How To Clean Antique Dresser Drawers? [Learn The Steps]

How To Clean Antique Dresser Drawers

An antique dresser drawer is a constant companion to hold your essentials.  Necessary items can be a dress or something that meets your daily needs.  An antique dresser is a fragment of furniture and is called an antique dresser because it has multiple drawers.  

You can keep an antique dresser drawer in your bedroom to hold your everyday clothes or other things like that. In addition to using this furniture, you have to be careful about its care. Because your furniture can be harmful if you leave it dirty.  

Today, I will present how to keep the antique dresser drawer clean or what to do for it.  I am going to share with you the way I have maintained the usefulness of my favorite antique dresser furniture. I hope you enjoy the extension.

8 Easy Steps To Clean Antique Dresser Drawers That Will Save Your Time:

Furniture will be damaged due to the antique dresser drawer being unclean.  The items you are using may become unusable.  Dirty antique dressers can also spread various diseases.  So there are some simple ways to avoid these harmful aspects.

It is not possible to take care of the whole dresser just by cleaning the drawer. So, you have to clean the body of the dresser along with the drawer. The steps here are arranged that way.

What are your plans for cleaning your antique dresser drawers? Of course, you need some hacks to make the task easier and more enjoyable for you. Here are some ways that would not kill your extra time. These instructions can be your antique dresser drawer cleaning easy hacks.

Step-1: Collect The Tools And Cleaners

It is the first step to collect some important things you need to work on. There is no need to collect any rare tools to clean the antique dresser drawer of your choice.  However, some basic tools will make your work easy and comfortable.  

These tools can usually be found in your home.  Because with the tools that are used for other purposes, you can do this job beautifully. You will need a dresser cleaner for this procedure.  Collect cleaners that are used for any wooden furniture or antique furniture.  

Usually, we use these cleaners for other purposes in the house.  Add a soft brush and some pieces of cloth.  You may also need a tissue and a hand glove.  Yes, you are ready to clean the antique dresser drawer.

Step-2: Bring The Antique Dresser In Certain Place

An antique dresser is a must-have in any room of your home. Doing the cleaning work there can also make your room unclean.  This will make it an extra hassle to clean your room. You can take it to a safe place for cleaning. Take it to a place where it is suitable for cleaning.  

In other words, choose a place that is easy to clean and remove the dirt. The most convenient place is under the open sky outside. This allows you to do both cleaning and drying at the same time. So, find a suitable place for your work.

Step-3: Take The Drawers Out Of The Dresser

Taking the drawers out of the dresser is a great task to make the job easy. So, you need to separate the drawers from the dresser. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to clean. If you separate the drawers, you can keep each part of the drawer within your reach.  

It is important to clean the inside corner of the drawer. It is also necessary to open the drawer to clean the body part of the dresser. At the back of the drawer, it is equally important to clean the inner corners.

Step-4: Remove Loose Dirt And Dust

The very first thing you need to do is to clean the loose dirt and dust. Because it is actually very dirty, not only dusty. If there is dust or dirt on the top of the dresser drawer, remove it. 

For this, you can use a soft brush or cloth. It is best to use a soft brush. It can easily clean the dust. However, follow the instructions to make it easy to clean. From this step, you can use gloves in your hand. But it’s not mandatory.

Step-5: Use Water And Dish Soap

Take water in a pot and add a little dish soap. Now mix the dish soap in water by shaking it by hand. This is the first step in cleaning your antique dresser drawer.

Now, clean the dresser by soaking a piece of cloth in the mixture. Surely the water mixture will get dirty. Then make the mixture again and clean it again in the same way. You can also clean the dirt or corners with a brush if you think it is convenient. In this case, you can also use Murphy’s oil soap.  

However, it is more suitable for your old furniture. It doesn’t necessarily need industrial cleaners to get it off. Grease by hand with a scrub brush is enough.  The end? Notice that it looks like brand new furniture.

Step-6: Spray The Cleaner On Each Part Of The Antique Dresser

Now it’s your turn to use a cleaner.  Which cleaner to use?  You can use any cleaner.  I used the Orange Glow Cleaner for my antis dresser.  It does both cleaning and polishing work together.  However, you can use the cleaner that feels best near you. Spray the whole furniture so that it gets wet well.  

Step-7: Scratch With The Brush

The work should be done immediately after spraying. Otherwise, the cleaner may dry out. Thoroughly clean all the drawers and every part of the dresser with a dry cloth or brush. You can also rub if you feel dirtier. Try to scratch with a brush or hard cloth. When it’s over, take a look at how your dresser was primarily and how much it has changed.

Step-8: Drain The Cleaner With Cloth Or Tissue

Scratching on the dresser will remove all stains and dirt.  Now use a cloth or tissue to remove the loose dirt on the top.  You can also use wet rags.  In this way, the whole dresser should be cleaned. It is the best part to clean very well. 

Starting the cleaning where there is enough light will help to clean the dirt inside the furniture. So don’t forget to pick a good space. Then arrange for drying in the sun. It is needed to dry the dresser drawer. You can keep your dresser in the sun or out of your home for 1 hour. 

Finally, take your dresser home after drying it up. Set up the drawer in the dresser. I think it looks like a new dresser. Thus, you can make the cleaning part easy.

5 Surprising Hacks About Cleaning Antique Dresser Drawers 

Some important hacks can make your work easier. Here I mentioned the hacks I follow and get a great result. These are also satisfying. Try to follow those and enjoy your cleaning job:

  • You can use an old sock if you don’t get any brush, any tiny pieces of cloth.
  • Clean the dust every day. This will not accumulate excess dirt in your dresser drawer.
  • Try to avoid oils to clean antique furniture as much as possible.
  • The heat of the sun can ruin the color of antique furniture. There is also the possibility of excessive heat loss. So keep away from the sun or the heat.
  • Wear gloves all the time.  This will protect your skin from the harmful side of cleaners.  You may also feel uncomfortable getting dust.
Clean Antique Dresser Drawers

What To Do & What Not To Do While Cleaning Your Antique Dresser Drawers?

Several things must be done to clean your antique dresser drawer, and some things must be avoided.  In this section, I am mentioning which ones to do and which ones to avoid. 

What To Do:

While you will decide to clean your antique furniture make sure that you have done the following:

  • If you decide to use wax, make sure the surface is clean and dry before you begin waxing on furniture.
  • Cleaning with a polish reviver is the safest and most efficient method.
  • Use a soft bristle dusting brush or even a toothbrush to remove the dust out of the nooks and crevices.
  • Wait 1 hour or more after applying wax to ensure it is dry and has sunk into the wood surface before polishing it up.
  • To get the desired finish, rub the wax with a clean cloth in the direction of the grain.

What Not To Do:

To clean it, you have to avoid some instructions. Here is some point that you must not do:

  • Don’t apply too much wax at once.
  • If the surface is filthy and slightly hazy, don’t only apply wax to clean it.
  • Don’t try to recreate the traditional method of combining four parts white spirit with one part boiling linseed oil.
  • If you don’t change the fabric as soon as it gets soiled, you’ll be rubbing the dirt back in.

Related Questions About Cleaning Antique Dresser Drawers 

How To Clean The Insides Of The Antique Dresser Drawers?

If you want to clean it, first open the drawers. It is difficult to reach the inside without opening the drawer. So if you open the drawers, the work will be easier.  Now clean it using the necessary cleaning materials. 

Clean the inside of the dresser, corners, etc. in the same way.  In this way, you have to separate the drawers from the antique dresser drawer and clean the inside. You can use a pleasant aroma to make it fragrant. 

What’s The Most Effective Approach To Removing A Stink From A Filthy Drawer?

Regular cleaning is not likely to cause any odor or stink.  Even if you think you should do something for the perfume, put baking soda in the drawer.  It will rid your drawer of any odor.  

After a few days, clean the soda with a soda vacuum cleaner. It is the most effective approach to removing a stink from a filthy drawer. So, try to follow the instructions to make the drawers fragrant.

How Do You Make The Drawers Of An Antique Dresser More Smoothly?

Making the antique dresser drawers more smooth, you can use wax or something like that. Though at the very beginning, you should not use wax on your antique furniture. But to do it more smoothly, you can use wax or any type of something like that. The drawers will not, at the very least, slide in and out. To help it make it smoother, use wax. But it is not a good decision.

What Are The Harmful Aspects Of Antiques Dresser Drawers Being Dirty?

If your antique dresser drawers are dirty, it can cause many problems.  First of all, antique furniture can be damaged.  Dust can damage the color. Try to make sure it’s clean. 

No furniture is good if it is worn in a dirty way.  Also, the dress or other things you keep in the dresser drawer can be contaminated.  Spreading germs can lead to skin problems.  So be sure to clean your antique dresser drawer.  Clean it easily if it is already dirty.

What Are The Important Tools To Make The Antique Drawer Dresser Clean?

An antique dresser drawer is an important piece of furniture that can become dirtier due to regular neglect.  It is very normal for furniture to get dirty or dusty.  So you have to ensure its cleanliness.

It is important to have some tools to clean the antique dresser drawer.  For example brushes, gloves, water bowls, rags, etc. What tools you use to clean depends on your method of cleaning.  Also, liquid things need a cleaner sprayer, soap or liquid soap, water, etc.  And if you want to use wax or oil, then you have to collect them.

Why Not Use Wax For The Antique Dresser Drawer?  

Do you want to know why you should avoid wax for the antique dresser drawer? It’s an important issue for cleaning. Using your wax can be detrimental to your antique dresser.  Many people think that if you use wax, you can clean it more easily and make it look brighter.   

However, wax is something that can be harmful to any antique furniture.  However, if your furniture is several years old or almost unused, you can take advantage of the opportunity to use wax. So, try to avoid using wax for cleaning your antique dresser drawer.

Final Thoughts:

Your antique dresser drawer is your daily companion.  And you have to take some steps to take care of this partner.  However, you can easily get the job done by following the above-step guidelines that I shared. Lack of regular maintenance can lead to more damage to this furniture.  

Hope the whole article is a great surprise for you. You can share your opinion after cleaning your antique dresser drawer using the process.

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