Convert Stand Up Shower To Closet With An Easy Process

Convert Stand Up Shower To Closet

Do you have a stand-up shower in your home that you want to use again for any other purpose? It may need to be updated as you improve your home as it has lost some of its beauty. You may not want a shower that you have installed at your expense to be so easily omitted. An easy solution, in this case, is to convert a stand-up shower into a closet. 

It’s amazing, isn’t it? A shower is quite firmly attached to the wall, so after removing it directly you will discover some marks that are detrimental to beauty. The stand-up shower can be sold instead of a closet, but don’t think it will look attractive to the buyer. 

Converting a stand-up shower into a closet is a strategic move because you want to use it differently. Anyways, this article will discuss converting a stand-up shower into a closet.

7 Simple Steps To Convert A Stand-up Shower To Closet:

Convert A Stand-up Shower To Closet

The process of converting a stand-up shower into a closet comes with some steps that will give you an idea of how it should be done. The steps are as follows:

Step-1: Measure The Place

Measuring the area of ​​the shower is the priority. If you want to skip shower activities for the whole place, you can make a plan for the complete area. The shower rod can be used for hanging clothes in other places.

Determine how many clothes can be hung in the place where the clothes will be hung or what other things can be kept in the rest of the place. However, if just your stand-up shower is going to be unused, you can use it for hanging towels.

Step-2: Remove The Unnecessary Parts

Since you are closing the shower, it is better not to keep it in the shower version. It is recommended that you remove unnecessary parts of it. Remove the shower handle or the things that show the features of the shower.

Also permanently turn off the water line for showers so that water can suddenly leak out of the pipes and soak your belongings. Remove any unnecessary screws around the shower.

Step-3: Tighten The Shower Rod

A discarded shower rod is commonly used to hang clothes. So, you need to make sure that it is strong enough. It is naturally stiff, but the rod can be a bit weak if you use a less expensive shower. Moreover, the joint of the rod also needs to be tightened so that it remains intact.

If you notice that the stem of the rod has become a bit weak due to long exposure, loosen the screws again and continue repairing it until you are sure.

Step-4: Examine The Walls And Floors

Are your walls and floors in good condition? These are more likely to be in good condition but may have faded. Since you are planning to reuse it, use a simple cleaner to scrub the walls and floor a bit.

If these are still shiny then your hard work is reduced. All you have to do at this stage is to remove any water left on the floor and make sure that the place is completely dry.

Step-5: Arrange The Hangers

After going through all the above steps, now arrange some hangers on the shower rod so that it can be hung on a cloth or towel. Do not hang clothes directly on the shower rod as the rod gets stressed if the clothes are pulled carelessly.

In addition, the hangars need to be of good quality. It may be that after a long time you are peeking into the closet you have created. In that case, the hanger is carrying a heavy cloth that may have been hanging for a long time.

Step-6: Add Shelves

You must have some things that need an extra closet to keep. No matter, make a few shelves in the same place and you can keep other things. You can put your shoes, socks, caps, and many more on the shelves.

You can make a few shelves out of boards or hard plastic so that they are light in weight. Do not use shelves to hold heavy objects, as they can quickly lose their life.

Step-7: Add Some Curtains

Well, now you want your hanging clothes to suddenly fall into someone’s eyes when you enter the room? Certainly not. In addition, to maintain the beauty of the house, you can use a few curtains outside that look like a window.

You can choose the curtains for this by matching the other curtains in the room, and then you can use any other partition as you wish.

4 Reasons Why You Should Convert A Stand-up Shower To Closet:

You may have a question: why convert the shower to a closet? Well, there are some reasons to encourage your stand-up shower closet and these are going to be presented below.

1. Extra Space To Keep Useful Things

Some of your used items that come in handy over a long period, such as a waterproof jacket or an apron; can hang there very carefully. The cupboards in your home may be overflowing and it is difficult to find a place to keep these valuable items.

You can also make a few shelves in the middle of the bottom of the stand-up shower where you can fold and keep some things like old unused curtains, cloth, or something else. Above all, it is a good place to keep extra things.

2. Avoids The Hassle Of Sales

Naturally, people think of selling a valuable used item when it comes to moving it. Since the shower is used, you have to argue with the buyer when it comes to selling it. A stand-up shower is used for a long time, so it is not uncommon for it to fade.

When you are thinking of converting it into a closet, you do not have to worry about selling it. An extra closet is an important thing to make the room a little more spacious.

3. Proper Use Of All places In House

If your shower space is unused, it will be considered an abandoned place in your house that is not suitable for an improved house.

Converting a stand-up shower into a closet means the space is being used evenly. Plus if you pay a little attention you can give it a look like a new place in the house at no cost or a very low cost.

4. Saves Separate Closet Making Cost

As a homeowner, you must know the requirements of the closet. Since the stand-up shower is getting free with space, your closet needs are being met very easily. You do not need to think about creating a closet in a separate place.

Not only saves space but also saves the cost of making closets because you don’t have to buy any equipment separately. If you want to keep something other than hanging things, you can make a few simple ones.

Related Questions About Converting Stand Up Shower To Closet

When Should You Decide To Convert Stand-Up Shower To Closet?

Your stand-up shower looks a bit better and maybe you want to make some improvements to your home. The place where the shower is currently located may be canceled because you are about to install an updated model shower. At such times it is a good idea to convert your existing shower into a closet.

It takes a lot of hassle to sell a used item, and in most cases, it has to be sold at a very low price. By converting your shower into a closet, your item is ready to be used for a few more days.

How To Hide Closet After Converting From A Stand-Up Shower?

Use a few curtains to keep things neatly hidden. After creating a closet, you can keep it open or hide it. It is advisable to keep your closet hidden. Or, it should look as if it blends in with the other beautiful places in the room.

If you want to use the whole place with a stand-up shower, you can get a space of at least 4/5 feet. You will need 3/4 curtains or more to cover each end properly.

How Much Does It Cost To Convert Stand-Up Shower To Closet?

The approximate cost of converting a stand-up shower to a closet can be $150 to $800, depending on the type of shower, places, and whatever you want. The cost can go up to a maximum if you want to customize.

The process of making the shower closet is easy but due to inefficiency, there can be no damage when you do it. Calling an expert is a bit expensive but you can get a nice closet gift without any damage.

Final Words

You may have found the solution to your storage problem now. This is because you already know the process to convert a stand-up shower into a closet. This is the only way to make your shower work longer when it is still standing.

Like other accessories, your showers are updated from time to time. Maybe you don’t want to take off the old shower, but your mind is drawn to the new model. Put your essentials in the old one and let it serve you again.

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