How To Cut Metal Closet Rod? [Know The Procedure]

How To Cut Metal Closet Rod

What is a closet without a metal rod? Hanging your formals, coat, suit, and dresses in the closet keeps them in shape and well organized. And to keep your attire intact and proper, a metal rod is mandatory in the closet. But do you always need a whole rod? No. You may like to cut it short to save some space. Similarly, you can cut a metal rod and attach it to the closet in one empty space. 

Now when it comes to cutting the metal closet rod, you need to know the right technique. Cutting through metal is not easy. As metals like iron or steel are hard, keeping your hands steady and drilling through them becomes a challenge. And without the right guidance and expertise, you may eventually fail to do it correctly. Being a DIYer won’t really help in this task. 

To make things easier for you, I have come up with a guide to cut through a metal rod. Here, I will pour out my knowledge and experience regarding the matter. 

So let’s start knowing how you can effectively cut a metal closet rod. 

5 Steps To Cut Metal Closet Rod: Use A Hacksaw

There are a few tools that you can use to cut a metal closet rod. The most commonly used tool is a hacksaw. It has tiny teeth on the edge that you have to run slowly on the metal rod to cut through it. But hold on! Let me tell you in detail how you can use a hacksaw to cut through a closet metal rod. 

Below are the steps to cut a metal closet rod with a hacksaw: 

Step 1: Wear Safety Gear

You can’t start to run the saw, you have to ensure your safety. Cutting with sharp objects is risky as it can hurt you, make noise, and release dust that you should not inhale. So here I made a list of items that you should use while cutting a metal rod with the hacksaw:

  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Face mask
  • Apron
  • Hearing protection device

Step 2: Measure And Mark The Cutting Point

If you are installing a new rod in the closet, you have to measure the length of the space where you would fit the rod. Use a measuring tape to measure the length. Also, if you want to cut the rod short, check the length of the space you want to fit it and then note it down. 

After you take the measurement, mark the length on the metal rod. Mark it all around the metal rod where you want to cut it. Be very precise about drawing the line as that is the only thing to guide you in the direction of cutting. Mark it very deeply and make sure to do it as accurately as possible. 

Step 3: Fix The Rod With A Clamp

You can’t just put the rod on a table or floor and start cutting through it. If you don’t fix it in a position, it is almost impossible to cut it accurately as the rod would keep moving. So it is important to fix it in a position so that it doesn’t move while cutting. 

You can use a clamp to tightly hold the end of the rod which you are going to cut. Fix the clamp a few inches away from the mark you have drawn. Don’t tighten it too much as it can distort the shape of the rod while putting pressure on the rod. Just make the fit snug so that the rod doesn’t move out of the place.

Step 4: Cut The Metal Rod

Now is the turn to cut the rod. Carefully place the hacksaw on the mark you have drawn on the rod. Remember that the mark is the guide for you to cut the rod. So follow it!

After you place the hacksaw in position, slowly run it on the mark. Move the saw back and forth on the mark so that the teeth can slowly cut down the metal rod. Never think of pressing or pressurizing the rod with the saw. It would simply damage the saw as well as scratch the rod. So never do that!

Evenly and slowly run the saw on the mark so that it can be cut gradually. It not only cuts the metal rod effectively but also keeps you safe from accidents. Be steady and patient!

Step 5: Make The Cut Smooth (Optional)

Not everyone would feel the need for a smooth metal rod end. But some people may want to have the metal end be smooth. To do that, you can use fine-grit sandpaper. 

After you cut the metal rod properly, use sandpaper to sand the cut end of the closet metal rod. Once you see the end is not sharp or risky anymore, you can then install it in the closet. 

How To Cut Metal Closet Rod With A Circular Saw? (5 Steps)

If you are not willing to use a hacksaw and want some more effective and easier tool, you can try using a circular saw. While a hacksaw was fully operated by humans, a circular saw is electric and doesn’t need much effort or pressure to cut down the metal rod. In fact, it is popularly used in modern days for professional works. 

So now, I will show you the process of cutting down a metal closet rod with a circular saw. Here you go:

Step 1: Ensure Safety

You can’t just miss out on wearing the safety gear before you start with the cutting process. Follow the list of safety gears from the previous section, collect them, and wear them before you start. 

Step 2: Mark The Cutting Position

Measure the length of the rod you want to keep from the original one. For that, you first have to measure the length of the space where you are going to fix the rod. Measure the length of the closet (where the rod would be placed) and put down the length on the rod. 

Mark the position of the cut with a marker clearly and precisely. As this would guide you while cutting, make it accurate. 

Step 3: Choose A Sharp Blade

A variety of saw blades are available in the market. But you need to choose a very sharp one to cut the metal rod smoothly. Otherwise, it would become difficult for you to cut the rod. 

Ask the seller to give a sharp blade that can penetrate iron easily. Know that sharp blades are made of carbide. To check the sharpness, you can put some light on the edge. If the carbide edge glows, it is sharp. Otherwise, you need a different one. If you already have a blade, you should sharpen it to cut it effectively. 

Step 4: Set The Circular Saw

Now attach the new blade to the circular saw. After setting the saw, plug in the circular saw. Then switch on the circular saw and wait until the blade gets heated. The blade should speed up for efficient cutting and generate heat for making the process easier. 

Step 5: Cut The Metal Closet Rod

After the blade starts rotating, place the blade on the marked line on the metal rod. Be very careful! If you work too harshly on the rod, the blade can hit you hard as it can break apart. Don’t press the blade on the rod strongly to avoid accidents. Be very slow and gentle in pressing the circular saw on the metal rod. 

Keep your hand steady while running the circular saw. As the blade keeps rotating, it becomes difficult to stay steady while cutting. This is why you should go slow to make the cut even and smooth. Gradually, you will cut the metal closet rod efficiently. Once done, switch off the circular saw before plugging out the device. 

Cut Metal Closet Rod

Precautions To Cut Metal Closet Rod Safely: 5 Safety Tips

If you are not a professional, you may not know about the precautions before cutting the metal rod. Even after cutting, you need to be very careful before installing. Thus to ensure your safety and help you do the task as efficiently as possible, I have some safety tips for you: 

  • Each saw or cutting tool comes with a manual. Please read the manual thoroughly as different tools have different safety concerns to be followed. Using the blade, setting them, etc. all are included in the manual. So do read it out once;
  • Don’t miss out on wearing safety gear like boots, gloves, face masks, goggles, and aprons. In case of an accident, these gears would protect you from severe injuries;
  • Choose an area where there are no kids or pets. Keep people away from the place where you do the work. It not only keeps you focused but also keep other people safe;
  • It is always a wise decision to fix the rod with a clamp. This keeps the rod fixed preventing it from moving out of the position. While the rod is fixed, it doesn’t move and you can work steadily;
  • Don’t touch the rod just after cutting it down. Especially after you use a circular saw or other electronic devices, the metal remains heated. So first, let the metal rod cool down and then install it in the closet;

Please do maintain these precautions to ensure safety while cutting and installing the metal rod in the closet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cut Chrome Metal Closet Rod? 

Many people use a pipe cutter to cut through a chrome metal closet rod. However, this is not the best device to work with a chrome metal rod. 

You can either use a hacksaw to cut the rod manually. In fact, it is also very labor-intensive to cut the chrome metal rod. Instead of that, you can go for an angle grinder with a zip disc. This would cut the chrome rod finely and swiftly without putting much strain on you. Other tools to cut a chrome metal closet rod are a circular saw or a miter saw. Whichever you choose, read the manual to know the process of cutting. 

Can An Angle Grinder Cut Steel Metal Closet Rod? 

The straight answer is yes. An angle grinder can cut through a steel closet rod. Though steel rods are extremely hard, an angle grinder can efficiently cut down the steel rod.

If you are willing to use an angle grinder to cut a steel rod, use an abrasive disc. Attach the disc with the angle grinder and run it to the point where you want the cut. Remember not to press the disc too harshly on the rod. The angle grinder disc is very fine and can break if you use it harshly. So be steady and careful while using the angle grinder. Remember to put on the safety gear too. 

Can A Dremel Cut Metal Closet Rod? 

Despite using a saw, you can also use a Dremel to cut through a metal closet rod. Though not used popularly, a Dremel is quite effective in cutting through metals. However, operating a Dremel can be troublesome if you are not used to it. 

People who operate a Dremel can surely think of using it. Use a 15/16 inch high-quality and heavy-duty wheel to cut and trim the closet metal rod finely and accurately. The abrasive wheel is capable of penetrating through hard metals like steel and iron. But you need to be very cautious and patient while working with it. If your hands tremble, the cut won’t be accurate. This is why Dremel should not be used by beginners but is recommended to those who are used to it. 

How To Cut Galvanized Metal Closet Rod? 

To cut through a galvanized metal closet rod, you need to use a circular saw. It is the most efficient way to cut galvanized metal. 

For trimming through a galvanized metal, you have to buy a 7 ¼ inch sharp blade. Fit the blade with the circular saw, switch on the device, and run it to the point you want the cut. Go slow so that you make an even cut on the metal rod. After you cut the rod, let it cool down. If you need a smoother surface, use a steel reamer to make the end even and smooth. 

What Is The Most Inexpensive Way To Cut Metal Closet Rod? 

To be honest, using any electronic cutting tool can be expensive. On top of that, buying a suitable blade can cost you more. Compared to that, manual devices are cheaper and also easier to operate for beginners. 

Using a hacksaw is the most cost-efficient and inexpensive way to cut a metal rod closet. It is very useful for not only cutting the metal rod but for small projects as well. It is considered cost-effective as it can be used for versatile tasks. Therefore, if you are searching for a cost-effective option to cut the closet metal rod, go for a hacksaw. 

Final Thoughts: 

I have mentioned all the techniques and tricks to cut through a metal closet rod. Now it is your turn to find a suitable device and prepare the metal rod for installing in your closet. 

I believe you are ready now, aren’t you? 

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