How To Connect A Generator To A Mobile Home? [Easiest Method]

How To Connect A Generator To A Mobile Home

You may be thinking of spending time in a mobile home. So, you have to know how to connect a generator to a mobile home. If you want to connect a generator to a mobile home for the first time, you may face the same problem as many mobile homeowners do.

The process of connecting the generator to your mobile home is very simple. If you spend a little time on this, you will know everything. Just read this article carefully. Hopefully, you will know all about generator connection in a mobile home.

In this article, the whole process of connecting generators to the mobile home is described step by step. The precautions to be taken while connecting the generator to the mobile home are described. Let’s jump into it!

7 Easy Steps To Connect A Generator To A Mobile Home:

The work of connecting any machine has to be done very carefully. If you are not doing it properly, it can be dangerous. Here are some easy steps to connect a generator to a mobile home:

Step-1: Necessary Equipment

Before you move to the connecting process, you need to gather the following equipment to make the job easy. Let’s take a look at the necessary tools that you need while connecting a generator to a mobile home:

  • Circuit breaker box,
  • Adjustable wrench,
  • Connecting wires,
  • A manual transfer switch,
  • Inlet box,
  • Screwdriver,
  • Tape.

Step-2: Wiring Before Connection

You need to do the wiring before connecting the generator to your mobile home. By following the steps below, you will be able to do the wiring properly.

  • List the devices you will use in your mobile home. Add voltage to all of them. It can determine how many watt generators you need.
  • Select the type of wiring system that can be used in your mobile home. There are usually two types of wiring systems in circulation. Use the system that is common in your area. Contact the planning department or power company to find out.
  • You need to consider an interlock kit. These interlock kits are fairly easy to install. Its installation cost is low. But in some areas, these are considered illegal. Seek the help of professionals for interlock kit installation. It requires multiple extra spaces in the breaker box for safe installation.
  • Install a manual transfer switch by a professional. Installing a manual transfer switch is a little expensive, but it is a guaranteed legal option and safe to use.
  • Install an inlet box outside your mobile home. Connect the indoor panel system to the inlet box. Be sure to seek the help of a professional to set it up.
  • Do not connect the generator directly to the breaker box without your mobile home transfer switch. Also do not connect the generator to the dryer outlet.

Step-3: Keep The Generator Away

Try to keep the generator away from your mobile home. This distance is good for you. This will save you from the deadly carbon monoxide emissions from the generator. The generator should be kept at a minimum distance. While keeping the generator away, you need to maintain the following distance.

  • 1.5 feet from the house,
  • 3 feet from the servicing room of the generator,
  • 5 feet from doors, and windows.

Step-4: Connect The Cord To The Generator

Open the cover of the circuit breaker box in your mobile home. Since you are new, you should take a picture to remember the place where each cable is connected. For this, you can take a diagram and draw. This will help you to hook up the generator.

Then, disconnect each wire with an adjustable wrench. Usually, one of the wires in the generator cord is black and the other is white. After disconnecting these cables, connect the cord of the generator to your mobile home by following the steps below.

  • Connect the black wire of the breaker to the black wire of the generator. This breaker is usually 20 amp. When connecting these two wires, be careful not to twist them with tape at the point of connection, as this can lead to corrosion and accidents. 

You can use a wire nut or crimp connector instead of tape. Therefore, you do not have to worry about this and you will save a lot of money.

  • Then, again connect the black wire from the 20 amp breaker to the generator cord. In addition, you can use an adjustable wrench to do this. Normally black wire is used for the hot connection of the generator cord and white wire is used for a neutral connection. You should note that the wire of the opposite color is always connected.
  • Finally, attach the other end of this breaker to the space in the circuit box. Attach it with the adjustable wrench in such a way that it is not a problem to find it later. You will be near the outlet when you plug in the mobile home.

Step-5: Check The Connection Again

Make sure that all connections are made properly so that the remaining cables work, or that the entire installation is in order. Check the cable connections 2 to 3 times to make sure they are correct.

Step-6: Check The Engine

Before turning on your generator, you need to check if its engine throttle is working properly. Before starting the engine, check if it has enough fuel. If you want to connect the generator after a long time, you should check everything in it. Even if you don’t do it, there is no problem.

Step-7: Turn On The Generator

Check out the Mobile Home plugin again, and be sure to check out the instructions with the generator. If all goes well, turn on the generator engine.

If your circuit breaker is off, turn it on, and cover it with the circuit breaker’s cover. All done, now you can do the necessary work by using a generator in your mobile home.

5 Benefits Of Connecting A Generator To A Mobile Home:

Your mobile home will not be complete unless there is a generator. So, it is very important to connect the generator to the mobile home. You will get many benefits if you connect the generator. Five of these benefits are described below.

1. Emergency Power Supply

There are power outages in any remote area. There is a need for generators to meet the electricity demand. If you have a mobile home in this area, you must provide a generator connection. The generator may be the only solution for any emergency.

Since the mobile home is in a secluded area, the communication system may not be so good there. It is very important to have a generator connection to store the food you need. The most important thing is the night light. You will get this light by generator connection.

2. Provide Power To The Appliances

You may be dependent on various electronics equipment. No matter where you are, you can’t go without them. You need electricity to charge your mobile, laptop, and all other devices. Since you are in a remote area, the generator is the solution to your problem.

Your mobile home may have an electricity connection. But when there is a storm, there may be power outages. This situation can make your life miserable. So generator connection is very important to make your life comfortable.

3. Power For Equipment

Generators are not used only for emergency purposes. The use of this generator is very wide. A generator connection is convenient to supply electricity anywhere near your mobile home. You may be staying at a mobile home for some construction work.

You can connect the generator to run any equipment on that construction site. You can also supply light from the same generator to the construction site next to your mobile home.

4. Recreational Use

If the main purpose of your mobile home is entertainment, connecting a generator can add a new dimension to that entertainment. This will allow you to light the decoration bulb. You can provide lighting on a camping trip with your family. You can also use it to enjoy the taste of barbecue with your family.

Above all, connecting a generator to enjoy is a brilliant idea. Also, it is very important to connect a generator in your mobile home or next to it for arranging a wedding. Again you can use it to organize night sports Near to your home.

5. Protection From Damage

When you are thinking of staying in a mobile home away from home, you need to have a generator connection. This will keep your devices running as well as save you a lot of damage.

For example, the food in the fridge will not rot, you can send an urgent email to your office. This allows you to keep the HVAC system running so that the air quality of the mobile home is good while you are away.

The Dangers Of Connecting A Generator To A Mobile Home:

If you keep this generator inside the mobile home, it can be very dangerous. Below are some of the dangers posed by generators:

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Hazards: 

This carbon monoxide is very harmful to human health. This gas travels with the breath and mixes with the blood, causing the body’s cells to die. Eventually, body parts cannot function which can lead to death.

This carbon monoxide gas is produced by burning the fuel in your generator. So it is better not to place it inside or near the mobile home.

  • Danger Of Fire

The combination of heat and CO in your home generator exhaust system can cause a fire. The fuel inside it helps to extinguish the fire, but it can also be more dangerous if the stored fuel is present side by side.

8 Safety Tips That Help Hook Up A Generator To A Mobile Home: 

Just as there are good aspects to any instrument, there are also bad aspects. Below I have shared some tips that will help connect a generator to a mobile home. 

Tip-1: Never use a generator inside your mobile home. Since the mobile home is small, it will easily spread CO in the room. Beware of this gas as it has health risks.

Tip-2: Follow the instructions that come with your mobile home generator. The windows and doors of the mobile home can be kept closed while the generator is running so that CO cannot enter.

Tip-3: You can install a battery-powered CO alarm to beware of excess carbon monoxide. If the mobile home has CO, you can be careful.

Tip-4: You can tent your generator to keep it dry, so it doesn’t get wet in the rain. Before handing over the generator, check that your hand is dry. Touching with wet hands can cause an accident.

Tip-5: Grounding helps prevent shocks from the generator, so make sure the mobile home generator is well-grounded. You can follow OSHA’s guidelines for this.

Tip-6: Use a good quality extension cord, use a wire that can handle all kinds of electrical loads. Check if these are in good condition.

Tip-7: Before refueling your generator, check that it is off, it is also important that your generator is cold.

Tip-8: Since the generator is a sensitive machine, keep pets and children away from it so that fatal accidents do not occur.

Related Questions:

What Watt Generators Are Needed In A Mobile Home?

Since mobile homes are small in size, you can do everything here using a 3000watt-7500watt generator. It is possible to renovate all the electricity needs including the small furnace, water demand, refrigerator of your mobile home. If the demand is higher a large generator will be needed. I think a 3000-4000-watt generator is enough for your mobile home.

What Is Used As Fuel After Connecting A Generator To The Mobile Home?

Diesel, natural gas/propane, petrol are commonly used as fuel in mobile homes. The home generator converts these fuels into electrical energy, then performs all the functions of your mobile home with this electricity. These produce AC power to meet all the needs. 

The downside of these fuels is that they need to be refilled over and over again. However, you should use units that can store energy.

How To Connect A Mobile Home With Generator Without  Transfer Switch?

To get a mobile home with a generator without the transfer switch, you need to maintain the following things:

  • Place the outlet utility box.
  • Drilling to take your generator wires to the outlet.
  • Place the waterproof box outside the mobile home.
  • Then connect the wires to the outlet and generator.
  • Then turn on the generator.

How To Determine The Wire Gauge To Hook Up Generators To Mobile Home?

It is important to know this for the safety of the generator. You need to use the wire at the rate in your circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker is 15-Amps, the wire must be 14- gauge. Accidents can occur if the wire gauge is lower than it. You can connect the wires according to the table below:

Circuit BreakerWire Size

Which Cable Is Used To Hook Up Generators In A Mobile Home?

The best wire to connect the generator for your mobile home is copper wire. Although everyone uses it normally, be sure to check it out again. The electrical conductivity of copper wire is much higher. Its reliability is proven. Copper is also economically viable.

How Do You Determine Which Generator To Buy For A Mobile Home?

The size of the generator depends on what is going on in your mobile home. You can calculate a draft. Then decide which generator is needed for your mobile home. Even after calculating all the watts, your generator must have extra capacity. 

watts = (volts x amps). Rules for extracting watts from any device.


Mobile homes are common in remote areas. Its biggest challenge is getting enough electricity. Generators are a great source of electricity. Installing a generator in your mobile home will solve the electricity problem. 

Every mobile homeowner needs to know how to connect a generator to a mobile home.

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