How To Clean A Bluestone Table Top? [A Step-by-Step Guide]

How To Clean A Bluestone Table Top

Nowadays people from all over the world are using Bluestone tables because of their gorgeous look and luxurious attire. If you are one of them and your busy schedule prevents you from taking proper care of your Bluestone table, you must face difficulties in cleaning a Bluestone table top. 

It’s quite easy and simple to clean a Bluestone table top if you apply efficient techniques. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money, but to follow some certain steps to clean it properly. All you need is enough time and patience to scrub the surface gently and wash it.

However, it needs to be discussed accurately to let you know how to clean a Bluestone table top effectively. That is what I have done here in this article. Let’s have a read!

8 Easy Steps To Clean A Bluestone Table Top: Most Effective Way

The process of cleaning a Bluestone tabletop needs proper patience and care. You need to be very attentive and sincere about the cleanliness of your tabletop. By the way, the following steps will portray the most effective steps to clean a bluestone table top in a very easy manner. 

Step-1: Collect The Essential Tools:

As you want to clean your Bluestone table top on your own, you need to collect or assemble some necessary elements to clean the table top. First of all, you must bring a cleaning product or prescribed chemical solutions to be used as the mop water. Try to arrange a spray bottle and get the solution in it.

Then you need a soft scrubber that will scrub the stains away from your tabletop. And you shall have a towel to wipe it out. A car wax to be polished and a paintbrush or polisher to polish it on the tabletop. And lastly, you need a bucket of normal freshwater. But don’t forget to arrange a pair of hand gloves, goggles or face masks.

Step-2: Prepare The Cleaning Solution:

Bluestone table tops are one of the most sensitive luxury furniture. For this reason, you need to be very careful of choosing cleaning products to clean the table top. The following table will show you what kind of product you can use and the amount to clean the bluestone table top without causing any harm to it.

Types Of StainProducts To UseAmount Of The Product
Stains made by oil or waterMineral spiritsHousehold detergentsOxidized bleaching powderUse mineral spirit with an equal portion of water5-6 tablespoons of household detergents or oxidized bleaching powder in a liter of normal water
Stains created by metal itemsPoulticeSodium SaltDilute Hydrofluoric acidPrepare a poultice mixture by using water, porcelain, and glycerinHalf a cup of sodium salt in a liter of normal water
5-6 tablespoons of dilute hydrofluoric acid in a liter of water
Stains made of tea, ink, fruits, or coffee Hydrogen Peroxide 40%Acetone or XyleneSodium SaltAn active solution of hydrogen peroxide of 40%500mg acetone or xylene in a half-liter bottle of normal water or,Solution of sodium salt made by mixing 4-5 tablespoons within a liter of normal water.
Black spots on the tabletopMuriatic acidMethyl ChlorideAn active solution of muriatic acid is made by mixing water into 100g of muriatic acidA chemical solution of methyl chloride
Lichen or green on the tabletopOxygen-based BleachHydrogen peroxideDilute Ammonia4-5 tablespoons of oxygen-based bleach in a liter of water
A chemical solution of hydrogen peroxide10% of diluted ammonia mixed with normal water.

Step-3: Sweep Up The Loose Dirt:

Once you have managed to prepare the cleaning solution for your Bluestone table top, the next thing you should do is sweep up all the loose dirt and debris from the top of the table. There could be hair, pieces of paper, valuable tiny things, or other unnecessary dust on the top of the table.

Collect all the unnecessary debris from the table and sweep them up in a dustbin. You need to clean the table top with your hand. You don’t want to create an extra mess even before you start cleaning. So sweep the loose dirt scattered on the table.

Step-4: Spray The Cleaning Solution:

In this step, you need to spray the cleaning solution properly on the top of the Bluestone table. Make sure that the cleaning solution is properly prepared. Try to use a spray bottle to distribute the cleaning products on the table equally. And wait for 5-10 minutes before you start cleaning it.

If you are comfortable using a brush, you can use a paintbrush instead of using a spray bottle to spread the cleaning products over the tabletop. Whatever you do, make sure that every single portion of the table top is rinsed with the cleaning solution equally.

Step-5: Scrub The Table Top Gently:

In the next step, you need to use a soft scrubber to scrub the top of the Bluestone table. First of all, soak the scrubber in the normal water and start scrubbing the corners of the table. Don’t go too harsh, just start scrubbing gently and apply a little more pressure where and when needed.

When each corner is done scrubbing, go to the center part of the table and apply some extra cleaning solution there. This time you don’t need to wait. Start scrubbing that part gently and examine the area if anywhere remains untouched by your scrubbing brush.

Step-6: Wash Away With Cold Water:

When you are done scrubbing the top of the Bluestone table, take a jar of water and pour it on the table. Wash all the mopping solutions away from the tabletop. You need to wash all the soapy materials away from the table so that it does not get moisture later.

Always try to use soft microfiber cloths to wash the tabletop. Microfiber cloths are great at cleaning these types of stone tablets. They soak the dirt with the cleansing water and let the top of the table dry quickly. If you don’t find microfiber cloth, use a towel to mop the top of the table.

Step-7: Let The Tabletop Dry:

The next important task for cleaning the Bluestone table top is to let it dry for 15-20 minutes at least. You need to have a dry and fresh tabletop to polish with car wax. If the top of the table is not fully dried, your wax will not be stable there. So keep the ceiling fan on and don’t let anyone use the table until it’s fully dry.

Step-8: Seal With Wax:

Lastly, you need to seal the Bluestone table top with wax. The most used car wax is naturally enough to seal the top of the table. First of all, you have to melt the wax in a bowl. And when it is fully melted, apply it to the dry top of the table with a paintbrush. Gently soak the brush and apply it.

Nowadays people are using electronic polishers to polish the table. Though it is costly, it will save your time and ensure the accuracy of polishing the Bluestone table top. But if you can’t afford it, a gentle gesture of a paintbrush will do the job for you.

5 Useful Tips Will Help You To Clean A Bluestone Table Top Effectively:

You can easily clean a Bluestone table top by following the aforesaid steps properly. But still, everyone wants to work comfortably. So, here I am sharing some tips for you that can make the cleaning of your Bluestone tabletop much easier and faster.

Tip-1: Wear Hand Gloves:

One thing you must keep in mind is that, whenever you are dealing with chemical products, you must make sure of your safety before touching them. Cleaning solutions are chemical reactors. So it would be better to wear normal hand gloves while cleaning with the Bluestone table top with them. That will protect your hands from getting rashes.

Tip-2: Clean In A Circular Motion:

Sometimes you may feel it is boring to clean the top of the table because you need to clean it by scrubbing the whole surface of the table. It can be time-consuming if you don’t find the rhythm in your work. Try to clean the table in a circular motion. This will lead to a rhythm in your work, and you will be able to clean more quickly.

Tip-3: Use Warm Water:

Use warm water to prepare the cleaning solution. Warm water is a great conductor. Whenever you mix a chemical product into a bottle of warm water, the heat of the water accelerates the agility of the chemical reaction. As the cleaner can affect the stains quickly, you can clean the Bluestone table top faster by removing those stains fast. 

Tip-4: Seal With A Polisher:

The bitter truth is that, how regularly or effectively you may clean your Bluestone table top, the stains and germs will always come back. But you can delay the coming back of stains by polishing the top of the table with wax. Stone polisher is the best solution here, but car wax will also do the job for you. Moreover, this will increase the shine of your table.

Tip-5: Rinse With A Used Towel:

Used towels are great soakers. The fibers of a towel get softer when they are used. They can soak the stain and dirt with the cleaning water. It is better to use a microfiber cloth to rinse the top of the table. But if you don’t have a microfiber cloth, you can easily rinse the table with a used towel. 

Things You Should Avoid To Clean A Bluestone Table Top:

You must be careful while cleaning a Bluestone table top on your own. So if you want a hassle-free cleaning, you must maintain the following instructions and avoid using the mentioned items to clean your beautiful bluestone table top.

  • Never Scrub With Sharp Tools:

bluestone table tops are very crackly and fragile. If your scrubber or brush has a sharp surface, it can cause a permanent scar on the top of the table. Once a scar is made there, you can never repair it. So you should never use sharp tools or scrubbers to clean the top of a Bluestone table.

  • Don’t Apply Unmeasured Acid:

You can use acid or acidic products to clean the top of a Bluestone table. But one thing you must make sure of is that you should measure the acid and then add it to normal water. Never apply an imaginary or fictitious amount of acid directly to the surface of the table. Measure it, then apply it accordingly. 

  • Should Not Add Direct Ammonia:

Ammonia is an active alkaline matter. It has a pH of 11.6. If you add ammonia directly on the top of a Bluestone table, it will discolor the stone and damage it. So when you need to use ammonia, try to use the diluted form of it. Never add any ammonia product to the table.

  • Don’t Let The Cleaner Dry:

You must be very careful about your time management while dealing with a sensitive luxury like a Bluestone table. You need to spray the cleaning solution on the top of the table and let it rinse the stain for 5-10 minutes. Don’t wait longer, the soapy matter can damage the surface of the table if it’s dry.

Related Questions:

How Do You Clean An Unsealed Bluestone Table Top?

You just need some extra car wax to polish the top of the table twice after cleaning it. Cleaning an unsealed Bluestone table top is almost the same. So first of all, remove all the stains from the surface of the table and clean the top properly. 

After cleaning the table, you must let it dry. When the top of the table is completely dry, polish it with car wax. Let the wax dry. Then again polish it with a thin layer of wax. This waxing twice will protect the table from getting damaged quickly.

Is It Harmful To Clean A Bluestone Table Top With Bleach?

It is not entirely harmful to clean a Bluestone table top with bleach. But you must keep in mind that bleach is a fast reactor. So, you should always measure the amount of bleach before using it. The amount of bleach will depend on the type of stain on your table.

Using unmeasured bleach can hamper the surface by discoloring it. Sometimes it can cause some permanent scars on the table, which are completely irreparable. So, though bleach is not harmful, you must use a limited amount of bleach on a Bluestone table top. 

What Is The Way To Disinfect A Bluestone Table Top After Cleaning It?

Naturally, people use rubbing alcohol, a spirit solution, or any other available disinfectants to disinfect a Bluestone table top after cleaning it. The way of disinfecting the top is very simple. After the cleaning is done, you just need to spray the disinfectant solutions and let them dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Then mop the top of the table with clean tissue paper.

Is It Important To Seal A Bluestone Table Top After Cleaning It?

It is very important to seal a Bluestone table top after cleaning it. In fact, sealing the top of the table is a part of cleaning it. Bluestone is a glamorous and sensitive stone. If you don’t seal it after cleaning, the surface of the table will be tainted and the shine of the stone will be deemed.

Moreover, sealing the top of the table will protect the surface from getting dirty quickly. Wax is a natural protector from most germs and bacteria. So this will preserve the beauty and let your table last long.

How Often Should You Clean A Bluestone Table Top?

You should clean a Bluestone table top at least once a week. Though it depends on how frequently you use your table. If the table is used for dining purposes, it is better to clean it at least twice a week because you need a hygienic environment there.

On the other hand, if you use the table for other purposes, you don’t need to clean the entire surface this much. Just maintain the regular dusting every day, and your table will remain clean for the longer term.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Bluestone Table Top?

You need to spend 30 to 45 minutes cleaning a Bluestone table top. First of all, leave the table for 5 to 10 minutes after spraying the cleaning solution on it. Then you will have to scrub the top of the table very gently. This can take up to 15 to 20 minutes at max.

When the scrubbing is done, you should wash the top of the table with clean normal water and let it dry for 10 minutes. Then sealing it with wax can cost you another 5 to 10 minutes. Though it depends on how fast and fit you are, still it does not take more than an hour to clean a Bluestone table top.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Bluestone Table Top?

It will cost you around $20 to $30 to clean a Bluestone table top. All you need is to buy a cleaning product to make the mopping solution. Another thing you may need to buy is car wax. The other essential tools are commonly used in your house. You just have to search and collect them. Thus you can clean a Bluestone table top at a minimum cost. 

What Is The Best Product To Clean A Bluestone Table Top?

StoneTech Daily Cleaner for Stone is one of the best stone surface cleaners to clean a Bluestone table top. If you don’t have enough time to prepare the cleaning solutions every time you clean the top of the table, you can easily buy this product and use it. The balanced pH formula of this cleaner helps you to remove every stain, dirt, and debris from your table.

The most important thing about this cleaner is that the liquid is always ready to use and provides a gentle scent after cleaning with this. Moreover, it does not cost you much. The simple compatibility of this product made it much more popular nowadays.

Final Thoughts:

Bluestone tables are magnificent luxuries to furnish your beautiful home. It needs proper care and regular cleaning. You just need a perfect cleaning solution according to the type of stains and a scrubber to remove them from the top of the table. Remember to seal the top with wax when the cleaning is done.

However, in this article, I have shared the most effective method with some necessary tips to clean a Bluestone table top in a step-by-step direction. Hopefully, this will increase the cleanliness of your table. Happy cleaning!

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