How To Turn Off Home Theater Volume On Panasonic TV? [Know The Process]

How To Turn Off Home Theater Volume on Panasonic TV

Enjoying the surround sound using a home theater is always a phenomenal experience. The clarity and loudness of the home theater sound are generally excellent. However, not everyone would like such sound quality. In that case, turning off the home theater volume on Panasonic TV is the only way out. 

As you turn off the volume of the home theater, you get to hear the sound from the sound system of the Panasonic TV. This gives a normal sound quality suitable for a small room. But once you connect the home theater system to the TV, it becomes a bit difficult to change the setting to the TV sound. 

However, you need not worry as I am here to talk about this. In this article, I will discuss switching the sound setting on Panasonic TV. If you are facing any issue regarding this, keep reading the article and solve all the problems right away. 

4 Steps To Turn Off Home Theater Volume On Panasonic TV:

So first, relax! If you can’t find the sound setting options, you need not panic. It is very easy to alter the sound setting and switch the sound output from the home theater system to the TV sound system.

All you need to do after connecting the home theater to the TV is to go on the screen and change the setting. Let me describe the process in simple steps: 

Step 1: Go To Settings: 

After the home theater cables are connected to the TV, you need to go to the settings option on the TV. 

As you press the ‘source’ button, you can see the option of ‘settings’ at the bottom. Go there to set the sound output media. 

Step 2: Go To Sound Setting: 

As you go to the setting, you can see a number of options there. You will see support, TV output setting, HDMI setting, etc. along with the sound setting. 

Click on the ‘sound’ setting. Now you can see the extended options where you can choose the sound output. 

Step 3: Switch The Sound Output: 

Generally, the sound output is set to the TV sound system by default. Unless you connect the AUX system to the TV and select it, the default sound system of the TV is used. 

However, if you see that the output is not connected to the sound system of the TV, select the TV speaker. You can see the option at the top with the other sound output options below it. Click on ‘TV speaker’ and now the home theater volume is switched off. 

Step 4: Close The Setting And Check: 

Once the sound system is switched to the TV, close the settings and start a program on any application or TV. Check the sound coming from the TV sound system or the speakers.

Related Questions:

How Do You Connect Your Panasonic Home Theater System?

Connect Your Panasonic Home Theater System

To connect your Panasonic TV with a home theater system, you need to connect it with a wire to the home theater system. You can do this either by using an optical digital cable or an HDMI cable. 

In case you are using the HDMI cable, insert it to the port of the TV written ‘HDMI 2 (ARC)’ and the plugin the other end to the audio receiver of the home theater system. Otherwise, connect the two devices with the optical digital cable.

But in this case, you need to change the settings by switching off the TV sound system from the sound setting. Now you can hear the home theater speakers while viewing the Panasonic TV.

How Do You Turn Off The Internal Speakers On Your Panasonic TV?

Many users face the problem of disabling the internal speaker of the Panasonic TV. This is because the process is quite complicated and sometimes hidden. Actually, you need to move to the hotel mode to do this. Now, finding the hotel mode becomes a challenge. 

To reveal the hotel mode on the screen, press down the -/V button on the remote and press the ‘AV’ button three times. After, you can see the menu bar on the screen revealing the hotel mode. On the menu bar, you can see the option of ‘maximum volume’. This is the time to activate the hotel mode and take down the maximum volume to zero. Finally, the internal speakers of the Panasonic TV are disabled. 

For checking, if you use the remote to turn the volume up or down, the internal speakers won’t respond. Rather the external speakers or AUX system would respond providing better sound clarity. 

Why Does Your Panasonic TV Have No Sound?

If your Panasonic TV is connected to the home theater system, you may not hear the sound from the Panasonic TV. This is because the audio output is set to the home theater sound output or AUX system. In that case, you need to change the settings. 

Here are the steps to change the settings and fix the issue: 

  • Turn the volume up and turn off the mute mode. 
  • Check all the connections. If the home theater is connected to the Panasonic TV, check the HDMI or optical cable connections. 
  • Select the right secondary program audio (SAP) option. To do this, press the SAP button. 
  • Now that all the connections are checked, go to the menu and move to the sound setting section. 
  • If no sound is coming from the Panasonic TV, the setting has to be changed. In the sound setting, select the ‘TV speaker setting’. 
  • Turn on the TV speaker from this option and press ‘OK’. Now you should be able to hear the sound from your Panasonic TV. 
  • In some of the Panasonic TVs, you have to go to the option ‘Audio preference’. Here select the option ‘Auto’ to automatically turn on the Panasonic speaker by default. 

This is how you should alter the sound setting and turn on the sound system of the Panasonic TV. 

How Do You Reset Your Panasonic Surround Sound?

If the Panasonic surround sound system is not working, you would need to check the connection to the home theater sound output and reset it. Here are the simple steps to reset the Panasonic surround sound: 

  • First, check the cable connections. Make sure that the HDMI cable is inserted properly into the TV and the audio receiver. If you are using RAC ports, match the color plugs and plugin accordingly. 
  • Even after connecting the audio output to the TV, the default sound system is set up with the TV’s sound system. So, you need to reset it. 
  • Go to the menu bar and select the option ‘audio preference’ or ‘sound settings’ whichever is showing on the screen. 
  • Here you can see the options of ‘TV speakers’ and below will be the other options. The Bluetooth option will be there along with the HDMI or AUX audio option. Select the one you want to connect. And it’s done!

As you set the sound output from the desired audio device, the surround sound will be heard. 

How To Reset The Panasonic Home Theater? 

If you have already connected the Panasonic home theater but are not operating it correctly, you need to reset the device. Otherwise, they won’t synchronize or work properly. 

Basically, you need to reset the TV by turning the unit on and off. This will alter the setup. Here are the steps to reset the Panasonic home theater: 

  • To turn off the unit, long-press the button ‘Power I/I’. 
  • Now long-press the button 5/9. 
  • Next, click on the ‘Power I/I’ once again.
  • At the same time, press ‘Open/ Close’ for 5 seconds till you see the ‘Please Wait’ line on the screen.
  • By this, you have turned off and turned on the device automatically. The Panasonic home theater is now reset and ready for use.

This is how you can reset the unit of Panasonic home theater. 

Where Is The Smart Speaker Setting On A Panasonic TV?

Smart speakers like Alexa or Siri are so in demand that connecting them to the Panasonic TV is a normal thing. However, the setting is not easy at all. So here are the steps to fix the smart speaker setting on a Panasonic TV: 

  • Your Panasonic TV has to be connected to an internet connection. Connect the TV to a Wifi connection first from the network option. 
  • Then on the Panasonic TV, download the smart speaker app (Alexa for instance). Use either the Play Store or iOS app for downloading the app.
  • Next, go to the app and select the option ‘skill and games’ at the menu bar on the left-hand side. 
  • Now you can see the search bar at the top. Here, type ‘Panasonic TV’. As the option of Panasonic TV appears, click on it to open the option. 
  • You can now see the option ‘enable’ below the title. Click here to enable the Panasonic TV. 
  • Here comes the option to enter the Panasonic Id and input the password to connect it to the smart speaker. Input the correct Id and password to sign in. Now the Panasonic TV is connected to the smart speaker. 

Now, you can operate the smart speaker along with your Panasonic TV. 

How Do You Turn Up The Volume On My Panasonic TV Without The Remote?

If you have lost your remote or have a problem with the remote, don’t worry. You can still operate your Panasonic TV without a remote.

You can find the control buttons at the back or bottom of your Panasonic TV to turn up or down the volume. You will have to slide the switch to turn up and down the volume. 

If you don’t use this method, there is another way of controlling the TV volume. Download one of the apps for controlling a smart TV. Search one such app, download and connect it to the Panasonic TV.

Now, using the mobile app, you not only can alter the volume but conduct all the other activities on the TV too. Use any of the methods to operate the TV without a remote. 

How Do You Change the Audio Output on Your Panasonic Viera TV?

If you want to hear the sound from an external audio output of the home theater, you need to do a few tasks. The basic is to connect the TV to the home theater audio output and then change the sound setting of the TV.

On the backside of the Panasonic TV, there is a port for connecting the digital audio cable. Connect one end to the lower right corner of the Panasonic TV at the back and the other end to the audio output. If possible, connect the devices with an HDMI cable for 4K quality. 

Now go to the settings of the TV. Here, change the audio output. Go to the sound settings. The default sound output would be the TV’s sound system. Change it to the audio output where you have connected the cable of the home theater’s audio system. Now you can hear the volume from the external audio system. 

Final Thoughts:

You not only learned to turn off the home theater volume on Panasonic TV but also got to know the ways of fixing other issues. I tried to answer all the confusions regarding the volume setup in a Panasonic TV. 

Read the article once again and find the answers carefully that you have been searching for. 

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