How To Use Oxiclean In Maytag Washer? [Know The Right Procedure]

How To Use Oxiclean In Maytag Washer

Having a Maytag washer is a great choice. It is a modern-day washing machine with both top load and front load differentiations. But you have to use this high-end washing machine properly to get maximum benefits. And the first thing you might be concerned about is whether and how you may use OxiClean in a Maytag washing machine. 

Using OxiClean in a Maytag washer is very similar to using any other detergent. However, as OxiClean is very strong, you should use it properly. As it is very effective on stubborn stains and spills, you can’t even avoid using it in your washer. So what is the way out? The solution is to learn the right procedure for using it in the washer. 

From my experience and study, I have found multiple ways of using OxiClean in a Maytag washer; both in a top load and front load washer. In this article, I will share all my takeaways with you so that you can apply my techniques too. Without much discussion, let’s move to know the procedure. 

3 Ways To Use OxiClean In A Front Load Maytag Washer: Know The Options

In a front load Maytag washer, you can use OxiClean in three ways. So you see, OxiClean is quite compatible with Maytag washers and you can use it in various ways. But if you still have confusion, I got you. In this part of the article, I will discuss the procedures of using OxiClean in a front-load Maytag washer. 

Here goes the first way: 

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Way-1: Cleaning With Oxiclean And Liquid Detergent

Our first and basic way to use OxiClean in the Maytag washer is to mix it with a liquid detergent. It is super easy to apply in a front-load Maytag washing machine with a dispenser. Now let’s move on to the basic steps of doing it: 

  • First, take 1 portion of OxiClean and 16 portions of water and mix them well. In the bleach dispenser of the washer, add this mixture;
  • Now load the front load with clothes. 
  • Next, select the washing duration and mode you prefer;
  • After that, add a liquid detergent of your choice and start the cycle; 
  • As the machine starts, on the empty plate, add a certain amount of OxiClean as mentioned in the packaging;
  • And repeat!

That was the simplest method of using OxiClean in a Maytag front load washing machine. 

Way-2: Cleaning With OxiClean In A Maytag Washer With Outer Dispenser

Now if your machine has an outer dispenser, you can use it for washing your clothes with OxiClean. In fact, it is also a very easy method to use OxiClean with a Maytag washer in its outer dispenser. 

Here are the steps of using OxiClean in a Maytag washer with an outer dispenser: 

  • First, put all your clothes inside the front load of the washer. Now select the duration of washing or the cycle that is suitable; 
  • Mix 1 portion of OxiClean with 16 portions of water;
  • Start the machine cleaning cycle and pour the mixture of OxiClean into the outer dispenser; 
  • In case of hard stains on the clothes, pretreat it with OxiClean and then go for machine cleaning; 
  • Run a hot water cycle in the machine for the best result as it increases the efficiency of the OxiClean; 

That is how you can use OxiClean in a Maytag washer with an outer dispenser. 

Way-3: Cleaning With Oxiclean In A Maytag Washer Without An Outer Dispenser

What to do if there is no outer dispenser in the Maytag washer? I have a solution for that. You can still use OxiClean even if you don’t have a dispenser. Here are the steps of using OxiClean in a Maytag washer without an outer dispenser: 

  • Load the front load of the Maytag washer with clothes; 
  • Make a mixture of 1oz of OxiClean and any detergent powder;
  • Start the washing cycle of the front load of the Maytag washer; 
  • As it starts cleaning, you have to add the OxiClean mixture along with a portion of detergent powder directly into the front load. Make sure that you add this mixture at the recommended time mentioned by the Maytag washer; 

Yes, that is all you have to do for cleaning your clothes with OxiClean in a Maytag washer without an outer dispenser. 

5 Steps To Use Oxiclean In A Top Load Maytag Washer: Learn The Simple Method

Use OxiClean In A Front Load Maytag Washer

What if you have a top load Maytag washer? You can still use OxiClean in it. All types of Maytag washing machines support OxiClean. But the procedures of using OxiClean are different according to the model being used. 

So in this part, we will learn the basic steps of cleaning clothes with OxiClean in a top load Maytag washer: 

  1. First, take 1oz of OxiClean and mix it well with about two cups of hot water. However, if you want to use a dispenser, you can mix it directly in the dispenser;
  2. In the bleach dispenser of the machine, add the OxiClean mixture you have made; 
  3. In  the detergent dispenser of the machine, add 1oz of OxiClean with the detergent you normally use; 
  4. After that, load the machine with clothes and right into the clothes, add one more ounce of OxiClean for better results; 
  5. Now start the washing cycle; 

That is it!

How To Use Oxiclean In A Top Load Maytag Washer With Detergent? 

Here comes another way of using OxiClean in a top Maytag washer. Instead of adding OxiClean directly to the machine, you can mix it with detergent and then use it in the machine. This will give a better result. 

Let’s move on to the steps of using OxiClean and detergent in a top load Maytag washing machine: 

  • Turn on the water line to load the machine with water. Use warm water for bright-colored clothes and cold water for light-colored clothes; 
  • While the water is filling the machine, add 0.5 tablespoons of liquid detergent and a tablespoon of OxiClean to the water. The running water will make a lather by mixing the detergent and OxiClean; 
  • Now load the machine with the laundry inside the water. Don’t overload it and make it half full only; 
  • Start the washing cycle just the regular cycle you use; 
  • After washing, take out the clothes and put them in the dryer to find clean and tidy clothes.

If you want to avoid mixing any detergent, you can use ready OxiClean machine wash liquid. Just pour it in the running water instead of mixing it with any detergent. This is even better for people who are allergic to detergents. This can give a better result.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How To Use OxiClean In Maytag HE Washer? 

A high-efficiency Maytag washer is very effective in cleaning clothes. But can you use OxiClean in it? Yes, you can!

Let’s look into the steps of using OxiClean in a Maytag HE washer: 

  • Run the water into the machine and add 0.5 tablespoons of high-efficiency powder or liquid detergent; 
  • At the same time, add a tablespoon of OxiClean in the water and let the running water mix them both; 
  • With this mixture, add around 10- 12 clothes to the washer; 
  • Now start the washing cycle; 
  • After washing, take out the clothes and dry them in the dryer. 

That is all you need to do to use OxiClean in a HE Maytag washer. 

Can You Put OxiClean In A Maytag Washing Machine? 

Yes, it is absolutely fine to use OxiClean in a Maytag washing machine. In fact, with hot water and OxiClean, your clothes look cleaner and brighter. This is because OxiClean effectively removes stains and dirt from clothes and makes them soft. For removing stains, using hot water and OxiClean along with detergent is the most efficient and fast way. 

So yes, you can surely use OxiClean in a Maytag washer for a better result. It improves the overall efficiency of the machine. 

How To Use OxiClean On Linen In Maytag Washer? 

If you want to deep clean your linen, you would first need to treat it. To start with, add a cup of OxiClean to a gallon of warm water. Mix it well to form a lather. Now put your linen in this mixture, especially the stained and dirty areas of it. Let the OxiClean work on the linen for about 4 to 6 hours. 

After this time, remove the linen from the solution and wash it with OxiClean and detergent in your Maytag washing machine for the best result. 

Is OxiClean Better Than Bleach? 

Both bleach and OxiClean are quite harsh agents. Though both are very effective in cleaning stubborn marks and stains, OxiClean is way better than bleach. Note that OxiClean is oxygenated bleach and not chlorine bleach. So it is more gentle on the fabric than chlorinated bleach cleaners. With OxiClean, you can make clothes whiter and cleaner just like bleach but in a more gentle way. 

Therefore, OxiClean is better than bleach as it is healthy for the fabric. However, it should not be applied to silk or leather clothes. 

Does OxiClean Kill Germs? 

Yes, OxiClean does kill germs. As it is almost as strong as bleach, it effectively kills the fungus and germs from the clothes. However, bleach is more effective in killing germs than OxiClean. Another alternative to OxiClean is pine oil which disinfects clothes. 

Therefore yes, OxiClean is ineffective in killing germs as well as removing stains from the clothes. The reason for preferring OxiClean over-bleach is that it is more gentle to the fabric and improves the condition of the clothes. 

What Does Oxi Mean In Maytag Washer? 

In many Maytag washers, there is an option called ‘Oxi’ which is used to disinfect and sanitize clothes. It is an advanced machine used for thoroughly cleaning clothes. When you add OxiClean with detergent, press the ‘Oxi’ button and this will kill 99% of germs, bacteria, and fungus from the clothes. So not only does OxiClean clean the clothes but disinfects them too with the ‘Oxi’ option. 

Utilize the ‘Oxi’ option of the Maytag washer if you want super clean, fresh-smelling, and hygienic clothes. 

How To Use OxiClean Powder In A Front Load Maytag Washer? 

Instead of mixing detergent with OxiClean powder, you can use only OxiClean powder to wash your clothes. In a front load Maytag washer, fill water in the machine and add the recommended amount of OxiClean stain removal powder in the dispenser. The running water will mix it automatically. Now add your laundry to the OxiClean water and run the washing cycle. 

After washing, you will find your clothes clean and stain-free. 

Can You Wash Your Clothes With Just OxiClean? 

Yes, you can use only OxiClean to wash your clothes in a Maytag washing machine. Oxiclean is completely safe to use as it has oxygenated bleach which is not too harsh on the fabric. It doesn’t bleach the cloth but gently reacts with the stains and specks of dirt to remove them from the deep, unlike bleach. If you don’t even use any detergent with the OxiClean, it is fine. 

Get an OxiClean Powder from the shop and use it for cleaning your clothes without adding any other cleaning agents. 

Final Thoughts: 

To conclude, I must say that it is a good idea to use OxiClean in a Maytag washer to deep clean clothes. It is completely safe and very effective and also enhances the efficiency of the machine. 

Now that you have learned to use OxiClean in your Maytag washer, I believe that the process has become simpler for you. Hence, take my words and clean your clothes with OxiClean in the Maytag washer.

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