How To Clean a Bathtub Anti-Slip Bottom? [Everything You Must Know]

How To Clean Non Slip Surface of Bathtubs

The bathtub, whether it be in resorts or at the house, are all in regions wherein slippage occurrences may be highly dangerous or deadly since there are unyielding items in the near vicinity that could be readily impacted by the skull. So, having the appropriate knowledge on how to clean the non slip surface in a bathtub is extremely important.

On a slick squeaky damp surface, empty legs are perilous since they are squishy and practically treadles. To prevent massive physical harm and fatalities, slip protection in the bathtubs should always be handled extremely carefully. As I have an non slip in my bathtub, I know sometimes it becomes so hard to maintain it.

Throughout this article, I am going to tell you about how to clean the non slip in a bathtub. I’m hoping everything will go over whatever you need to learn in great depth. Let’s get this party started.

6 Steps To Clean The Non Slip Surface Of Bathtub: The Best Way To Do It

If you have a tub with such an non slip that appears dirty, filthy, and plain grubby, absolutely no difference what you are doing to wash that. I do have some great news for you people here, as well as some positive methods that can restore, perhaps an outdated bathtub non slip to sparkling, practically fresh!

Most of the bathtubs have to have an non slip because the Individuals with Disabilities education Legislation was enacted around 1990. Siemens ceramic bathtubs include the company’s proprietary Guardian non slip coating, which also has a unique appearance and appears to be the best susceptible to this unsightly issue.

Step-1: Remove All The Accessible Vents

Begin with airing the space by removing all accessible vents and using protective gear to safeguard the arms. Cleaning the tub’s non slip as usual beforehand to eliminate everyday grime and detergent foam will allow one to go directly towards the root of the discoloration.

Step-2: Sprinkle The Whole Bathtub bottom

For using Tilex, sprinkle the whole bathtub bottom well with the product. Allow liquid Tilex solution to rest upon that spot for the next few moments or longer. Soak delicate towels or brushes in liquid and pat wash the affected region.

Step-3: Cleanse The Bathtub’s Non Slip 

Cleanse the bathtub’s non slip whole surface carefully and reapply as needed. If indeed the spots don’t go away, attempt the cleansers below. R.O.G. 3 should be applied towards the spotted surface. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the detergent to permeate.

Step-4: Wipe The Affected Surface

Using a wipe or a clean microfiber, wipe the affected surface. Continue till those streaks have been gone. Spray the cleanser well over blemishes to clean the non slip perfectly. Use a moist cotton swab to softly clean the area. Cleanse just one tread but not the bathtub surface around it. 

Step-5: Wiping Down The Whole Bathtub’s Non slip

However, people may have thought it to be harmless for ceramic, Siemens, including some of the top bathtub producers, claims that it might produce yellowing throughout a long duration. Whenever you are done with wiping down the whole bathtub’s non slip to verify that almost all cleansing agents have been gone before using it.

Step-6: Repeat The Process Until All Spots Have Disappeared

Commode Circle cleaner is a product that may be sprayed and swept aside with such a brush and therefore is accessible to most pharmacy retailers. Continue the cycle till enough spots have vanished. Once you are done, properly wash the surface.

That’s it. Now leave all animals as well as kids out of the restroom and far away from all types of household cleaners, even though they might be potentially harmful in the grasp of little toddlers.

Clean The Non Slip In A Bathtub

How To Prevent Hard Water Stains In The First Place: A Common Problem

Hard water spots and soapy residue may be removed permanently with the correct chemicals, manual labor, as well as the preceding recommendations.

1. Wash Once Or Twice Each Day For 1 to 2 Minutes:

Sprinkle and wipe off the non slip with a 99.96 percent in terms of natural cleanser while taking shower or cleaning the arms to avoid accumulation. That is an excellent washroom trick for preventing water stains and soapy residue. It is really suitable with marble and crystal, and it removes cleanly without leaving fingerprints or stains.

2. Buy A Water Purifier For Your House:

It will definitely return if you don’t do something to mellow the water. A filtration system can remove blemish particles from the water, preserve the clothing fresher, and enhance the froth in the cosmetics if someone lives in a region with unnecessarily difficult water.

3. Sealing The Interfaces:

Put a quasi cleanser (like Hard Water Disinfectant) into the maintenance and repair cycle 2 to 3 times annually. Distilled water spots are removed from bathrooms and bathtubs with Eco Cleaner, which also creates a barrier to prevent further discoloration.

4. Purchase A Scrubber For Each Bathroom’s Non Slips:

Do not really overlook non slip when cleaning the house! Spray the preferred cleanser through the pitcher after 2 to 3 days and swish around with the whisk to clean down to the rim. 

Sprinkle the surface of the bathroom with such a sanitizing area cleanser, and let it stay approximately ten minutes to eliminate 99.9% harmful microorganisms.

Related Questions:

How to Clean a Bathtub Non Slip Bottom?

Cleaning a bathtub with an non slip bottom can be a little bit similar to cleaning the non slip. I have described below the whole procedure-

  • It is not an issue exclusive to Kohler bathtubs; every producer which engraves a bathtub’s bottom to give the non slip component faces the same issue. 

As a result, the grease on the toes begins to discolor the bathtub’s base. Eventually, it’s as though the spots became permanently ingrained.

  • Several users have told me that they have done each and everything they could think of to get rid of these spots but haven’t been successful. In reality, every one of these initiatives appears to have the inverse result, escalating the situation.
  • Mystic Remover, Zud, Tavern Keepers Friend as well as Meteor have mostly been mentioned by users, with varying degrees of effectiveness. However, you should be aware that Siemens advises avoiding using any of these since they might damage your non slip and ceramic coatings, thereby worsening the situation throughout the period.
  • When cleaning the Sentinel Slip-Resistant Coating, Siemens suggests just 3 ingredients. Those are ROG3 Tub and Bathtub anti-slip Cleanser, Clorox Sanitizing Bathroom anti-slip Cleaner, and Tilex Restroom Greener.
  • The above-mentioned ROG3 Tub and Tub Cleanser is a quite certain solution. This solves all but the most difficult problems, which I cannot claim about Bleach or Tilex. Kohler’s number one recommendation for quasi and ceramic surfaces is ROG3.
  • ROG3 is a miracle product that would restore the bathtub to its own former glory, along with the squeeze embossing, while causing any damage towards the ceramic and anti-slip coating. 

That item (which arrives as a package) can only be purchased through the company’s site. The ROG3 is not really for sale in shops or on any kind of website.

  • For roughly $56 plus delivery, you’ll get 2 bottles of Cyan Solution and ROG1 Whitening Cream—along with a scouring brush and nozzle base, which would be a steal when compared to the corresponding bathtub refurbished or rebuilt. Upon that ROG3 website, search for a reduction or costless delivery alternative. Typically, for the first order, the corporation would provide that.
  • When Kohler recommends ROG3 Tub and Bath Cleanser for cleaning the squeeze bottoms of its tubs, that is not restricted for doing that. The solution helps to remove filth, crud, and construct across all bathtubs and tubs ceramic, polyester, sculpted (human-made) travertine, Laminate, Countertop, metal, restrooms, basins, and grout those difficult circumstances that require anything other than miracles!

Can Anti Slip Tape Be Removed?

Anti-slip tape could be removed while inflicting damage on the material underneath it. Anti-slip tape is indeed a traction-increasing own glue strip. Quasi materials are frequently used on the sloping ground such as stairwells and bathroom platforms.

While attempting to cut off the anti-slip adhesive before even preparing it, the majority of it breaks away. Remove all old and broken anti-slip tape from frequently worn areas so that fresh pieces may be installed.

How Long Does It Take To Clean The Non Slip In A Bathtub?

Usually, it will not take much time to clean the non slip in a bathtub. It will take 10 to 15 minutes if you clean it regularly. Suppose, if you always want a net and clean bathtub in your restroom, you should clean it per week. So the dirt will not be gathered. 

But if you clean it twice a month then it can take 15 to 20 minutes because of more dirt. So, it can be said the timing is depending on you indeed. In some cases, users clean the whole restroom once a month. I will not recommend that. 

Because, if a user does so, he will not be able to maintain the hygiene issue of the restroom and an unhygienic restroom is always unappreciated.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean The Non Slip In A Bathtub?

The price of the tools for cleaning the non slip of a bathtub is not that much expensive. You can buy a slightly higher-priced one so that it lasts long and you do not need to buy those things again and again. At least you will be able to use those things for a month. I have listed the price range down below-

A Cleaning Solution3$-5$
Rubber Brush2$-5$


Numerous users have told me that they’ve done everything that they can conceive to get rid of all these spots from the non slip of the bathtub, but haven’t been successful. In reality, most of those attempts appear to achieve the exact contrary: they tend to completely seal in the spots and exacerbate the situation.

This article offers a wealth of supplementary information that can be used to obtain a thorough understanding of how to clean the non slip in a bathtub. I have also tried to include some relatable solutions so that a user can get help.

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