm lens has a 70-meter field of view.

Another factor is the sensor’s size. As it gets bigger, more light will enter the sensor, giving us a wider field of view.

Which Security Camera Should You Choose: An Infrared Or Non-Infrared One?

In areas with poor lighting, infrared optics will be required2. Various cameras have infrared lighting and basic cameras that can be used with an infrared focus. Based on the heat radiation that a body releases, these cameras are different from thermal cameras, so you must keep that in mind.

Thermal cameras are a fantastic choice for covert surveillance in poorly light areas and offer enough image detail for the security officer to recognize the specific alarm. 

Which Security Camera Types Are There?

Security cameras come in indoor and outdoor varieties. Security cameras also can be categorized into many subcategories, such as wired and wireless cameras, batteries, AC power, floodlight cameras, and doorbell cameras.

However, most security cameras can do the same track movement, record it, and alert the user. A security camera can either record continuously or only when it detects movement. When choosing a security camera for commercial purposes, you should also be aware of this fact.

Who Are The Best Commercial Security Camera Manufacturers In The USA? 

Digital Watchdog, Adiance, Axis, Hikvision, Bosch, Ezviz, Hanwha Techwin, etc., are the best commercial security camera manufacturers across the USA. These brands are well known for making top-rated quality commercial security cameras. Choosing the right security camera model and manufacturer is vital for commercial use.

Average Pricing Range Of Commercial Security Cameras: 

Security cameras cost between $20 and $400 to install a security camera, an indoor camera costs about $100, and an outdoor camera costs about $200.  It can cost up to $125 to $450 each, including installation and setup.

Depending on the number of cameras and installation costs, IP or CCTV security camera systems cost $500 to $1,600. Remote monitoring costs $20 to $80 per month, and home surveillance cameras cost $50 to $250 each.

Where Should You Place A Security Camera?

Instead of focusing on how many security cameras you should install, think about where you can get the best viewing angles. High-traffic areas are most likely broken into, so you need to place security cameras there. 

It is advisable to place as many security cameras as possible in an area your customers are likely to pass through. Find out 

Is It Necessary To Subscribe To A Monitoring Service?

Professional monitoring is recommended to avoid safety risks because self-monitoring may not be possible to monitor 24 hours a day. Thus it’s not a bad deal if you subscribe to a monitoring service. If you have patience and time, then no need to subscribe to a monitoring service. Subscribing might be a better choice to minimize risk.

Commercial security systems significantly reduce the chances of a property being robbed. But for that, you have to monitor your property continuously, otherwise, at any time, you can be a victim. However, you will be able to avoid the big risk of losing by spending a small amount on monitoring services. 

Final Recommendations:

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery will take the top position due to its 1080p HD video recording and powerful LEDs that enable color and infrared night vision. You can choose ANNKE 5MP Lite Security Camera System because it precisely detects movement from both people and animals thanks to a sensitive PIR sensor and a 180° detection angle.

Blink Mini can be a good choice for indoor uses. They offer full HD 1080p video that is crisp and clear. With a 110-degree field of view, you may log in and see the camera’s live broadcast.

However, all the listed cameras have been manufactured nicely and come with a beautiful, professional appearance. For the best result, you can pick any commercial security camera that suits your needs.


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