How To Decorate Glass Block Windows? [The Charming Ways]

How To Decorate Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows can be ideal for any room of your house and charm your feelings all day long. The windows are required for the basement, bathroom, or laundry room where privacy is a big issue. To enhance the interior or exterior beauty, you should decorate the glass block windows. Now, you find a simple and interesting guide on how to decorate glass block windows, right?

Well, I will provide you with some pleasing home decor ideas that are easy to do. Applying those ideas, you can make a unique design in your glass block windows. If you are a beginner at this DIY project, you can get the guidelines that are interesting to do. 

In this article, I share the amazing tricks to decorate your glass block windows in a quick time. Let’s read the entire writing and follow the guidance to amaze your sweet home. 

5 Charming Ideas That Will Make Your Glass Block Windows Decoration Unique:

There are many fabulous ways to decorate your glass block windows. It’s the most interesting thing to do yourself. Let’s see the simple unique ideas:

1. Lighten Up:

It is most common and interesting that soft light is shining on your window glass block. It is very lively and nice to see from outside the house. It can be made with just a few easy step guidelines. See below:

Step-1 Take A Glass Block Window For Ready To Decorate:

The glass block of the window is almost ready to be decorative. It has a plate for you at the top of it to get access to the inside. Remove the label and read the directions if any. The glasses are thick and sturdy. 

Step-2 Open The Access Plate:

There is an access plate on the top of the window glass block. You can use a screwdriver to open it easily. It’s just inserting it in the holes and gently prying it up. 

Step-3 Put The Lights:

Put all the lights inside of the window glass block. You can use LED lights also. To maintain safety issues, you should use LED lights only. There are three different types. Like simple multi-color flashing LED lights, Fairy lights, translucent ball lights, etc. All the different types have a cord for the battery pack. The battery cord is kept outside the block. 

Step-4 Use Fluffy Fur:

You can use fluffy fur to make it look cloudy. It is soft and puts the lights on it. The fiberfill diffuses the lights for a soft glow. It makes the light softer. The well-appointed block windows from the outside look very lively.

2. Vinyl Paint:

Vinyl decals are often seen on glass block windows. Self-adhesive items in this window glass are perfect and ready to use. There are many ways you can do this. So grab the design, get a glass block and let’s make something beautiful together.

Step-1 Use Frosted Glass Spray Paint:

Spray completely with a frosted glass sprayer. Rotate the block and move softly to spray it on the whole body. You have to wait for it to dry completely. Then you can use Crystal Clear Enamel Spray if you want. But it is not necessary.

Step-2 Cut Vinyl Pieces:

You have to cut your vinyl piece. Take one sheet of white and one sheet of brown. Trim your vinyl to the size of a glass block window. Cut the excess of it first. Then weed up the loose paper of the vinyl. Vinyl design can be anything. Welcome word or moon, stars, sun, clouds, etc. Now when the vinyl processing is finished, apply it to the block.

3. Painting:

Painting glass blocks can be a great tool for decorating windows. If you can paint beautifully or love paint, you can paint your windows glass block.

Step-1 Wrapping A Paint:

Wrap a painted paper in your glass block. Try to make the design on it too. You can also buy all these items of glass block decoration in the market.

Step-2 Painting On The Block:

If you want to paint on the block, you can try. Use acrylic color to paint your window glass block. You can paint to match the painted wrap applied before. Paint something that will look amazing on the exterior.

Step-3 Use Painting Accessories:

There are many painting accessories you can use for your window glass block. You can use accessories to match the paint of the block so that the block looks gorgeous from a distance. Such as colorful marble, flowers, stones, etc. However, it is best to just paint the Windows block to install.

4. Polycrylic Glitter:

Decorating with polyacrylic glitter creates a really pretty look. This is a great way to decorate a block in a very short time. You can put this decoration on each block of the window. In that case, you can use different colors of polyacrylic glitter if you want.

For this, you have to use liquid glue inside of the block. Afterward, Applying polycrylic glitter glue would be most suitable. Thereafter, pour a few drops of glue into the block. Next, rotate the block and apply glue around the inside of the block. It will take a long time to do this. Now the block looks like a cloudy block. Right away, pour the glitter color of your choice inside the block. 

Now turn the block and apply glitter color around it. Glitter color will be applied with glue. In this way, it may be necessary to apply the coating a few times. Furthermore, you can use the lights inside it if you want. Thus, the block will look more gorgeous. You can also design with vinyl on the outside of the block.

5. Crafting:

Crafting is a very great idea to decorate your window glass block. Crafting is the most popular for die projects. Because you can easily arrange a block by crafting, for instance, you can arrange a bow around the block. Just take a decorated ribbon or cloth. Apply it with glue in the shape of a bow. You can also decorate your block with papercraft or anything like that.

5 Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid To Decorate Glass Block Windows:

I’m sharing a few mistakes that usually everyone makes. And for this reason, many people think that this work is a problem. If you can avoid mistakes, the DIY project can be the most exciting for you.

1. Decoration After Installation:

Many of you want to decorate after installing the glass block window. It’s a difficult way. You cannot move or rotate the blocks. That means you cannot easily lighten, paint or do anything you want.

The most important issue is that after installation all blocks are stuck with the wall. There is no option to decorate the inside of the block. You can only paint from the outside, but it will not be attractive.

2. Making Hole For Decoration:

Making holes for only decoration is a great mistake. You have to need a hole for the electric connection of the lights. For the issue, maximum blocks are required for an access plate hole. Try to avoid unnecessary work.

3. Color The Blocks:

No need to color the blocks. The blocks are made of clear glass. If you color these, there will be no inner transparency. And nothing of the interior design or decoration can be seen if the color is. You can use vinyl, stickers, or glitter to create transparency and create a beautiful look.

4. Low-Quality Equipment:

If you use low-quality equipment, it can be easily damaged. It will be used for longevity. Because the blocks will be stuck with the wall windows. Low-quality LED lights will not light up if they are easily damaged. So quality has to be maintained.

5. Others:

Use the unnecessary things that make weight relatively high. You should avoid the extra things that don’t make the blocks decorative. The other thing is to use something that is not aesthetically beautiful. So, try to avoid those things that do not look pretty.

6 Tips To Decorates Glass Block Window In A Quick Time:

Follow the tips to make the decoration work easy-going. These tips will save your time to do it also:

Tip-1: Before installing glass blocks for windows, you have to decorate. Because it can be difficult to decorate the block differently after installation.

Tip-2: Consider in advance which room this is being done for. The privacy issue is different according to the room. Or, decorate accordingly so that the privacy requirement is properly done. 

Tip-3: Even if you decorate any couple of blocks without decorating all the blocks of a window, it will look quite lively. 

Tip-4: Decorate according to exactly how much brightness you want from the exterior view. If you like soft light, it is better to design the shadow accordingly.

Tip-5: Blocks need to be installed for windows with cement, sand, etc. – consider this aspect and decorate. Crafting is not the perfect way for all windows, such as a bow on a block.

Tip-6: Maintain a pretty heavyweight. Extra unnecessary equipment causes extra weight. So, try not to use unnecessary things. 

Related Questions:

Are Glass Block Windows Out Of Style?

Glass block windows in old houses go with a touch of modernity. But it is getting out of style day by day. It is not seen in the new houses. Some of the more modern windows in the new homes are following the style. However, it is not an extinct model that you have to eliminate.

Can You Paint Glass-Block Windows?

You can paint a glass block window. If you can’t paint it properly, it won’t be a beautiful decoration. Moreover, it looks good on the inside, but on the outside, it will look like a cob. Painting with other decorations without full painting will be more beautiful and aesthetic. So you can paint if you want, but how beautiful it is will depend on your painting skill also.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Glass Block Windows?

The most popular use of the glass block window is acrylic paint. It is the best option for painting the blocks. All the paint is not for the glass block window. And all the paintings used for glass blocks are not perfect.

For permanent painting, you can use it. The other is not perfect for the durability of glass block windows. Tempera is another option for acrylic paint. You can use the paint instead of acrylic paint.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On A Glass Block Window?

Three types of paint you can use on your glass block window. They are Acrylic Enamel paints, Acrylics that are used for tile or glass, and Solvent-based paint. The solvent-based paints are used especially for window glass blocks. You can use your window to block anyone from them. The advantages of using the three paints are almost the same. That’s why you should choose the one which is available and more comfortable to collect from your area. 

How Do You Cover A Glass Block Window?

To maintain safety issues you should keep a system to cover the glass block. The main two ways to cover it are Roman blind and Roman shades. It can cover all the blocks enough to maintain privacy. The other option to cover the glass block is the shutter. You can use it also for privacy issues. The system is also allowing little ventilation. 

How Do You Light Up A Glass Blocks Window?

To lighten up a glass block window, you have to open the access plate with a screwdriver and put the lights inside it. There are three different types. Like simple multi-color flashing LED lights, Fairy lights, translucent ball lights, etc.

All the different types have a cord for the battery pack. The battery cord is kept outside the block. The connection of the battery with the light should be brought out of the hole of its access plate. Install the access plate now, switch it off and check if the light is on the inside.

How Do You Permanently Paint A Glass Window?

If you want to paint a glass block window, you should choose permanent paint. Because this paint can get wet in the rain and will stay in the sun all the time. So you have to think about permanent painting. Acrylic paint is used to paint the glass of the window. But if the aspect of long durability is considered, it is better to use permanent acrylic paint. It is a permanently sealed paint. In this way, you can paint a glass block window.

How Do You Make Block Glass Windows Look Better?

Glass blocks will make Windows look even better if you can lighten it up a bit more. It may be that the height of the curtain rod in your room is equal to the height of the light bar.  In this way, the look of the glass block inside the room can be quite beautiful and pleasing. In this way, you should make block windows look better. You can try it.

Final Thought:

The DIY (Do It Yourself) project of glass block decoration fascinates you to decorate it with your unique ideas. Here I show you all the fabulous ways to decorate glass block windows. You can decorate it with sand, stone, fiberfill, fake snow, or whatever you can think of. But you have to make sure to look at its smooth surface. Choose the best option for how you want to decorate it and you can follow my directions. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment about your queries and experience with decoration. 

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