How To Decorate A Balcony Without Plants? [Amazing Ideas]

How To Decorate A Balcony Without Plants

What comes to your mind when you think about balcony decoration? Flower pots and plants, right? This is always the assumption that most people have when they think about decorating a balcony.

However, this shouldn’t be the norm, as there are many other ways to decorate your balcony without plants. Today, I am going to share with you amazing decorative secrets on how you can still decorate your balcony and make it stylish.

It is common for people to think about the monetary costs associated with decorating their balconies. But the fact is decorating a balcony does not require much money. Just needs to be more creative and play around with different ideas as they come about and utilize some objects in the home.

However, do not stress yourself if you are not in a position to afford the plants and flower pots. Break the monotony and explore different ideas on how to decorate a balcony without plants. 

7 Creative Ways To Decorate Balcony Without Plants: Will Amaze You 

Decorating your balcony should be your happiest moment and not stressful. Many people desire a beautifully done balcony but do not know how to go about it. Whenever they think about balconies, all that comes to mind is the picture of planting flowers and plants.

Flowers and plants are beautiful for a balcony but costly and demanding maintenance.  Below are 7 different ways how you can creatively decorate your balcony without a tussle.

Way 1: Use A Table And Chairs

Borrow the idea of placing a table and chairs on your balcony. There is no refreshing feeling like having your breakfast while you bask in the sun in the morning or relaxing in the evening peacefully with a stylish outdoor table and chair.

The use of a table and chair to decorate your balcony always brings about beautiful scenery that transforms the space. Use a simple small table and chair that will not take up a lot of space. A big table and chair will instead make the balcony look cramped up/squeezed up.

Way 2: Use Of Pouf Chair

Not all balconies are spacious enough to accommodate tables and chairs. In this scenario, where the space is small, employ the use of a pouf chair instead of a table or normal chair. The pouf will enhance the look of the balcony and still allow sufficient space to sit when you want to spend some time outdoors.

Step 3: Throw Pillows As A Decorator

Use different sizes and patterns of throw pillows arranged creatively on your throw pillows. Using throw pillows is a simple way of decorating your balcony and still does not cost much money. The colorful throw pillows will make your balcony more attractive, and cozy chairs change the balcony’s look.

Throw pillows use a small space, and you can arrange them on a couch or a rug. Instead of a chair and table, throw pillows can be used to sit on and lay your back when reading a book.

Way 4: Magical Fluffy Blanket

A fluffy blanket will make your balcony appear cozy, warm, and relaxed. The idea of using a fluffy blanket will come in handy during evening hours and cold seasons.

During the hot season, use something light in place of a fluffy blanket. Be creative depending on the season at hand to enjoy your quality time outdoors.

Way 5: Exploit The Idea Of Rugs

Make use of rugs in decorating your balcony. Invest in a simple but beautiful rug that has nice and attractive patterns. Strategically place your rug in a way that defines your outdoor space. If you cannot afford a rug, then opt to paint a rug pattern that looks like a rug on the floor.

Be considerate when choosing your outdoor rug. Buy a rug that is durable enough to withstand all weather conditions and is resilient to being stepped on often. Poor quality rugs tend to tear up easily if not well maintained and if they are exposed to harsh weather conditions like rainy and sunny ones.

Way 6: Use Of Lights

Right lighting of any space helps in inducing the atmosphere. The light from your balcony will be convenient for you if you want to enjoy an evening coffee or read a book there late at night.

When choosing the lights to install on your balcony, know why you want to put the lights and the atmosphere you wish to establish. Knowing this will help to see whether it will need much lighting or less. 

Hang lanterns and candles on the walls to bring an artistic touch and feel. Lanterns and candles are for a romantic atmosphere, while bright bulbs will apply well for reading purposes.

Step 7: Decorate With Ornaments 

A well-decorated balcony creates a beautiful and inviting atmosphere. Decorate your balcony with different sizes of ornaments. Mix small and big ornaments to bring out a stunning display. 

You can play around with ornaments like shiny rings, precious stones, and flat metal with ornamental value by placing them on a table, floor, or corners of the balcony. Choosing ornaments for your balcony should be based on their durability and ability to withstand all types of weather.

10 Different Superb Ideas For Decorating Your Balcony Without Plants

Decorating your balcony is easy and less demanding. You only need to be creative and think out of the box. Use the items, objects, and materials that can easily be found in your home. Come up with different ideas and try them out to see which one matches your needs.

Here, I have shared the best 10 ideas that I can choose from to decorate that balcony and transform it into o beautiful scenery.

Idea 1: Mount Mosaic Mirrors

Instead of ordinary wall hangings of artistic pieces, try to secure mirrors onto the back wall. Securing mirrors will enhance the balcony’s appearance and help create a nice view. This will enable you to be able to have a view of sceneries from a different direction. 

Idea 2: Divide The Space

If your balcony is spacious, consider the idea of zoning. Divide your balcony space into two areas to enable you to use the balcony for different functions. The two divisions can be used for chilling out and dining.

Idea 3: Spice With Antiques

Style up your balcony by setting up your seating area with antique chairs that are artistically designed. Antique chairs are fashionable.  These types of chairs only require a little upgrade to make them fresher for the season. The antiques, though old, still have the charm of beauty.

Idea 4: Hang A Swing

Swings are not only made for porches, you can install them on your balcony if it has an overhang. A swing bench gives you a nice view at a higher height. To make your swing bench more inviting and comfy, add throw pillows.

Idea 5: Make Use Of Nice Views

If your balcony is spacious enough, convert it into an outdoor dining room. An outdoor dining room creates a romantic atmosphere and is cozy and inviting. You can enjoy your dinner as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the natural environment. It will enable you to appreciate nature at its best.

Idea 6: Cover Your Balcony

Your balcony needs some shade on sunny days and sometimes rains. To protect your balcony from such elements, create shade. You can create outdoor shade using outdoor fabric or a tarp. 

Idea 7: Decorate With Bright Furniture

Go for something unique and break the monotony. Choose to use ottomans in place of a coffee table. The ottoman is more comfortable, stylish, and relaxed. You can use it to rest your feet. Ottomans are multipurpose and can serve as a coffee table when you just add a serving tray.

Idea 8: Blend In Hammock And Chairs

It is good to be more creative at times. If your balcony is big, decide to blend in with the use of lounge chairs and hammocks. You can use the lounge chairs for sun basking and reading. The hammock is useful for open-air naps during a hot day.

Idea 9: Use Glass Rails

The use of glass rails for balcony decoration is very creative and subtle. When creating a balcony fence, prefer glass rails to a traditional brick fence. Glass rails will give your balcony an exquisite, classy feeling. And the Glass barrier will blend well with your home if it’s a modern type.

Glass rails are exquisite and unique as many people do not use them. Go for them if you are the type of person who loves uniqueness and style. Though you have to be very careful as they are breakable. 

Idea 10:  Install Built-In Benches

This idea is great if you are the type of person who does things one-off. Opt for a built-in bench on your balcony, Built-in bench seats will save the stress of winds blowing and knocking on your furniture.

Built-in benches and chairs would cut your costs of repairs and replacements if they were wooden ones. They are unique and good for outdoor activities.

Things To Avoid When Decorating A Balcony Without Plants

Decorating a balcony is not as easy as one would think. It requires time and creativity to play around with it. Mistakes are often made, hence interfering with the functioning of the space.

Below are the things you need to avoid when decorating a balcony without plants.

  • Generalization

Before deciding to decorate your balcony, think about the use of the balcony. Be specific and intentional in decorating your balcony. If you have small children, decorate the balcony to be used as a playing area. If adults only occupy the house, decorate it to suit the needs of the adults, like relaxing or reading books. Stop decorating your balcony by generalizing and not by its use. 

  •  Do Not Use Unsuitable Furniture

Be conscious of your space and taste. Do not go by what you have seen in the magazine because you may end up making the wrong decisions. Every balcony is unique and requires special decorations and furniture that well suits. Buy furniture and decorations that are weather resistant and not those that will be damaged after a short period.

  • Do Not Be Vertical In Thinking

Try and use furniture that can be folded to create more space. Use hanging pots for decoration as it uses little space. Create more space on your balcony by use of shelves, tables, and stools that can fold. Freeing up space will help in more fresh air circulation. Fewer objects create a clear vision and reduce the overloading of objects in a place.

  • Avoid Poor Lighting

When thinking about decorating your balcony, think about lighting. Good lighting on your balcony brings about a relaxed and bright mood. Invest in overhead lighting like string lights, lanterns, wall lamps, and solar lamps.

  • Avoid Choosing Unsuitable Textiles

In the decoration of the balcony, textile comes in handy. A wrong choice of textile can create problems and stress. Choose a textile that is resistant to all weather conditions, A textile that does not get damaged easily.

  • Avoid Exposure To Direct Sun

If you notice that your balcony position allows it to receive sun most of the day, try to devise ideas to shelve it. You can shade your balcony by use of an umbrella meant for shades, curtains, or a grass thatched roof.

Related Questions

What Can You Decorate With Other Than Plants?

You can borrow many ideas when you think of decorating the balcony other than using plants. Using lanterns and candles to decorate your balcony is a good choice. The lanterns and candles are good for a romantic mood. You can hang the lanterns with strings from the ceiling to illuminate your balcony.

Similarly, placing candles of different colors on your balcony floor creates a warm, inviting, romantic mood. You can employ the use of well-patterned rugs and runners on the floor. Other decorators like a chair, hammock, table and chair, pouf, and some shade are also good substitutes for plants.

Can You Put Fake Grass On a Balcony?

You can lay artificial grass on your balcony. The fake grass, also known as artificial grass, is good for your balcony as it is light and is made to withstand all weather conditions. If it gets rained on, it drains off the rainwater.

The fake grass will be a good fit for your balcony because it will add beauty, color, and warmth to cold tiles or concrete slabs. Fake grass is easy to maintain as it does not require mowing, unlike natural grass. You will only need to brush it with an artificial grass brush and vacuum cleaner. 

How Do You Decorate A Balcony On A Low Budget?

Sometimes decorating a balcony does require a lot of money. Come up with creative ideas that do not require much money. It is not difficult to find some of the decorating materials within reach. You can make use of some stuff in your home to make decorations for your balcony. Utilize furniture in your home that you no longer need. 

A small coffee table and chair are affordable. Go for a vintage type that will withstand fashion and is easy to maintain. Use the built-in benches to save on buying costly furniture. Decorating a balcony shouldn’t be hectic, play around with ideas to achieve what you want.

Final Thought:

Balconies are part of our homes and are very significant. When decorating your house, also think about the balcony. Make use of the space and come up with beautiful ideas that will help transform that space into a beautiful, cozy, warm, unwelcoming space.

In this article, I have shared some tips and ideas for decorating a balcony without plants and making it stylish. By the way, do not stress a lot about expensive decorators but go for simple but classy decorators that accentuate your balcony. 

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