How Deep Is A Closet With A Bifold Door? [Explained In Detail]

How Deep Is A Closet With A Bifold Door

Nowadays, bifold doors have become quite popular for making closets. Again, many are installing bifold doors by replacing their sliding door. However, you can substitute your long-standing closet door with a bifold door. But for that, you have to properly learn how deep a closet with bi-fold doors is.

People often assume that installing a bifold door as a closet door may require increasing or decreasing the depth of the closet, but this is not true. To use a bifold door in a closet, one must keep the closet depth at least 24 inches, which is the standard size.

Bifold doors are more attractive to look at than other doors. However, many people are confused about the depth of the bifold door to install in the closet. That’s why in this article, I will tell you the depth of the closet with a bifold door and also explains 

Depth Of A Closet And Bifold Door: Know The Basics

Depth Of A Closet And Bifold Door

The minimum depth of a closet is 24 inches which can be increased, but if the depth is less, there will not be enough space inside the closet. However, if you want to store a heavy-hanging item, you need a closet depth of about 28 inches. A depth of fewer than 24 inches is not perfect for a closet.

Some closets require more depth. So, I think it’s best to create a 24-inch-deep closet in which you can store any item. Some closets are as deep as 4 feet, in which you can store all the items you need together. The depth of a walk-in closet is 2 feet, but it can be increased up to about 4 feet. 

On the other hand, the depth of a door is its thickness. A bi-fold door leaf thickness of 68 mm with an outer frame depth of 142 mm. Also, all the doors have a 28mm double glazed unit. The depth of a standard glass bi-fold door is about 9 inches.

The depth of the bi-fold door can vary depending on its material and style. So, when you determine the depth of a closet with a bi-fold door, you must exclude the depth of the door. Because if you determine the depth of the closet with the thickness of the door, the space inside your closet will be reduced. 

What Is The Perfect Depth Of A Closet With A Bifold Door?

If you want to fit a bi-fold door in a standard closet, the depth of your closet should be 24-28 inches. On the other hand, when you create a room closet with a bi-fold door, its depth will be 24-36 inches. Also, if you want to make a hanger closet with a bi-fold door, its depth should be at least 22 inches.

With a bi-fold door, the minimum depth of the closet is 24 inches, but you can increase the depth as needed. Many people want to replace closet doors with bi-fold doors and think this requires a certain depth. You do not need to increase the depth of the closet if you want to replace the closet door with a bi-fold door.

The minimum depth is usually 24 inches, and the thickness of a bi-fold door is 9 inches. In that case, you need to determine the depth of the closet so that the depth closet is 24 inches without the thickness of the door.

Closets less than 24 inches deep are not suitable for storing essentials. If the same closet is used for more than one person, the depth of the closet should be further increased. However, since bi-fold doors are installed on the inside of the cleat opening, it is best to keep the depth a little higher.

Also, bi-fold doors come in different styles of different components with more or less thickness. So, if you want to create a new closet with four bi-fold doors, you need to determine the depth of the closet depending on the design and thickness of the door. 

How To Measure A Closet For Bifold Doors? [5 Easy Steps]

Bifold doors are the most common doors in closets that are easy to install. However, if you can’t measure correctly, you can’t install the door. It is possible to measure the crotch in a very short time to install bifold doors if you know the correct process. And if you have never measured a bifold door before, follow the steps below.

Step-1: Assemble Necessary Equipment

You will need to collect a few tools to measure the closet door. Currently, the most commonly used door for closets is the bi-fold door. This door fits nicely even in a small space, but the right size is the most important. To measure the closet for a bi-fold door, all you need to do is:

  • Measurement tape
  • Pencil
  • Paper 

Step-2: Remove Old Bifold Door

If a door is already installed in your closet, the old door must be removed before the new door can be sized. Because having one door can be a little difficult to measure another door. You can easily get the proper measurement in open conditions. 

Step 3 – Select A Type of Bifold Door

The size depends on the type of bi-fold door installed in your closet because these doors come in different materials and styles. Not all style bi-fold doors are the same size. They are 24, 30, 32, and 36 inches and are the standard width measurement of a bi-fold door. But you can make any custom bi-fold door of a different size if you want. 

Step 4 – Measure For Door Height

Place the metal edge of the tape inside the frame at the lowermost of the opening on the floor. Carefully pull the tape until it reaches the inner end of the upper frame. Now write down the length you got. 80.75 inches is required for a standard double door length. 

Step 5 – Measure The Door Width

Put the metal end of the tape measure on the end of the door opening and pull the. In the same way, tap on one side of the lower end of the door opening, leave the metal end, and pull on the other end. The opening of the closet door may have to be fixed to fit the new double door so that the size of the door opening is square.

2 Closet Design Depth With Bi-fold Door:

When making a closet, it is important to consider its size. Its length, width, and depth will depend on what you put in the closet. In addition, depending on the number of doors, the size of the toilet can be more or less. Here I will discuss how deep a closet with bifold doors can be. Here I will discuss the design of three closets; let’s find out the information! 

  1. Reach-in Closets

Rich-in closets are the most common type of closet designed to grab and go. Everything is spread out in this closet, so you can simply treasure them. You can add a bi-fold door to these closets to make them more attractive. 

If you want to create a closet with a bi-fold door, the depth of your closet should be at least 24 inches. However, you can increase the closet depth up to 28 inches. Since the bi-fold doors are folded outside the closet when opening, there is no need to leave much space for them. 

However, if your closet is deeper, you can still install this door. In the case of any closet, if it is less than 24 inches deep, you will not be able to keep the necessary items in it. Also, if you have old Reach-in Closets, you can replace a bi-fold door. 

  1. Walk-in Closets

The walk-in closet is an essential piece of furniture to decorate modern homes. These closets are at least 4 feet by 4 feet deep, but in many cases, they are deeper. Closes should allow at least a 24-inch clear passage between shelves or doors.

The standard size is usually 2 feet deep, but if you need more depth to hang clothes, you can make it up to 4 feet deep. You can also use bi-fold doors in walk-in closets.

If you install a bi-fold door, you will need to keep some space outside the closet because it will take up at least 12 inches of space when you fold it. So, all in all, you can measure the depth of the closet by combining it with a bi-fold door.

Frequently Asked Question:

How To Bifold Doors With Closet?

To attach the bi-fold door to the closet, screw the upper and lower rails of the door so that the end touches the side of the door frame. Inspect the instructions and insert the dowel into the pre-drilled hole at the top of the door panel to identify the appropriate dowel. Carefully set the door panels on the upper and lower rails after completing the dowels installation process.

Then put the screws in the center of the door so that the door can be opened and closed properly. Remember, you cannot open or close the door if the screws do not fit properly. When the door is centered, tighten all the hardware or install the knob. You will find the detailed process in the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Are Bifold Doors Good For Closets?

I think the bi-fold door is quite good for closets. Because they can be folded on both sides, these doors can be easily opened and closed, even in tight places. Bi-fold doors are great alternatives to sliding doors that are also quite easy to install.

Installing a bi-fold door in a closet does not require much space to open it. As a result, more space is not required to open the door. So, for closets, I recommend using bi-fold doors. 

What Are The Standard Bi-Fold Door Sizes For Closets?

If the opening of your closet is smaller or larger than the standard size, you can install a two-fold custom-built door according to that size. A standard bi-fold door for closets consists of three-door sets. The standard height of bi-fold doors for closets is 80 to 96 inches, and the width is 70 to 96 inches.

If your closet is larger in width, you can install bi-fold doors in four to five-door sets. So before making a door, choose the door according to the material you want to install the bi-fold door. 

How Do You Measure The Depth Of A Closet With A Bi-Fold Door?

To measure the depth of the closet, including the bi-fold door, place the metal end of the tape on the back wall and slowly extend the tape towards the seam. Write the number by dragging the tape to the inside of the bi-fold door frame. 

By measuring in this way, you can determine the exact depth of the closet with your bi-fold. The minimum depth of a closet with a bi-fold door is 24 inches which you can increase as required. However, the depth of any closet must be greater than its width. 

Can You Replace A Bifold Closet Door With A Sliding Door?

Bi-fold doors are a great choice for closets that you can easily install. This way, you can install this door instead of your old sliding closet door. If you have decided to replace the old door with a bi-fold door, remove the old door and measure the opening properly.

First, determine how many bi-fold doors you want to set. Then select and install bi-fold doors made of any material according to that size.  In the bi-fold door kit, you will find the manufacturer’s instructions to help install the door. 


If you want to create a closet using bi-fold doors, you must first know how deep a closet with bi-fold doors is. This will help you to create closets according to your needs. Above I have shown the process of measuring closets with bi-fold doors, which will make your work easier. 

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