Linen Closet Next To Shower: Everything You Should Know

Linen Closet Next To Shower

We all want our bathroom to be tidy, but some of us do not know how to do that. To keep my bathroom tidy, I installed a linen closet next to the shower where I can safely store necessities like shampoo, towel shower gel, and bathroom cleaner. It changes the aspect of my bathroom and supports me to keep my essentials at hand.

Many people think that buying a closet for the bathroom will cost a lot. I advise them to build a closet by themselves. This will allow you to arrange the bathroom items at a low cost. If you have decided to install a closet, here is the whole process.

In this article, I will discuss the installation process of a closet in the bathroom. Here you will also find some different cabinet designs. Using a cabinet, you can put everything used in the bathroom in one place. You need to install the closet according to the size of your bathroom.

5 Linen Closet Design Next To Shower: Which Is Your Choice?

Nowadays, there are various closet designs available for the rocker next to the shower in the bathroom, which is familiar to everyone. If you want to give your bathroom a different look, set up a closet. Here I will discuss five linen closet designs next to the shower. 

1. Handsome Hickory Homestead Bath

These types of linen closets create personal agreement and subtlety in the interior texture of the bathroom. As a result, your bathroom becomes unique and you can store a variety of essentials. 

Since these closets are not visible from the outside, you can safely put any content in them.  It also protects the items used in your bathroom as there is no chance of water entering it.

2. Philharmonic House Design 

These linen closets are attached to the walls, making your shower area more functional. Since some bathroom closets also hold baby items, there is no risk of an accident if it is attached to the wall. 

These cabinets can be used by children safely. Because it is attached to the wall, it does not move when children take out the necessary things. So, I think the Philharmonic House Design linen closet is a great choice for those who have.

3. Peppercorn Freestanding Linen Tower 

It is a modern bathroom closet that is quite stylish and attractive. It is a very small closet to look at, so you can place it in any size bathroom. Installing it next to the shower can modify the aspect of your bathroom. 

The bottom part of it is closed so you can keep the necessary content. And the upper part is left open, which is good for holding towels, body wash, shampoo, etc. Although it is small in size, you can put all the necessary bathroom utensils in it.

4. French Provence Farmhouse 

This is one of the largest shower cabinets I’ve ever seen. It allows you to store content used by more than one person. This cabinet is perfect for a family bathroom. You can place it next to the shower or anywhere else in the bathroom. 

However, since it is much larger, it is better not to keep it in small bathrooms. Placing this closet next to a small bathroom shower will take up most of the space in your bathroom. And you won’t have enough space in your bathroom. So I do not suggest this cabin for a small bathroom.

5. Tall Linen Hamper Closet

We all want to have a closet in the bathroom with separate drawers for all the items. The Tall Linen Hamper Closet is just such a closet. It is quite tall to look at, and it has been named after the fear. With this closet next to the bathroom shower, you can keep all your necessary things at hand. 

As large as it is in size, it has many chambers in which you can store different contents. So, if you want a very tidy bathroom, place this kind of closet next to the shower, which can give your bathroom a captivating look.

How To Build A Linen Closet Next To Shower? [13 Easy Steps]

Buying a linen closet for the bathroom costs a lot of money, but you can make it at a low cost. Here I am going to share with you the process of making a cabinet. By following this, you can create it anywhere in the bathroom. Let’s learn the steps to make a closet!

Step-1: Select The Location

When you decide to build a linen closet in the bathroom, you need to select the location. You can place the closet on either side of the shower, but not next to the bathroom door or window. It is required to regulate the height, length, and width of the closet depending on what material you need to store.

Step-2: Find The Studs On The Wall

You will then need to locate the studs on the walls to provide the anchor of the closet. You can find the existing studs on the wall in a very short time with a stud finder. Once the studs are found, mark them immediately with a pencil so that they can be easily found later.

Step-3: Mark Closet Walls On The Floor

Draw a mark on where the closet is to be fixed with chalk or pencil. The markings you will make on the floor must be aligned with the stags on the wall. It is best to measure according to the size of the closet you want to create before making the mark.

Step-4: Cut The Wall Plates

Cut 2 X 4s above and below the wall studs to attach the closest to the wall. This connection of the closet with the wall is called a plate. A gap must be left in the bottom plate to install the closet door. And a single-length board should be used on the upper plate.

Step-5: Attach Wall Plates

The upper and lower plates need to be fastened with screws or nails to connect the walls to the closet. The plates should be attached to both the floor and the ceiling. And the wide side of the boards will be from top to bottom of the wall, respectively.

Step-6: Cut Wall Studs

You have to cut the studs on the foundation wall, and  2 X 4s for every 16-inch stud. The studs need to be cut as needed based on the size of your closet.

However, one stud should be placed on each door opening side. The studs on the side of the door should have a gap of at least 1/2 inch longer and wider than the door casement. 

Step-7: Attach Wall Studs

Assign the studs on the narrow side of the boards above the wall and the studs on the bottom plate to the wall. Ascribe the wall studs to the bottom of the wall with screws or nails.

Attach the nails or screws so that the studs and plate pass through the board. Then add the door studs to the door and a header plate 1/2 inch above the casement.

Step-8: Drywall The Wall Frame

Now cover the closet frame attached to the wall with a drywall sheet. Hold the sheet in place and run the drywall screws into the studs every 8 inches.

Anyway, if you want to use a separate sheet, you need to split the joints in the center of the stud and add two pieces.

Step-9: Hang The Closet Door

To attach the closet door, first, hang the door in place of the stud and header plate. Then attach the seams to plumb the door and attach it to the stud with screws or nails.

Step-10: Finish The Drywall

Now the drywall has to be completed by applying a joint compound. So first, tape each joint of the closet, and after the mud has dried, apply a drywall knife and high sand spots to apply the joint compound.

If some stains remain after this, you can add more joint compounds. When it is completely dry, finish the sand and smooth the places.

Step-11: Paint The Drywall

If you paint the closet, it will leak more beautifully. So choose a color for the drywall that is yours. Match the design of the bathroom. However, the wood color closet fits well in any designed bathroom.

Step-12: Install The Shelves

Install shelves on closet walls as per your requirement. You can choose wire shelves, and they are available in different styles and can be easily screwed to the wall.

You can also install side and rear wall lasers or small strips of wood if you wish. You can easily set the shelf board on these.

Step-13: Install Baseboard Trim And Flooring

Finally, create a baseboard trim around the outside of the closet to match the other walls in the bathroom. The reason for installing it is that the closet should not be on the existing bathroom floor.

5 Best Linen Closet Organization Ideas That Make Your Bathroom Enthralling

The inside of most linen closets is not visible. So, we don’t feel the need to tidy things up. But if you organize it properly, you can easily find the necessary things. Let’s find out about some great linen closet organization ideas!  

1. Mesh Drawer Solution

These drawer systems are most commonly used for under-sink cabinets. You can also use it in your bathroom cabinets. These are usually useful for storing small items that serve as stacked-drawer alternatives. 

2. Storage Bins

Using storage bins, you can store any item inside the cabinet. Seeing them is so fascinating that you will fall in love with them. Storage bins are popular for towel storage. However, use different storage bins to store used and unused towels.

3. Closet Door Rack

Using these racks in cabinets allows you to store more items. You can attach these to any door except cabinet doors. Since it is attached to the door, it is better to store small items. If you store heavy items, they may fall and get damaged due to repeated opening of the door. 

4. Water Hyacinth Bin

Water hyacinth bins are best suited for rug linen closets. You can store any item in them, starting from towels. Save each item in a separate bin and attach it with a label. As a result, you can easily find the item when needed. 

5. Shelf Dividers

Using shelf dividers allows you to separate different items on a shelf. Using these, you can get the benefit of customizing your entire cabinet.

Using these dividers, you can make space for towels and other large items. But bins are better than dividers for small items. 

Frequently Asked Question:  

Why Do You Need A Linen Closet Next To Shower?

If you install a linen closet next to the shower, you will be able to keep the bathroom utensils close at hand. Moreover, if you do not have a shelf or cabinet in your bathroom, the necessary things will be in a mess. And it will take time to find them.

You can store more essentials in a closet, including beauty products, towels, and bathroom cleaners. When you put these items in another room, they will be as difficult to find as needed. Also, using bathroom utensils in the bedroom or anywhere else can affect your personality.

What Is The Average Depth Of A Linen Closet?

A standard linen closet has a depth of 24 inches, but you may want to place a shorter linen closet. Most linen closets range in depth from 15 to 24 inches. Deeper closets will make your bathroom space smaller. If you want to install a linen closet next to the shower, I recommend keeping a depth of 24 inches.

You can keep all things you need in a standard-size deep linen closet. Also, the amount of things you can store depends on the length and width, so it is best not to go too deep in the closet. However, if your bathroom is huge, you can also deepen the linen closet next to the shower as desired.

What Can You Put In A Linen Closet To Smell Good?

When stores use linen in the closet for a long time, it creates a bad smell. Since the bathroom is wet, the humid weather also makes the linens smell bad. You can leave a box of soap or scented candles on each shelf to eliminate this kind of smell.

These will keep the linen in the cabinet fragrant. However, if you do not like perfume, you can leave a box of bi-carb soda slightly open on the shelf. Essential oils or air fresheners also work well to eliminate bad odors in cabinets. 

Is It Ok To Have A Linen Closet In The Bathroom?

Having a closet in large bathrooms can be quite beneficial. However, if you have a cabinet in the hallway, then no need to put another one for the bathroom. Also, if your bathroom is small, I do not recommend having any cabinets there. 

And you can store the materials used in the bathroom close at hand. It is also enhancing the beauty of the bathroom. So, I think it is OK to have a linen closet in the bathroom.

Where Do You Put A Linen Closet In The Bathroom?

The best place to put a linen closet in the bathroom is next to the shower. However, if your cabinet is large, you can place it by the window. If you want to install cabinets attached to the wall, the best place is next to the door.

Also, if your cabinet is small, you can place it anywhere. Some small closets can be hung directly on the wall. So, I think there is no specific place to keep the closet. You can place it anywhere in the bathroom as you need. Also, you can put it outdoors in the bathroom.

What Items Should Be Kept In A Bathroom Closet?

The reason for placing the closet next to the shower is to store bath towels, washcloths, bathroom cleaning supplies, laundry baskets, etc. However, you can also store various items such as baby cleaning supplies, summer swimming supplies, first aid kits, etc.

You can put extra beauty items, hand towels, and other necessary items in these closets if you want. Select a big size linen closet if you want to keep more things. But if you only want to store one person’s belongings, then small linen closets are best for you. 

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Linen Closet?

Linen closets are more expensive than ordinary cabinets, and the average costing is between $800 and $1,000. The price can be changed contingent on the size and style. Although a linen closet is costly, it is a required thing for the bathroom.

Many of us cannot afford to buy linen closets for the bathroom at such a high price. They can make their linen closet at a low cost if they want. Installing the closet against the wall will not cost you much. In this case, you can install a linen closet for only $150.


If you put a linen closet next to the shower, you can keep the bathroom clean and hygienic. So, I think every bathroom should have a closet, be it big or small. A linen closet helps keep your bathroom utensils safe. If you can’t afford a linen closet banner, you can install a linen closet on the sidewall of the shower at a low cost. So save your space and enjoy great fun!

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