How To Decorate A Living Room Modern Style? [A Complete Guide]

How To Decorate A Living Room Modern Style

A beautifully decorated living room expresses taste and nobility. Featuring neutral colors, clean lines, and simple decor, the modern living room makes your living space more pleasant. You can use the most creativity to decorate a living room in modern style among all the rooms in an ideal house or apartment.

We do a lot to decorate the living room. Notable among these are changing the color of the walls, using some unique art pieces, adding interesting lamps, and a lot more. Even after doing so much, many times the living room does not look as we demand. Therefore, we need to take some specific steps to make the living room more pleasant and modern.

Living room modern style is not only about furniture, but it’s also about decoration. From my long experience, I will explain the decorating process of a living room step by step. Hope you get the idea that you need from here.

10 Simple DIY Steps To Decorate A Living Room Modern Style: 

You need to pay equal attention to every part of the living room to decorate it in a modern style. You need to decorate room walls, furniture, floor, and even windows. Below, I’ll explain the entire process in simple 10 DIY steps:

Step 1: Determine The Style

Style selection is the first and most important step in decorating a living room. You can decorate it in a contemporary, formal, or inviting style. But nowadays, modern style may be your favorite. Even then, your needs will be paramount. This means that you need to understand what you are giving priority to in the living room.

There are several things you need to know to design a living room, such as what you will do there, how many people will spend time there or whether you will watch TV there, etc. Similarly, if you plan to host a party occasionally in the living room, you have to choose the style accordingly.

The design and style of furniture vary according to the need. If you want to enjoy TV programs in the living room, you need to pay more attention to the sofa. Similarly, if you want a party here, think seriously about setting up the loveseats. Determining a style will help you choose the color and design of the walls or furniture. So be sure about the style before you invest in living room decor.

Step 2: Measure The Room

After determining the style, you must measure the living room. You need to check the length of the walls in the room, measurements of the windows or doors, and even the distance from the window to the door. This will help you create the perfect size for the furniture. Although you may have a design, this is a precautionary measure.

Walls with windows, doors, or insets limit the layout of the living room. Accurate measurements are essential for the proper lining. So, I would suggest that you measure the room one more time before you decorate the living room. This will allow you to overcome the limitations and perfect the field of proper layout and lining.

Step 3: Prepare Layout

Think about the layout or floor plan of your living room. You do not have to be an architect or interior decorator to create the layout. First, figure out what furniture you will need, and make a list of them. Now be aware of the positioning of this furniture.

By drawing the layout of the living room, you will get a better idea of the furniture. This will help you with furniture selection. In a word, the layout will influence your choice of furniture, and you can buy the perfect furniture.

If you want to create a small living room layout, keep it simple. You should use really important furniture. Keep the furniture in such a way that they do not get crowded. It is also important to note that the furniture is not scattered. However, they must not be stuck to the wall.

You can create a layout by dividing the slightly larger living room into smaller zones. For example, you can create separate comfortable small zones for chatting or watching TV. Separate them using furniture. When separating the zones, make sure that you do not reduce the walking space and that they look unique.

Step 4: Consider Appropriate Color

Choosing the right paint color for the living room is a very important decision. Light or neutral colors look good almost all the time in a modern-style living room. That’s why you can choose between white, cream or beige wall color. Colors like gray or slate will make your living room aesthetic. However, bright white or silver-gray would be more appropriate instead of muddy gray or antique white.

It is better to choose 1-2 accent colors for use throughout the room with neutral tones. Darker shades with lighter shades and decorative items of the same color, such as vases, curtains, or lamps, can add a different level to the beauty. You will not be afraid of mixing colors, patterns, and styles as you become prone to decor. Just make sure that the theme does not complicate the style or content.

As you may have noticed, the north and east-facing rooms receive less light and are relatively cool. If your living room is facing north or east, it is best to choose colors that invite warmth. In that case, you can choose colors like warm gray, cream, peach, or pink. The living room is an ideal place for socializing with friends or family. So choose colors that achieve overall aesthetics and style.

Step 5: Add Artworks And Accessories

A modern style living room decoration remains incomplete without artworks and accessories. Decorative items fill in the gaps of beauty and make the living room aesthetic. But you need to be aware of the overall theme when choosing items. Because artworks or wall accessories talk about your personality and preferences.

You can use vases, candles, or framed pictures to fill the space in the living room. Pick the items you like and monitor the color theme. Modern works of art are usually of geometric shapes and bright colors. You can choose from these or can hang a black-and-white family portrait. Putting a modern sculpture on the last table or display case looks more elite. This can be a great option for you, especially if you cannot hang things from the walls.

Step 6: Setup Furniture

Furniture is the biggest investment in decorating a modern style living room. You should choose these carefully considering the color and style of the room. Similarly, the style and size should be determined based on the size of the room. For decorating a large living room, you will have many opportunities. If the room is small, choose more slimline designs. These will add more visual bulk and allow light to flow around the room. 

Rectangular couches of a neutral color can be the ideal choice for any living room. If there is a television in the living room, make sure it is visible from the coach and other seating areas. Place one to two end tables matching colors with the couch. Tables of the same color will make the living room more attractive.

Be sure to place a glass coffee table in the living room. You can easily notice a lightweight coffee table with a glass top in the middle of the living room. You can place a few magazines or decorative accents on the coffee table. A bookshelf placed in a neutral corner of the living room conveys your advanced taste. You can choose a simple design bookshelf in base color and never overload it.

Step 7: Include Modern Gadgets

When you decorate a modern-style living room, you will naturally want to put some modern devices there. Many gadgets enhance the beauty of the living room, as well as are quite useful. I would like to provide a brief description of some of the exclusive gadgets.

Almost all the living rooms have a TV. You can set up a modern TV in your room, which will disguise itself as an elegant photo frame when you don’t use it. A universal remote attachment on the table is quite useful as well as enhancing the beauty. Because most of the time we forget where we put the remote.

The same statement applies to an air purifier. It is also quite useful, especially if you have a pet. Purifiers can capture unwanted dandruff, dust, pollen, and much more. Do you like occasional dance parties in your living room? Install a modern music system.

A candle with a minimalist design will help you the most to create an emotional atmosphere of soft light. That will make the living room beautiful. And next to this candle is a rechargeable lighter of excellent design. These lighters are beautiful to look at, so they make the environment beautiful. If you search a little, you will find many more gadgets.

Step 8: Choose Correct Lightings

Lighting design in the living room is very important to create the right feeling. You may need to use three types of lighting to integrate the living room. These are accents, tasks, and ambient lighting. You can consider a mix of table and floor lamps for accent, overhead chandeliers for tasks, and wall sconces for ambient lighting to make the right combination. 

Sometimes lighting can be quite tricky. So, try to get an idea of the overall situation before buying these. It is better to have an all-encompassing aura in the room instead of an intense light source. You need to choose the right lighting style for each part of the living room. This will make your living room more attractive.

Step 9: Decorate Windows

Concentrate on decorating your living room windows. The windows influence the living room by adding privacy, warmth, pattern, and even texture. If you use window curtains, they will bring elegance and softness. If possible, try to hang the curtains a little higher than the window. This will enhance the beauty of the house and make it feel more elevated.

The curtains on the windows can absorb a portion of the light coming into the room. So if the house is small or dark, you may need to take different measures. Here, a shutter may be the best option for your living room. Shutters take up no space like a curtain but allow complete privacy. They can have a clean and contemporary look.

Step 10: Cover Your Floor With Rug

You can use a square, large rug to cover the floor. A neutral color would be convenient in this case, such as gray, navy, or charcoal. These bring a touch of subtle modernity to your living room. Simple patterned rugs like stripes in a neutral color scheme can be great for you.

If the floor in your living room is tiled or wide wood, soften it with a deep rug. Be aware of what will sit on a rug. Make sure that the furniture does not obstruct the pattern. Rugs that have a delicate design and you can clean easily will be most suitable for you.

Things You Should Avoid While Decorating A Living Room In Modern Style

There are many options for decorating a living room in a modern style. Similarly, some steps can ruin the beauty of the living room. I am describing 4 such factors below:

  • Avoid Armchairs:

We prefer to see a double sofa in the living room. Sometimes, you may consider a few armchairs with a sofa. However, it can also be detrimental to the creativity of the living room, so avoid it.

  • Don’t Use Single Main Light:

A single enormous light in the middle of the living room as the only source of light can be a poor plan. Instead, create different light sources to illuminate each section of the room. Wall lights can be a great option in your modern style living room. In most cases, they are unobtrusive and adapt well to space.

  • Don’t Combine Modern Furniture With A Classic Print: 

It is better not to combine modern furniture with classic print. I am not saying that a combination of modern furniture and traditional style prints looks ugly together. But to do that, you need to be very aware of both the colors and the features.

  • Avoid Mixing New And Old Pieces:

The combination of new and old pieces in your living room does not suit the modern style. If you want to use old pieces, use them everywhere, or use all new pieces.

6 Additional Tips To Decorate The Living Room In Modern Style:

Some additional important tips can make it easy to decorate the living room. Among them, I would like to share the 6 most important tips with you. The tips will help you decorate the living room in a modern style like a pro.

Tip-1: Choose Movable Furniture

The benefits of using movable furniture are many, as you can easily change their positioning. If you want to make a sudden change for a while based on your needs, you can do it in a hassle-free way.

Tip-2. Combine Dark And Light colors

You can try to give the room a dynamic look by using paints of dark and light colors. The use of these mixed colors adds depth and balance to the living room. For those who are accustomed to seeing one colored house, this type of living room will fascinate them.

Tip-3. Add Texture

Including textures often carries a lot more beauty than color. Especially if you are not confident about using color to bring uniqueness, texturing may be the best option. There are glass, leather, cotton, or any other textures you can add.

Tip-4. Add Fresh Greenery

A little green can make a room alive. So you can make the place more vibrant by adding one or two plants to the living room. A tree with a newly blossomed flower or fruit can decorate a beauty basket in the living room.

Tip-5. Create A Gallery Wall

You can create a gallery wall, not just limited to painting. Here you can decorate with your favorite photograph or print. Personal photos, paintings by local artists, and even your art can enhance the beauty of this gallery wall!

Tip-6. Consider a Corner Shelf

By installing a corner shelf, you can add additional storage facilities to the living room. Here you can decorate your favorite things, as well as any effective items. A corner shelf can be the best option for adding a personal touch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Color Is Better To Decorate A Living Room?

White and gray can be the best choice if you prefer traditional colors. Many people choose a bright color according to their style. Popular colors for the living room nowadays include classic blue, dark blue, coral, light peach, lilac, etc. Besides these, colors like lime green, mint green, beige, pastel blue, pastel pink, raspberry, or ocean blue are very popular for decorating a living room in modern style. So, you will have many options to choose the color of the living room.

What Kind Of Furniture Is Suitable To Decorate A Living Room?

Everyone prefers unbleached wooden furniture or dark furniture in a modern style living room. You can expect wicker furniture, plants, stone textures, etc. in the living room. The combination of natural materials can make your living room richer.

The choice of living room furniture depends on the style and size of the room to be brought. Moreover, your needs are also important. How much time you want to spend or how you want to spend time is also a matter of consideration.

How Do You Make An Old Fashioned Living Room Look Modern?

Rearranging furniture or a fresh coat of paint can make an old-fashioned living room look modern in an instant. You can also hang a new artwork or create a gallery wall. Replace the living room lampshades. These work like house ornaments and are unrivaled to enhance the beauty.

Besides these, you can take a few more steps, such as replacing an overhead fixture with a chandelier. You can add a large mirror to the living room, which will make the room unique and modern. If you have an old portrait, change its frames.

How Can You Decorate A Living Room In Modern Style On A Low Budget?

You may need to apply some tricks to decorate a living room in modern style on a low budget. Decorating the living room with dark colors helps achieve an effect in the house without additional costs. Besides, adding a bright color makes the room look less cluttered and the designs show fuller.

You can arrange a stylish geometric rug, create a gallery angle, or rearrange artistically what you have. These help you unify the living room and finish the design. With these little efforts, you can decorate your living room in a modern style even on a low budget.

Final Verdict:

A living room is the most important place in your home. Realizing this importance, we take various initiatives to decorate the living room and spend a lot of money. ‍Sometimes it can happen that the living room may not be exactly what you want it to be. One reason for this is that you are not directly involved in decorating.

To decorate a living room uniquely, you need to arrange everything. That’s why you need to know how to decorate a living room in a modern style. Through this writing, I have tried to explain the whole thing most easily. Hope this writing helps you.

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