How To Match Siding On A House? [A Complete Guide] 

How To Match Siding On A House

The match siding of a house can either enhance its beauty or reduce it. Match siding is durable and better to protect the interior of a home. It plays a vital role in shielding the walls of the building from harsh external weather conditions. Thus it’s important to understand how to match the siding on the house correctly.

However, houses are bound to get damaged after a while. When doing the siding, you will need to match materials to the original materials used during the building stage. You will not want to have mismatched sidings, so finding a matching product could be a challenge.

When matching sidings, one should be careful and know what is suitable for the house. The siding acts as a protector of the finishing touches of the outer side of the house. And this article is going to show you the correct procedures for matching siding on the house.

5 Simple Steps To Match Siding On A House: Follow The Right Way

Maintaining a house in its original state is not easy. As time goes by, the home, especially the exterior, will start to wear out due to unpredictable weather conditions. Material companies phase out old products each year to develop new ones. 

To handle this situation appropriately, homeowners must match the siding on their houses in the right way. Here are the 5 simple steps to match the siding on your house.

Step 1: Take A Sample

You need to have original information regarding your current sidings like color name, material, and the manufacturer. This information will make it easy to replicate the siding when the need arises. If the matching of the siding is not possible, it can be outsourced from other manufacturers.

Step 2: Do Testing

The sample taken out of your siding can be taken to a company that has the testing technique to be tested for comparison purposes. This is a crucial step because you probably want to maintain the look of your exterior just as it was before the damage.

To some people, the look of the exterior of their houses is very important to them, and they would always want to preserve and maintain the look as before. Do not assume that the Home Owners Association has the records of the original siding. Record keeping differs between Home Owners Association.

Step 3: Know Your Architectural Style

It is better to know the style in which the house was built. Different architectural styles require different match siding. Your home style might be ultra-modern or historic. If the house has an architectural style that can be recognized, it will help make the right choice on match siding.

For example, a modern home style will require a monochromatic color scheme. Here, you will use neutral colors for both roofing and siding. A Victorian house will blend well with a variety of colors like eggplant or mustard.

Step 4: Take Note Of Existing Features

This step is applicable for makeovers rather than building a new home. The house might have pre-existing features that need to be considered before matching siding. One might desire to add some different colors, but it might be difficult because the house has some existing colors.  

When considering the existing features, it will enable one to be able to change or do away with them regarding match siding’s choice. Decide what most suits the house for satisfaction.

Step 5: Design Purpose

Knowing your design purpose is very important when it comes to the exterior of a house. Be clear whether the home is for sale or for staying in. A house that is for sale needs to blend in well with those of neighborhood ones.

For a house that is entirely for living in for a long time,  choose a good color scheme for match siding. This is because the color will inform what suits the house well.

4 Things To Consider When Matching Siding In Your House.

Match siding plays a significant role in the appearance of your house. But deciding on the right style goes far beyond the appearance. When selecting the right match siding for your house, you should consider the following things.

  1. The Style Of A House

As discussed, siding plays a vital role in enhancing the outer look of your house. It helps to bring out the architectural designs. Different home styles have different architectural designs. A contemporary house style will look great when board and batten are used. 

A modern house style will be more attractive if vertical sidings or horizontal shiplap are used. As an expert, I will advise you to mix and match horizontal sidings with half rounds portions to add beauty to Victorian houses or traditional Georgian.

  1. Plan Your Budget

A budget is crucial when you want to do match siding on your house. The funding will determine which siding you will use on your home. Remember that prices differ depending on the style, technology, and materials you choose to use.

However, there are a variety of styles, materials, and technology with different prices that one can choose from. Choose a budget that you can manage comfortably. You should consult an expert for a quotation. Match siding requires an expert to install them. You cannot do it by yourself!

  1. Color Of Your Exterior

Color is an important aspect when deciding on the siding of the house. When choosing a color, choose one primary and two secondary colors for the house door, trim, and shutters. The choice of color you make will depend on whether the palette will be light, dark, or neutral. 

Color choice is also based on your home style and those in your neighborhood. As a piece of advice, go for gray and blue colors, as they are dominant in exterior designs. If you want to make a bold statement, go for dark colors.

  1. The Climate Of The Area

Your area’s climate determines how well the siding will match up to conditions like rain, stormy wind, sun, snow, and cold. For colder regions, use insulated vinyl siding to prevent heat loss; for hot areas, use cellular PVC siding.

To get the best results, use cellular PVC siding and vinyl siding as they give the best durability in all weather conditions.

Benefits Of Match Siding On Your House: Enjoy The Advantages

Match siding on your house has a lot of advantages. We know that a house’s appearance matters a lot to everyone. The way a house looks on the exterior speaks volumes about your personality.

When someone comes to your house, the first thing to notice is your house’s exterior. The colors, materials, and technology used for match siding. Match siding has several benefits to homeowners. The following is what comes with siding your house.

  • Durability

Every type of material used in building the exterior of your house has its tenacity to withstand harsh weather conditions. Wood exteriors get easily damaged in extreme weather conditions, while bricks cause cracks in the brick wall.

Match siding helps in protecting the interiors of your house. Siding is essential as it can hold up rain, heat, cold, and wind compared to the other building materials. Siding can absorb strong winds without causing much damage.

  • Uniformity

Match siding brings about uniformity, especially if the colors used are of similar shades. The house appears hooked up for the use of a shared hue. For uniformity, use the same colors but of different shades. For a bright and attractive look, use a lighter and dark shade of the same color.

When choosing colors and not sure which one to go with, stick to the color family by using warm, cool, and earth colors. The use of two shades of one color helps to bring about harmony. The two shades will make the house look better and not dull.

  • Increase House Value

As a homeowner, you should work towards increasing your house value from its current aesthetic value. Match siding makes your house look fresh. A new look for your home will increase its value plus curb appeal. Match siding will save you money as you do not need to try a new thing.

Related Questions:

Can You Color Match Siding On Your House?

Find the best color that contrasts with your roof and siding. Always go for colors that provide a good color combination that accentuates your house’s look. Avoid very similar colors. Choose to side with colors that match your roof. Knowing your tones will help you understand whether the colors complement each other. 

Select between warm colors and cool colors. Warm colors will blend well with warm-toned siding, while the cool ones will blend in cool-toned siding. Choose between subtle and dramatic appearance. The type of colors you choose for your exterior will either result in a dramatic or subtle look. 

Is It Easy To Match Siding On A House?

It is not easy to match the siding. First of all, match siding is costly. You will have to look for similar materials, which to find at times is not easy. Companies are consistently phasing out old products and coming up with new ones. An older siding will be difficult to find.

Match siding is not something one can decide to do by DIYs, it requires a professional, which is expensive. Matching the colors of the siding is not especially for a replacement. Even if some are kept, there could still be a color matching challenge due to adverse weather conditions.

How Do You Find Out What Color Your Siding Is?

First, contact the carpenter who installed the siding on the house. The carpenter keeps a record of his clients’ project details. If a buyer, contact the owner of the house to get the details of the carpenter and ask him the brand, manufacturer, and color. 

Check the base of the siding and cut out overlap. Take the sample cut out of the siding to the local store. Show it to the clerk and provide the brand’s name and the manufacturer. From this, the clerk would be able to find out the details for you.

Can You Replace One Piece Of Siding On A House?

One can replace the siding using a zip tool to unlock the broken piece from the ones above and underneath. Replacing siding may be easy, but the tricky part could be finding the exact piece of siding that matches the broken one.

Remove the nails holding the siding using a hammer to pull out the nails holding the broken siding. Unclip the siding from the piece underneath. Press the new siding into the space to replace the old confusing hammer to hammer the nails into the holes beside the siding. 

How Hard Is It To Replace Siding On A House?

Replacing the siding on the house can be hard when considering the style and color used before. Another challenge is identifying marks on a siding. It is not easy to locate marks as siding rarely has them. 

The best way to replace siding on the house is to take the broken piece as a sample to a siding distributor to find a matching one. If a siding has faded and the color can’t be found, take the sample to a local store for the color to be matched. 

How Often Should You Get New Siding On Your House?

It all depends on the type of material used in siding and how it is taken care of. Different materials have different tenacity and duration. Generally, 8-10 years is perfect for new siding on your house.

Homeowners popularly use wood siding for its versatility. For long service, a routine check-up for rots and pests has to be done. Aluminum lasts for a long time, but after 15 years, it starts to fade away. To maintain, repaint. Vinyl siding is popular for its natural look. Wood and aluminum fade and rot, but this material does not.

Is Replacing Siding Worth It On A House?

Replacing siding is worth it when it increases the value of the house. It may be expensive, but it results in a double profit. In most cases, siding replacement will enhance the house’s beauty.

Replacing the siding on the house allows you to get a new home. The renovations bring about a significant change to your house. If you are selling the house, the curb appeal will be higher. 

Final Thought:

It is crucial to do match siding on the house but before doing it, consider how it will be done and where to find the materials. As much as match siding will accentuate the house value, consider the cost of siding the house. 

It is not easy to find siding that matches the old one when it needs to be replaced. Therefore, it will be advisable that one store some extra ones just in case.

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