How To Find The Manufacturer of A Mobile Home? 

How To Find The Manufacturer Of A Mobile Home

It often happens that people don’t know the mobile home manufacturer’s details. This is maybe because they have hired a seller following a recommendation or just contacted the local mobile home manufacturer without knowing its details. But then, someone asks about your mobile home manufacturer, and you tell them that you don’t know what looks odd. 

The situation can be different too. Maybe you want to find a manufacturer to make a mobile home. What would you do in that case? You may ask someone who has a mobile home. But if he doesn’t know the manufacturer’s details, you should be able to find it out by yourself from the mobile home. Also, you should know other ways of finding a mobile home manufacturer. 

To clarify all your confusion, I am here with an article describing A to Z about finding a mobile home manufacturer. Starting from getting a manufacturer name from a mobile home to finding a new manufacturer, all will be explained here. So let’s get into the matter. 

Where To Find The Manufacturer Of A Mobile Home? (Data Plate)

In a mobile home, you need to find the data plate to know the manufacturer’s name and details. Though there are other ways of finding the manufacturer’s name, getting it from the data plate is the easiest way. You can find a data plate inside the mobile home. And now that can be in different places. 

But before that, let’s know what information are available in the data plate: 

  • The model name of the mobile home;
  • The manufacturer company of the mobile home;
  • Serial number of the mobile home; 
  • Label of the Department of Housing and Urban Development; 
  • The date on which the home is built; 

These are the details that you can get in a data plate. But where will you get the data plate? There are a few spaces where the data plate is generally fitted and hidden in the mobile home. I am naming some of these areas where you can search for a data plate inside the mobile home: 

  • Search around the electrical panel or main switch box; 
  • Look inside the kitchen cabinet and its doors; 
  • The data plate can be somewhere inside the bedroom closet; 
  • Bathroom doors and sink (or around the sink) are other spots you  can find the data plate; 

Hence, these are some areas where you can search for a data plate and find out the details about the manufacturer of a mobile home. 

Find The Manufacturer Of A Mobile Home: Check The HUD Label

Another easy and fast way of finding the details of the mobile home manufacturer is to check the label by the Department of Housing and Urban development. Find this outside the mobile home. 

A metal plate by HUD is fixed generally at the backside of the mobile home towards the right corner. The HUD label is a mandatory requirement to ensure that the mobile home is made according to the rules and terms of HUD. It ensures that the mobile home is of HUD standard and safe. 

Therefore, authentic mobile home builders will add a HUD label on the exterior of the mobile home. And there, you will get the name of the manufacturer too. As it kind of works like a certification, so obviously, there will be details of the manufacturer. 

Certifications To Find A Mobile Home Manufacturer: Some Alternatives

Not only get to know the manufacturer through these ways but some documents will tell you about the manufacturer. These documents are mostly mandatory to receive after making a mobile home before the final installation. This is why getting the details of a mobile home is quite easy and reliable by searching these documents. 

These are the certifications that have the details of a manufacturer: 

  • You will probably get a compliance certificate to ensure that the mobile home maintains the state standard;
  • The mobile home registration paper has all the details about the manufacturer; 
  • If you have taken any loan, the loan papers will have the details about the manufacturer; 
  • The purchase and billing receipts will also have the details of the mobile home manufacturer; 

These are the papers that you can check to find out the details of a mobile home manufacturer. 

2 Tips To Find A Mobile Home Manufacturer: Hire A Manufacturer Near You

Even if you can’t find a manufacturer from a mobile home, there are other ways to find one around you. I am sure that there are mobile home manufacturers around you, right? But how would you find and select one? Let me give you some tips on finding a mobile home manufacturer: 

Tip 1: Search Online And Check Reviews

The very basic and easy way of finding a mobile home manufacturer is to search for a manufacturer near you online. Just Google it! Tracking your location, search engines will suggest to you some reliable and high-ranked mobile home manufacturers near you. 

Now to choose one out of them, you have to check the popularity of the manufacturer. Check the reviews on their websites and social media pages. Make sure that the manufacturer has positive reviews from its clients and a high rating. Apart from that, check for how long the manufacturer is working. 

Note that the appearance and speed of the website also tell a lot about the quality of the manufacturer!

Tip 2: Ask Who Has A Mobile Home

People who are having a mobile home can probably tell you the best about which manufacturers are the best around your area. This is because they have already done enough research on this before they selected a mobile home manufacturer. 

Therefore, anyone having a mobile home around you or anyone you know well who has a mobile home, just go and ask them. Know the details about the mobile home manufacturer, take the manufacturer’s name, contact the seller. Know about its services and make sure that it can meet your demand. 

Best Mobile Home Manufacturers: 3 Tips To Select The Suitable One

There are a lot of mobile home manufacturers who make standard and customized mobile homes. But how would you find the best one? For selecting the most suitable mobile home manufacturer, you should set some criteria. In the first part, I will give some tips on selecting a suitable mobile home manufacturer. Next, I will name some of the reputed mobile home manufacturers in the United States. 

So let’s start with the tips which you may also use as a mobile home buying guide: 

Tip 1: Check The Standards And Quality

Not all mobile home manufacturers maintain the top standard and quality to build a mobile home. So you need to ensure first that the manufacturer maintains the HUD standards as well as has certifications that confirm its credibility. 

Some of the factors that you need to address to access the quality are given below:

  • The quality of building materials and whether they are certified or not;
  • The construction rules and standards; 
  • The durability and longevity of the mobile home;
  • Transportability of the mobile home and relocation facilities; 
  • The energy efficiency of the mobile home; 
  • Whether it maintains the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing regulations or not;
  • Fire repelling capacity of the home; 

These are some common concerns that the manufacturer should ensure through the HUD certificate and other certifications. 

Tip 2: Customization Opportunities

The customization facilities are not offered by all mobile home manufacturers. But this is very important as you may have some recommendations on deciding what your house will look like. Now if the manufacturer doesn’t allow you to customize the design, that may not be preferable. 

Here are some factors that you should be able to customize: 

  • Size of each room or space; 
  • Any extra room that you may need (storage, workspace, etc.);
  • The flooring of the mobile home; 
  • Preferences in interior designing; 

These are some common customization options that you can suggest to the mobile home manufacturer. So yes, the manufacturer should allow you to customize some factors in your mobile home.

Tip 3: Delivery And Mobile Home Installation

Just building a mobile home is not the end of it. Installing the home is even a harder and more delicate task. Before installation, the location and the soil should be checked properly. Also, if you want to add a shed or patio or a garage to the mobile home, the space should be decided before installing the mobile home. 

After the preparation, the manufacturer should be able to carry the mobile home safely to the location and install it properly. So you should talk to the manufacturer before placing the order. Make sure that the manufacturer has enough logistics and manpower to deliver and install the mobile home safely and perfectly to the location. 

Now here are some of the best mobile home manufacturers in the US: 

  • Clayton homes;
  • Champion home builders; 
  • Adventure homes; 
  • Skyline;
  • Deer valley; 

Look into their websites to check which one is suitable for you. 

Related Questions:

Who Is The Largest Manufacturer Of Mobile Homes?

There are a lot of mobile home manufacturers in the US. But some are better than others. In the United States, the most famous and largest mobile home manufacturer is Clayton Homes. It has a vast reach throughout the United States and provides service to every state of the US. Besides that, they customize the mobile home designs according to the location. 

How Many Mobile Home Manufacturers Are There In The US?

The demand and popularity of mobile homes are increasing in the US. With that, the number of mobile home manufacturers is increasing too. Most mobile home manufacturers are in Texas with more than 20 mobile home builders. In total, there are about 125 mobile home manufacturers in the US according to the latest statistics. 


So you see, there are several ways of finding a mobile home manufacturer. I have also told you the ways of knowing about the mobile home manufacturer from a mobile home. So what else do you need to find a mobile home manufacturer? 

Just apply any of these techniques and trace the best mobile home manufacturer near you. 

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