How To Build a Home Theater Riser? [A Complete Build-Up Guide]

How To Build A Home Theater Riser

Having a home theater in the house is an exciting experience. But hiring professionals to make one can cost a fortune. The alternative is to build a home theater unaided. But to do that one needs to have some skills. He must know how to build a home theater riser.

Because building the riser of the theater is the most difficult part of the whole process. However, it is possible to be made by a layman too If he meticulously follows the steps that I am going to share in this article.

By profession, I am an engineer, and my passion is to work with wooden furniture. In this article, I will share with you an easy but effective method of making a home theater riser. I will also answer some common questions about home theater risers.

7 Easy Steps To Build A Home Theater Riser:

After you have completed making the home theater, all your friends and relatives will pay a visit there. So, we have to make the home theater riser just like a professional.

Here are some sure steps to make a home theater riser like a professional:

Step 1- Get Prepared:

The first step of making a home theater riser is getting prepared for the job. By getting prepared I mean to get all the tools and materials ready and within your reach. You will need the following tools for the job:

  • Miter Saw
  • Drill Machine
  • Circular Saw
  • Speed Square
  • Surface Measuring Level

You will also need the following materials too. Make sure to buy them in the exact size and amount that I have mentioned here: 

Wood Screws3” Size, Around 30 Pieces
LumberUntreated, 2 Feet x 8 Feet In Size
LumberTreated, 2 Feet x 6 Feet In Size
InsulationOld Foams, As Much Required
OSB SubfloorDimension: ¾” x 48” x 96”
AdhesivesRecommended For OSB Subfloor

Step 2- Build The Base:

The first step of building the home theater riser is to build the base of the riser. Using the treated 2 feet x 6 feet lumbers and 3-inches  screws, make two boxes as the base.

We are using treated lumber because it will be in contact with the concrete floor. Otherwise, untreated lumbers would rot, being affected by the concrete. Each of the two boxes should be 16 inches deep.

Step 3- Set The Base:

Now, place the boxes parallelly on the floor. Their back and sides should be in contact with walls. These boxes will act as the beams of the deck. So keep them as close as possible. If you intend to build a bigger home theater rise, you have to make extra boxes.

Then secure the boxes with the wall studs using the 3 inches wood screws and the drill machine. Install a blocking where you want the step to be. 

Step 4- Build The Joists:

At this point, you will build and set the joists for the home theater riser. Use the untreated 2 feet x 8 feet lumbers as the joists. Set the lumbers 16 inches apart from each other on 2 x 4 rim boards. Use the 3-inches screws for this.

Now put the joists along with the rim boards over the base boxes. Secure them with screws with the base or the wall studs. You need to keep open a 2-feet wide area on the corner that you chose for a step. Cut the rim joist 14 inches short in that area to make the step.

Step 5- Fill Up The Hollow Boxes:

If you leave the inside of the base empty, stepping on the riser will sound a lot. It will be a sure spoiler for the movie. 

The solution is filling up the hollow space of the base of the riser with insulating foams. Fill all the spaces under the joist with plenty of foams.

Step 6- Attach The Subfloor:

Now you have to install the subfloor OSB board on top of the joists. First, cut the OSB board in a shape that covers half of the base. Cut another OSB board leaving space for the step. There should be no space between the two boards.

Using appropriate OSB adhesives, attach the board on the joists, and also use screws to settle them there. You can put another layer of OSB board on top of the first one to reduce vibration in the riser while walking on them.

Step- 7- Install Carpet:

To make the riser more noise-free, install a layer of carpet over it. Carpets reduce friction between shoes and the OSB floor. The result will be a noise-free seamless celebration of movies.

Why Do You Build A Home Theater Riser? [5 Benefits]

Steps To Build A Home Theater Riser

Home theaters are incomplete without a riser. Other than completing a home theater, there are some other benefits of home theater risers. They are listed below:

1. Better View Of The Projector:

A riser confirms that all the movie-watchers are getting a perfect view of the projector. Without a riser, a part of the projector would become out-of-view for the people sitting in the second or third row.

2. Better View Of Each Other:

Watching a movie in a theater is more fun because you can watch them with many others. The joy of the movie is shared with common laughter and sighs. 

When you have a riser in the movie theater, you can see the expression of other viewers. It enhances the excitement.

3. Movie Theater-Like Feel:

When you have a riser in the movie theater, you get the feel of a movie theater at your home. You can enjoy the same excitement of a movie theater even without going to one.

4. Sound Blocker:

If you have a riser in the home theater room, it also works as a sound blocker. Since it occupies a huge space of the room, it blocks the echoes of the sound efficiently. So, without any extra cost, you can get a soundproof hall room if you have a proper riser.

5. Regular Hangout Place:

The family bonding of your house will be stronger when you have a movie theater riser in your house. Apart from watching movies, you can use the space for any family occasion like a birthday celebration. Risers make the hall room just like a formal auditorium. 

Average Time To Build a Theater Room Platform

The average time to build a theater room platform can vary based on several factors. However, it can take from a few hours to several days, depending on the complexity of the design, the size of the riser, and the skills and experience of the builder. On average, it can take around 8-10 hours for a basic riser and up to several days for a more elaborate design with multiple levels and additional features.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How Do You Calculate Riser Height?

You can calculate in what height you should build our home theater riser by using the following formula:

A= Height of eye level of the back row viewers (no riser)

B = The height of the eye level of the back row viewers (with the riser)

The Height of the Riser should be = B-A.

How High Should A Home Theater Riser Be?

Generally, the distance between the top of the riser and the floor is 1 foot. You can change the height of your riser depending on the theater room’s dimensions and the position of the projector

You need to make sure that your riser is so high that people should not have difficulty watching the movie even when someone walks in front of them.

How Deep Should A Riser Be?

The minimum tread depth that a home theater riser should have is 9 inches and the width of the nosing. Treads may undercut a distance just as the size of the nosing. For the steps, you should provide a 1¼-inch nosing, where the tread depth is less than 11 inches.

What Is The Standard Size Of The Platform Of A Theater Riser?

You can find readymade riser platforms in the market. They come in standard sizes of 3 feet x 8 feet, 3 feet x 6 feet, 3 feet x 4 feet, and 3 feet x 3 feet. However, you should always give priority to the overall dimensions of the theater hall and the movie projector and decide the perfect size of the riser platform for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Home Theater Riser?

The overall cost of building a home theater riser completely depends on the dimensions of the riser and the materials that are being used to build it. In the USA, the average range of cost of building a home theater riser is $300 to $400.

The following table will give you an idea about the costing of a standard home theater riser:

ItemApproximate Price
Wood Screws$9
OSB Subfloor$80
Total Approximate Cost:$229

However, the cost of making a theater riser can go as high as $2,500. Making a  home theater is a matter of pleasure. So, in most cases, people try to make it a bit posh.


With the knowledge of how to build a home theater riser, you can become confident in making similar wooden furniture like a bed all by yourself. Acquiring a new skill will make you a more confident person.

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