How To Clean A Miele Speed Oven? [A Step-by-step Guide]

How To Clean A Miele Speed Oven

Is your Miele speed oven not working properly? That is probably because the Miele oven is not clean. This is very usual as baking and heating make the interior greasy and smelly. Food residues, oil, and spices can stick around the oven, decreasing the efficiency of the oven if not cleaned on time. But besides regular cleaning, deep cleaning of the oven is necessary too. 

Though people assume that cleaning a Miele speed oven can be a hassle, it is not. It can be time-consuming but quite simple if you go step by step. In fact, I used to feel disturbed on the oven cleaning days. But after learning the right process, I happened to finish cleaning fast and effectively. And here, I am going to discuss it all with you. 

If you are tired of thinking about how to clean a Miele speed oven, I got you. In this article, you will learn about cleaning a Miele speed oven effectively. I will keep it as simple as possible for you to understand and execute it fast. So let’s start!

7 Steps To Clean A Miele Speed Oven: Clean The Entire Oven

In this step-by-step guide, I will mention the procedures of cleaning all the parts of the Miele speed oven. So basically, from this article, you will learn to deep clean the entire oven. After completing the procedure, you can expect to have a tiptop and tidy speed oven; more efficient and presentable!

I have divided the cleaning procedures into seven parts. Basically, each part will discuss cleaning one particular part of the Miele speed oven. So let’s see how you can clean the entire Miele speed oven: 

Step 1: Cleaning The Stainless Steel Areas (The Exterior)

Most Miele speed ovens have a stainless steel body which is the exterior. Though it may not be affected much by the heat and food residues, dust and sprinkles of food and oil can make the exterior cloudy and dirty. To bring back the shine of the stainless steel part, cleaning it thoroughly is mandatory. 

So on your oven cleaning day, start with cleaning the stainless steel body of the Miele speed oven. For cleaning it, you need a stainless steel cleaner. If it comes with a spraying nozzle, spray it a little on the exterior just to wet it. If it is a bottle, take a soft cloth, soak it a bit in the cleaner, and spread it all over the oven body. 

Now damp a microfiber cloth in warm water and rub the exterior gently in circular motions. Keep wiping away the dirt from the body and then polish the surface with a chamois to remove the residues and dry it completely. Try to follow the grain of the steel while wiping for a flawless and shiny finish. 

Step 2: Wipe The Door Front

We are yet to clean the exterior of the oven. As we are done with cleaning the body of the oven, let’s move to clean the door front. The door front is usually made of double-layered glass. And just like you clean any glass surface, you can use the same method to clean the glass door front. 

Spray a glass cleaner of your choice on the door front. Take a microfiber cloth to wipe away the dirt and grease. You can repeat these two or three times to leave the door front sparkling bright. 

Step 3: Clean The Control Panel

With daily finger touches and exposure to dust, the control panel can look cloudy and untidy. Water stains, fingerprints, and other spots make it dirty. So you should also clean it thoroughly. 

Before you work on the control panel, lock it first. For locking the control panel, touch the panel and press the ‘start’ button. There you can see an option ‘lock on’. Press it to lock the control panel.

Now take a soft cloth and spray a degreaser on it. Make the cloth minimally wet and slowly wipe the control panel. Put pressure on the strong buildups and remove all the spots and fingerprints. Note that you should not spray the degreaser directly on the control panel as this may get inside the oven accidentally. So wet the cloth and then clean the control panel with it. 

Step 4: Wash And Rinse The Interior Of The Oven

Cleaning the exterior of the Miele speed oven is done. Now let’s move to clean the interior of the oven. First, we will remove the turntable and the wall racks from the oven. Now the oven wall and the entire interior is ready for thorough cleaning. 

You may see stubborn layers of grease, food residues, spices, and other buildups. Yes, you would need some effort to clear them out using mild cleaners. But before that, it is important to loosen up the buildups so that they come off easily. So first, dip a cloth in warm water and thoroughly wipe the entire interior once or twice. This will also make the buildups more visible to you. 

Now make soapy water in a mug and dip a non-abrasive brush or a soft-bristled brush in the soapy water. With this brush, slowly scrub the interior of the oven to remove the greasy and gunky layers. Rub in circular motions for effective and faster cleaning. 

Instead of soapy water, you can also use a paste of baking soda. Gently spread the paste of baking soda in the oven and then scrub away the dirt with a soft brush. Strictly avoid using any hard or abrasive brush or cleaner. 

After cleaning, damp cloth in warm water and wipe the interior once again to remove any trace of cleanser and dirt. 

Step 5: Wash The Turntable

You have already removed the turntable from the oven, right. Let’s clean it now. Just like you wash dishes, you can clean a turntable almost in the same way. 

Wet the turntable in water in the sink. Now spread a few drops of dishwashing liquid or a cleanser on the turntable. With a soft sponge or soft scrub pad, scrub away the grease, oil, food spills, etc. from the turntable. You won’t need any harsh cleaning agents for this. 

After cleaning the turntable, wash it with water and wipe away the excess water with a cloth. Let it dry completely before you put it back inside the oven. 

Step 6: Wash The Racks And Risers

The oven racks and risers can be cleaned in the same way you cleaned the turntable. Though the turntable is made of tempered glass and the racks are made of steel, the cleaning method is similar. But note that cleaning the racks and risers can be tougher than cleaning the turntable. 

Grease and food spills stick more easily to steel than to the glass turntable. This is why the layers on the racks and risers are more stubborn and hard to remove. So first, wet the racks and risers in warm water. Then spread any dishwashing liquid on them and slowly scrub away the dirt with a scrub pad or a soft brush. Emphasize the corners and the bars. Keep scrubbing until the layer of steel doesn’t come out. 

After scrubbing, wash the racks with plain water and check if it has been done properly or not. Then keep them aside for drying. Oh! Wipe the excess water from the racks and risers before keeping them. 

Step 7: Clean The Waveguide Cover

Last but not least, clean the waveguide cover. The waveguide cover should be cleaned thoroughly as it is what keeps the Miele speed oven working. It improves the efficiency of the oven by filtering the food spills and grease and allowing the heat to pass on to the oven properly. 

Note that you should not remove the waveguide cover to clean it. In fact, cleaning it is very simple. Just dampen a microfiber cloth in warm water and wipe the waveguide cover. You may need to do this at least three to four times to clear out all the build-ups. In the end, dry the waveguide cover with tissue paper or a dry towel. 

Now that cleaning the entire oven is done, you can put back the parts inside the oven and look at that sparkling clean oven!

Clean A Miele Speed Oven

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How Do You Clean The Inside Of A Miele Speed Oven?

To clean the inside of a Miele speed oven is not a tough task. You can do it easily with a non-abrasive brush and a mild cleaner like soapy water. But first, wet the interior with a damp cloth. Then dip the non-abrasive brush into the soapy water and gently scrub the inside of the Miele speed oven starting from the walls to the platform. 

After scrubbing the dirt and buildups thoroughly from the inside of the Miele speed oven, wipe it clean with a damp cloth to remove the residues.

How Do You Clean Your Miele Self-cleaning Oven?

If you have a Miele self-cleaning oven, you can eliminate the hassle of cleaning it manually. With the self-cleaning mechanism, the oven cleans it by itself and drops the dirt at the bottom. 

Here are the steps of using the Miele self-cleaning oven for cleaning: 

  • First, remove all the racks, trays, and rails from the oven;
  • On the bottom left-hand corner of the display, find the pyrolytic function;
  • Turn the dial to see ‘Py’ on the screen;
  • Now choose 1/ 2/ 3 programs on the display. 1 is for light cleaning, 2 is for medium wash, and 3 is for high cleaning. Choose whichever is needed;
  • As you choose one of the programs, it can take about 2.5 to 3.5 hours to complete the cleaning;
  • After the cleaning, the ash and residues will be found at the oven base. From here, wipe out these residues and you can get a clean oven;

This is how you can use the Miele self-cleaning function. 

How Long Does Pyrolytic Cleaning Take In Miele Oven?

Pyrolytic cleaning is basically the self-cleaning function of the Miele oven. You don’t need to interfere in the process and the oven itself will clean the interior of the oven. Just keep the racks and riser, tray, and other items out of the oven and start the pyrolytic function. 

After you start it, the cleaning will take between 2.5 to 3.5 hours depending on which program you have chosen and how dirty the oven is. After this period, you can clean the residues from the base of the oven. 

How Do You Clean Miele Speed Oven Trays? 

Cleaning a Miele speed oven tray is just the same as cleaning dishes. Just take out the tray from the oven and wash it in the sink. Wet it well and spread a few drops of dishwashing liquid on the tray. Use a sponge or a soft scrub pad to slowly scrub and rub the tray. Scrub in a circular motion to remove the stubborn layers of grease and food spills. 

After scrubbing the tray, wash it in water and dry it well before putting it back into the oven. 

What Can You Use To Clean A Speed Oven? 

There are a number of oven cleaners available in the market. But if you want something that is right there in your storeroom, use soapy water. If that doesn’t suffice, use diluted vinegar (50% vinegar and 50% water) to clean the oven. Pour it in a spraying bottle and spread it inside the oven. 

Vinegar is an excellent agent to dissolve grease and oil and remove stains and spills. After spreading it, wipe away the dirt from the oven with a clean cloth. For a better result, use a paste of baking soda on the strong buildups. 

Final Thoughts: 

If you divide oven cleaning into different parts just like I did, it becomes easier and faster. Clean each part of the Miele speed oven once at a time and you will feel sorted and relaxed. 

Now that you know the best ways of cleaning a Miele speed oven, why don’t plan your next oven cleaning day? 

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